Days Update Wednesday 7/17/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/17/02

By Justin

Today: Salem University hospital is filled with teens, adults, and everything else as Tony makes a challenging offer to the bone marrow drive and John makes the same. The teens, plus some of the characters we haven't seen in months arrive. Rex and Cassie break into the Wesley's as Isabella appears to Brady and Bo and Roman are introduced to their new partner. 

Cast: Cop, Roman, Abe, Billie, Bo, Rex, Cassie, Craig, Nancy, Lexie, Brandon, Belle, Shawn, Hawk, Cynthia, Susan, Jason, Henderson, Marie, Celeste, Caprice, Maggie, Mickey, Tony, John, Brady, Isabella, Sami, Philip, Shawn Sr., Caroline.  

At the Dimera Mansion

Tony is pacing about, mumbling about how John found the key as he looks at the box. The doorbell rings as Tony yells to Eliana that he'll get it. Tony opens the door to find John, who says that he came to give him something. Tony hopes it's the key, but it's a housewarming gift, a book. John talks about how safe Tony must feel in this mansion as he says that he can't wait for the entertainment. Tony looks for to dinner and shows John to the door, telling him to stop by anytime he wants and he doesn't have to call first.  

Outside, John stands there and smiles, saying "Like taking candy from a baby."  

At the Wesley's

The alien twins find the door cracked open and walk in. They walk around the house and find Craig's shirt and Nancy's robe on the floor. Nancy walks down the stairs all happy and sees the two. She screams as does the female. Craig rushes down to find Nancy passed out on the floor. She comes to, talking about streakers and tells Craig about the boy and girl breaking in. Craig rushes outside, grabbing his pants and hears a noise in the bushes. He can't find them, so he goes back inside. Nancy informs him of what's missing....her robe and his shirt and tie. They rush upstairs, with Craig saying that he is reporting the break-in. Meanwhile, in a park somewhere (This is hilarious), we see the male looking proud as he has Craig's shirt sleeves on his legs, while the female comes out of the bushes with Nancy's robe on backwards, but with the robe tie around her waist. 

At the hospital

Maggie and Mickey are taking registrations as we see the hospital filled with people. Susan, Hawk, Cynthia, and Jason arrive for the drive. Belle and Shawn chat with the four and then, they go to get tested. Shawn Sr. and Caroline bring roast beef coupons to give to the people getting tested. Brady arrives as does Celeste, who gives Mickey and Maggie a hug. Henderson and Marie arrive and Philip spots them, thanking them for coming. Henderson tells Philip that Mr. Kiriakis gave them the day off and he will be there later. Caprice arrives, spotting Celeste and she says to herself that she better come back later, but Brady spots her and takes her to get tested. Later after the testing, Caprice accidentally bumps into Celeste, with Celeste asking if they met before. Caprice says no when Celeste gives her name. Elsewhere, Belle talks about the aliens, which makes Shawn mad and he walks out on her. Belle chases Shawn, but Brady stops her. Philip thanks Cynthia and Jason for coming as Jason says that even though he doesn't like her, he doesn't want her to die (I bet he and Hawk just came for the free coupons).  

Meanwhile, Brandon is by a desk when Sami is watching from her desk. Sami gets up and tries to talk to him, but he brushes her off. Lexie rushes in, asking to talk to him, with Sami watching. 

Out on the balcony, Lexie tells Brandon about Abe not wanting her anymore and she is so lucky to have him. They go back inside. 

Back inside, Lexie asks Brandon to quit his job and work at the clinic with her as Sami watches. Then, they can work together like before. Sami doesn't like it as usual and leaves. 

At the police department

Roman is talking on the phone assuring the person that no one has spotted UFOs. Bo walks in and tells Roman about the Brady Pub break in last night and how it was probably some kids. Abe comes in and tells them about a new recruit arrived, with training from NYPD, but wants to work with Salem PD. Abe tells them that he (You mean she) chose to work with Roman. Abe leaves as Bo jokes with Roman about the recruit.  

Back at the Wesley's

Craig calls Bo and informs him of the break in. Bo asks if Nancy or him was hurt, but he says that it was just a couple of naked teens. 

Back at the police department

In Abe's office, Sami arrives, rushing in, encouraging Abe to work things out with Lexie. She says that she loves him like a second father and neither of them wants Lexie in Brandon's bed. Abe orders her out. She goes to leave, but runs into Roman. He asks what trouble she's gotten herself into now. She ignores him and rushes off, dialing a number. 

Back at the Dimera Mansion

The phone rings and Tony answers. Sami tells him to meet her somewhere. He suggests the hospital, so Sami tells him to meet her in 15 minutes. 

Back at the hospital

Belle asks Brady where Caprice is as they remember that Caprice used to disappear in the middle of the night and she can't stand anymore secrets. Belle changes the subject to Chloe and asks Brady when he is going to tell Chloe that he loves her. Philip overhears and looks like he is going to explode.  

Later, John arrives and hugs both Belle and Brady. He then, hugs Shawn Sr. and Caroline.  

Elsewhere, Tony arrives, searching for Sami, but sees Brandon and Lexie. He tells Brandon that he will look after Lexie as Brandon protests. Tony pulls Lexie off as Sami arrives and goes to Brandon. He tells her that he's busy. Brandon tells her that there is nothing between them any longer. 

Later, Tony and Lexie walk in and bump into John. Tony asks where the registration is and John points. Tony hands a $50, 000 check to Maggie as everyone applauds Tony. John matches the offer as he and Tony shake hands. Belle and Brady hug their dad.  

Later at Brady's loft

Brady arrives and picks up his globe, swirls it, then lays down. He hears a voice say "Brady." He jumps up and searches everywhere, but doesn't find anything. The voice calls "Brady" again and he jumps up, turns, and sees Isabella. He asks "Mother?"  

Back at the hospital

Later, Philip corners Shawn and accuses him and Belle of knowing about Brady loving Chloe. Shawn makes Philip ealize that he is a selfish b*stard (Though he doesn't say this), but Philip is still yelling, saying "Brady can have all the love for Chloe he                                                                                                                                                                                                                       wants, but Chloe will never return his love" and rushes off. Next, he rags on Belle. Shawn finds Belle and goes to hug her, but she rushes off. Craig and Nancy arrive and thank everyone for coming and to keep Chloe in their prayers. Everyone applauds as we see Hawk getting tested.  

Meanwhile back at the park

The male and female lay on the grass as she pulls out the photo of Belle and Shawn. The male takes the pic and tears it in half. He gives her Shawn and he keeps Belle. They both daydream about Belle and Shawn giving them mouth to mouth. They clasp the pictures and lay on the grass. They put the two halves together. Later, the female pulls out the wine and starts drinking it. At first, she spits it out, but then, she keeps drinking it and smiles at her brother.  

Later back at the hospital

Craig runs into Lexie and Tony and asks why she is there. Tony and Craig argue as he says that Lexie should drop the lawsuit. Craig meets up with Nancy and they go on the elevator. Lexie rushes out as Sami approaches and tells Tony that they need to talk. John spots them and follows.  

In an alley

Tony is mad that Sami pulled him outside as he asks what she wants. They talk as John walks out and asks "What's going on, Tony."  

Later back at the police department

Bo and Roman are talking about the new recruit when a female officer comes in, reporting that there's someone here to see them. Bo and Roman tell her to bring "him" in. In walks the officer's legs. The camera pans to Billie's face as Bo and Roman look shocked. Billie says "Officer Billie Reed, reporting for duty, sir." Roman stares at Bo as we see a shot of Billie's face.

The End.


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Looks like Nancy got the scare of her life. "Streakers!"

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