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Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/18/02

By Justin

Today: Bo and Billie argue. Roman calls Kate. John warns Sami. Tony and Sami plot. John and Marlena talk. Isabella and Brady argue. Belle and Shawn encounter Rex and Cassie, who is drunk. 

Cast: Billie, Bo, Roman, Kate, Marlena, John, Sami, Tony, Rex, Cassie, Belle, Shawn, Isabella, Brady, cop.  

In the alley

John asks Sami and Tony what's going on. They are both speechless as John asks for some time alone with Sami. Tony leaves as John questions Sami. Sami asks John about his public acceptance of Tony. John warns her that even though he accepted Tony, she should stay away from him, because he might not be able to bail her out of trouble and leaves. Tony emerges as Sami thought he had left. Sami agrees to Tony's help as he promises her that Brandon will be drooling at her feet.  

At Brady's loft

Replay of Brady searching his apartment and as he goes to sit down, he hears Isabella call his name "Brady." He turns to see Isabella and asks "Mother. Are--Are you--Are you a ghost." She replies "I am your mother Brady." Isabella tells him that he needs her as he tells himself that it isn't real. Isabella tells him that she'll never leave him, but he yells at her saying "You did leave me!" She reaches out to him as he tells her to go away. He says "Go away, go away, go away, go away" and then, he looks to find her gone. Brady convinces himself that it was an illusion, but hears a noise and turns to find Isabella holding a picture of Belle and Chloe. She tells him that she's a lovely girl as Brady asks if she's there because of Chloe. "Is she going to die." Isabella keeps saying "I'm here to help you" as Brady yells at her. Isabella tells Brady to inform Chloe on how he feels and not to be afraid as she disappears. Brady says "Chloe's not going to die, she's not going to leave me. She's not going to die. She's not going to leave me. She's not going to die" as he turns to find his mom gone. Later, Brady wakes up, realizing it was just a dream, but finds the picture of Belle and Chloe by his computer, wondering how it got moved. 

At the Dimera Mansion

Sami and Tony arrive as she can't believe someone's on her side, considering how she's a black sheep and people just slam the door in her face. Tony says "We black sheep must stick together." He explains about if your a Horton or Brady everything is great, but those outside of their families create games others must figure out. They talk about breaking up Brandon and Lexie as she can't wait to have Brandon's affections turned towards her. Sami is shocked that Tony doesn't care if she uses him as he calls her irresistible. Tony tells her about the party tonight and asks her to be his date. She agrees and rushes home, kissing him on the cheek, saying "I owe you one." Tony shuts the door as he says that Sami Brady will pay and so will his dinner guests.  

At the park

Shawn chases Belle, who is crying as he asks her to wait up. She asks "Why should I?" as the male and his drunk companion watch. The drunken female continues taking sips of the wine. They look at their pictures as Belle and Shawn talk about Philip's crazed attitude and the whole Jan ordeal. Belle is not over that as Shawn apologizes for taking her for granted. She says that she wants a love of her life and asks what if some out-of-this-world girl were to come along and take him away from her. Belle and Shawn hug as the female motions what they are doing. Shawn reassures her that she's the only one for him as she is still unsure. The male takes the wine off of his sister and they fight over it, making it fly over the bushes, alerting Belle and Shawn. The female hiccups as Shawn asks who's there. The male tosses over a sign and then their cantaloupe. Finally, the couple emerges as Belle and Shawn laugh at a drunk female. The girl goes over to Shawn and kisses him as he kisses back with the male and Belle watching.  

At the hospital

As Marlena is checking her mail, Kate walks in and interrupts her. They chat as Marlena mentions John publicly embracing Tony. Kate says "Way to go John" as Marlena questions her as to if John talked to her. John arrives before Kate can answer and informs Kate that Roman left a message for her. Kate leaves and uses a payphone in the lobby. She asks Roman what he wants. Roman tells her that it's about her daughter and her new career and asks Kate to meet him at the police station. Kate gets on the elevator, wondering what Billie's up to. Back at the hospital, Marlena questions John about Tony. He tells her that he is making the public believe that he is accepting Tony. He asks her to read between the lines as she opens an invitation to Tony's dinner party. 

At the police station

Roman brings Billie into Abe's office as he and Bo question her. Bo asks her why she moved from Europe to Smalltown, USA. Billie tells them that she went to NYC and trained there. After September 11, she lost many of her newfound friends. She graduated top in her class. She tells them that she came here because of her family and called Salem and asked to be on their force. Roman asks if that's the only reason as she says that she wanted to learn from the best. Bo asks why she kept it a secret as Billie says she knew he would have tried to stop her. The police force had though Billie was a guy's name, so they put down William Reed on the list. She tells the Brady's to stop acting sexist and give her the break she deserves. Roman informs Bo that she almost has as good a rating as him. A cop tells Roman that someone is there to see him, so he leaves. He finds Kate sitting down and he informs her that her daughter is in there. Kate thinks she committed a crime, but Roman tells her about joining the force. She's shocked. Roman asks her if she's knows why Billie chose this force.  

Back in Abe's office, Bo tells Billie that they can't work together due to their past. She tells him that she isn't interested in him as a man. He's just another cop to her. She tells him to quit being a sexist pig and let her join the force as Roman brings Kate in. Kate is shocked to see Billie in a uniform as Billie can't believe he called her mother. She tells them that if she was a guy, they'd be begging her to join the force. She asks Roman if she can join as he eyes Bo. Billie can't believe she was right as she asks "Bo, don't make this a personal issue and stand in my way." The End.


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