Days Update Friday 7/19/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/19/02

By Justin

Today: Bo informs Hope of Billie's return. Billie and Roman check out a disturbance at the pier as a gang of teens corner Rex and Cassie. Belle and Shawn order pizza and plan to search for the aliens. Shawn Sr. receives an invite. Marlena receives an invite. Hope receives an invite. John receives an invite. Sami arrives as Tony's mystery guest. Drake Hogestyn's real life son guest stars as MacRae (Ben Scieferstien).  

Cast: Hope, Zack, Bo, Billie, Roman, Joey, boy, MacRae, Girl, Rex, Cassie, Belle, Shawn, Delivery man, Lexie, Brandon, Sami, Grandpa Shawn, Caroline, Eliana, John, Marlena, Vinny, Delivery Guy #2, Abe. 

At the park

We get a replay of the female twin/alien kissing Shawn. Shawn pulls away, trying to explain that he and Belle are boyfriend and girlfriend. To demonstrate, Shawn pulls Belle into a kiss as the female goes crazy, groaning. The female rushes behind the male as Belle holds her hand out to bring the aliens with them. The male puts his hand out and grabs Belle, pulling her into a hug. She asks Shawn for help as the male's grip is strong. Shawn pulls his hands off Belle as they begin to fight. Belle breaks them up. Shawn puts his hand out as the male does his super strong handshake. Shawn is impressed as the male and female get frightened and run off with Belle and Shawn chasing them. Later, Belle and Shawn return, talking about the twins strong handshake and the female's flirtatiousness and how it could cause problems. 

Down on the pier, we see the twins exploring as the male sees a phone and knocks it off the base. They explore around the water as they hear a noise and hide. Four gang members walk down, noisily. The second one is Ben Scieferstien, Drake's son. The gang searches for the people they saw.  

At the Brady Pub

Sami arrives as Shawn Sr. and Caroline greet her, offering her some dinner, but she already has plans. We see Brandon and Lexie, elsewhere playing darts. Lexie sees Sami talking to Shawn as she knows Sami is following them, but Brandon reassures her that this is the Brady Pub. Lexie is sure Sami is following them. Shawn Sr. goes to get her a snack as Caroline sits in a booth with her, talking about her friend, Madeline's son, who is a graduate of Yale. She talks about setting Sami up, but Sami doesn't like that idea. Sami says that she doesn't like blind dates, plus she has a man, who will be interested in her any day now, eying Brandon. Sami yells at her Grandmother as she says that she doesn't need to be set up and leaves as Caroline says something to herself about Sami as she too, sees Brandon.  

Elsewhere, Lexie asks Brandon to quit the hospital as pretty soon, Craig Wesley will fire him. Lexie tries to convince Brandon to work with her at the free clinic as Sami walks up, talking about how the kids love him. Sami and Lexie argue as Brandon yells at Sami, telling her that he'll work where ever he wants (You tell her, Brandon. I love Lexie and Brandon together). Sami walks off as Brandon offers Lexie desert, but she refuses, wanting to fit into her dress (And she does). Later, they argue over the check and his two rules. One, never order desert if the lady doesn't. Two, the lady never pays the bill.  

In the back of the bar, a delivery man arrives with an envelope for Shawn Sr. He opens it and says "Heaven help us" as Caroline walks up and he shows the envelope to her. She can't believe he was mentioned in Stefano's will as Sami walks up, saying that she hopes Stefano left them lots of money. Shawn Sr. tells her not to keep her hopes up. 

Later, Sami bids good-bye to Brandon and Lexie as she rubs her arm up against Brandon's, saying "You can be d*mn sure of that." Sami, alone mocks Lexie. 

At the police station

In the main room, Roman and Abe talk about Billie. They talk about Billie being an asset to the department, but it's up to Bo if she can join. 

In Abe's office, Billie talks to Bo about wanting a fresh start and do good in the world. Bo asks if she is over him as she claims she is (Yeah, right. On a preview for next week, Billie is planning to off Hope). He grabs her and asks her to prove it then. Billie claims that he is the one hooked on himself as he says he's not. She tells him to transfer or leave her the h*ll alone. Bo is concerned about Hope's reaction as Billie asks if Hope would have a problem with them working together. Since nothing can break up the "uber (Super)" couple as Bo wonders where she learned that word. She explains that she learned a lot in three years, having graduated tope in her class. Billie explains about knowing the world of drugs first hand. "Is he going to let her live her dream. Or be an ass and--" as Abe and Roman walk in. They ask if Bo is letting her work there. He agrees and they all welcome her aboard.  

Later, Bo, Roman, and Abe talk about the mystery couple as Bo mentions Belle and Shawn talking about them. Billie walks in and informs them of broken glass and noise on the pier as she and Roman leave to check it out. More later, Abe arrives with a handful of videos as Bo helps him. Abe tells him that they're from the hospital as Bo offers to help him review them, but Abe tells him to leave. Bo tells Abe what he is going to say "Honey, I'm home. I've got terrific news. You know that woman I was in love with. The one with the nice bod. Well guess what. She's back in Salem. Even better than that, were working together" as Abe and him laugh. Bo leaves. Alone, Abe looks at a picture of Zack. He knows that Lexie is lost without him. 

At the penthouse

We get a nice view of the Penthouse. Marlena is curious as to why Tony invited them. John wants her by his side at the dinner. The doorbell rings as John answers it and Vinny gives him the invitation. John and Marlena read it as Marlena doesn't want to go. John does, though. She says that it feels like a setup. 

Later, John and Marlena are ready as Belle and Shawn are there. John says that there is money on the counter if they want to order pizza. Marlena and John says that they are going out to dinner as Marlena feels Belle's head, who is feverish. John and Marlena leave as Belle closes the door. John says that this dinner will be a laugh a minute.  

Later at the DiMera Mansion

As Abe says that Lexie is lost without Isaac, we see Lexie walk down the stairs in a stunning dress as the doorbell rings. She yells to Eliana that she'll get it. She opens the door to find Brandon. She invites Brandon in as she says Tony will be down soon. Another bell as Eliana comes down and opens the door to find John and Marlena. John and Marlena are surprised to see Brandon and Lexie. Another ring as Eliana answers and Sami walks in. Everyone is shocked to see Sami there, especially Marlena. 

Meanwhile in Roman's squad car

Roman and Billie arrive and chat as he compliments her, while talking about their past relationship and he decides to let her check it out. 

Back on the pier

The gang of teens can't find the couple, so they head to leave, with Joey telling MacRae that he is buying dinner. They hear a noise and investigate, finding the couple. Joey intimidates them as he asks what their bracelets are. The gang decides to have fun with the couple. Back at Roman's squad car, Billie draws her gun and heads to the pier. 

Back at the penthouse

We find Belle ordering a 1/2 cheese, 1/2 pepperoni pizza. Belle and Shawn decide to look for the aliens after supper. She teases him about the kiss from the female as he says that by the way she kissed, he'd say, she's French. Belle and Shawn kiss.  

At the Brady's

Hope is on the floor playing with Zack. A delivery guy arrives with an envelope and Hope opens it, calling it "fancy schmancy." She is shocked by it's contents. Later, Bo arrives home as Hope shows him the invitation to the Stefano DiMera will reading. He thinks this may bring closure. She thinks that there isn't closure with the DiMera's. Hope senses something is wrong as he tells her about Billie. "Billie Reed is back in Salem" as Hope lifts her eyebrow, saying "Oh."

The End.

Pictures of the day

 "You know, the woman I was in love with. The one with the nice bod."

  Hope's reaction to the Billie news: "Oh." End shot of Hope.

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