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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/16/01

By Justin

Today: Billie spies on Bo through the Pub window and says that everyone will know the truth, tomorrow. Philip, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, and Kevin paint posters for Chloe while Nancy and Craig discuss having a baby. Jen and Jack investigate Colin some more. Abe and Lexie's marriage is over.  

Cast: Billie, Bo, Philip, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Kevin, Shawn Sr., Caroline, Colin, Jack, Jen, Craig, Nancy, Rex, Cassie, Brady, Abe, Lexie, Cop. 

At the Spectator

Jen arrives as Jack is packing and tells him not to quit. Jen agrees with him and wants to help him prove it. Jen says "Colin Murphy wants me and what Colin Murphy wants--" and Jack finishes with "Colin Murphy gets." Jack and Jen go into her office as he asks what convinced her as she tells him about Colin kidnapping her. Jack becomes angry, saying "That son of a--", but Jen stops him, telling him about overhearing Colin and Tony DiMera talking. She gets excited about having this story in the newspaper, saying she's in charge now. Jack protests, but finally agrees. Jack knows that Colin will be at the Pub, so they leave. 

At the hospital

When Craig brings up the idea of them having a baby, Nancy doesn't like it. She reminds him about the 9 month period, but he doesn't care. She thinks that it's the only way and panics. He tells her that isn't the case, he just doesn't want to ignore it. It won't harm the baby either. Nancy is worried that Chloe will think they are replacing her, but Craig assures her that Chloe is smart and she is irreplaceable.  

At Chloe's bone marrow campaign/The Brady Pub

Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Philip and Kevin are all there. Mimi announces that anyone who gets tested gets free coupons. Shawn and Belle have been talking about the aliens as he says that as long as they have each other, it's okay. 

At the bar, Bo is on the phone with Hope as Shawn Sr. watches. He gives her a supper choice, ma's lasagna or meatloaf. "5, 4, 3-- Good choice. I love you, Fancy Face." We see the blonde haired wig that Billie is wearing as Billie turns and we see her face as she watches Bo.    

 Back at the table, as the teens paint posters, Belle and Shawn get teased by Mimi and Philip. Bo pulls Shawn aside, asking him why he told Agent Specter a different story. He says that he probably would have thought he was crazy, Bo shocks Shawn by telling him that the Intruder has stories about one eyed aliens in it. Shawn is glad no one else saw two naked teenage aliens (Now that this stupid story came on days, maybe someone will make a movie called Teenage Mutant Naked Aliens). Philip tells the teens that he is going out to his car to get more paint.  

Outside, he goes out and Billie sees him and she runs. Philip asks "Billie?" By the time Philip catches up with her, she has taken her wig off. He realizes that she was staring at big brother Bo and promises not to tell anyone when asked not to. Philip goes back in. 

Back inside, Bo approaches Philip when he comes in and asks who he was talking to. Philip claims that it was someone from school asking about Chloe. Bo accepts that as the truth and walks off. 

Back outside,  Billie is in her blonde wig again, telling someone on the phone that she's right on schedule (I've heard that she is talking to Abe). 

Back inside at the teens table, Mimi wonders if the aliens are waiting for the mother ship to arrive (Okay, this next part is funny). 

Meanwhile in the bushes somewhere, we see the teenaged alien twins emerge just as Mimi said that and they look up in the sky. 

Back at the teens table, Brady is now there, talking to Belle about his feelings for Chloe. Brady says that Chloe doesn't need him to love her like that right now, just as a friend. Belle returns to Shawn and hugs him as she thinks the aliens are for real. 

Back outside, Nancy and Craig arrive just as Jack and Jen do and run into them. They ask about Chloe, so Craig and Nancy feel them in. Jack and Jen tell them about Abby's a plastic anemia when she was 11 months old and she had a bone marrow transplant (Austin Reed gave her the transplant, just in case you wanted to know).  

Later back inside, Jack and Jen are painting posters as Colin arrives. Nancy and Craig are happy about everyone showing up. They announce their gratitude and then, leave to make a baby. Colin joins Shawn Sr. and Bo at the bar and gives him a late christening gift for Zack. A silver cup with Zack engraved in it. Bo makes the teens leave to hang the posters at the hospital. Jack pulls Bo aside, telling him about Jen taking over the investigation. Bo is not happy about it. They talk about how you can't change a Horton woman's mind. Jen runs into Colin and talks to him. She thanks him for what happened as he tells her that he always believed they were meant to be together. 

At the police station

Abe is in his office reading the front cover of the Intruder and how it says "Psycho Mom Sues the Hospital Over the Baby-Switch." It has Lexie's picture on it. Lexie arrives, angry as h*ll, stating that her probation officer is the only one who can see her, asking why he wants her there. Abe asks if she's so happy that he'll see her in divorce court next. He asks for honesty as they argue and she states that he doesn't believe she can be honest. He agrees on that. He says that he loves her and Zack as Lexie picks up a picture of Zack and touches it. Abe states that she is the only one who sees how much he is hurting. Lexie remembers Abe having to make funny faces for Isaac to smile for that picture. Abe assures her that Zack knows they love him and did not abandon him. Abe states that they need each other. He says that she is still passionate and he loves her, does she want to save their marriage. A cop knocks on the door, asking to use one of Abe's chairs for an academy graduate class. Abe remembers when Lexie was a graduate and tells the cop that he can. Lexie asks about Isaac and Abe tells her that Isaac asked where his momma was. Abe tells Lexie that Bo and Hope would let her see Zack.....and she finishes with "if I stay married to you." Lexie rants and raves about him thinking he's is always right and they talk about the lawsuit. They talk about how he thinks Stefano was involved in the baby switch. She tells him that she knows he is glad her father is dead and he was right about something, they are wrong for each other and storms out. Abe opens the door and sees Lexie leave as he returns to his office, sad.  

Later at the Wesley's

Nancy and Craig are on the couch having tea as she talks about wanting to be a pediatrician long ago. They talk about not being helpless and kiss. She pulls away and informs him that it's not the right time for her to conceive. She tells him that she is not only doing this for Chloe, but she is doing this, because she loves. They begin kissing again. 

Later back at the hospital

The teens, including Jack and Jen are hanging posters. Philip calls Chloe and is glad she's eating. He tells her that he loves her and hangs up. Mimi overhears and asks why she didn't let the rest of them talk to her. Philip tells her how it seems like he and Chloe are one as Brady watches from afar. Brady approaches them and says that Chloe needs all of their love. Belle and Shawn talk about the aliens and hug. Jen runs into Colin, forgives him, and he invites her to dinner, which she accepts as Jack hides behind his poster, watching.  

Meanwhile, the male and female explore trash cans. The female finds a cantaloupe in a trash can and sticks it in her I (heart=love) Salem bag.  

Back at the Pub

Bo thanks Caroline for giving him some of the pie and goes to leave, but he hears a noise in the back and rushes over. He investigates as he hears Shawn Sr. yell. The twins rush past Bo as Shawn Sr. rushes out, telling him how the kids took a half full bottle of wine.  

In a park somewhere, the teen aliens put the wine in their bag as the female looks at the Shawn and Belle picture as the male watches.  

Back at the Pub, Shawn Sr. decides that it's no big deal and says bye to Bo as Bo leaves. In an alley, Billie emerges and says "Tomorrow Bo and everyone else will no the truth (She still has the wig on)."

The End

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