Days Update Monday 7/15/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/15/02

By Justin

Today: John makes Tony a peace offering which he accepts. Later, Colin and Tony plot. Jen is kidnapped by Colin. Jack tells Harold that he's quitting. Belle and Shawn discuss the aliens as Maggie and Julie have a close encounter with Rex and Cassie. Nancy and Craig receive good and bad news. Craig comes up with a plan.
Cast: Colin, Jen, Tony, John, Marlena, Jack, Harold, Patty, Craig, Nancy, Pete, Nurse Brenda, Rex, Cassie, Shawn Sr., Shawn, Zack, Belle, Julie, Maggie.
At the Spectator
Jack packs his stuff as Harold begs him not to do this, telling him that he worked hard to get the job. Jack says that Jen hung up on him. Harold tells Jack to stop right there as he goes to leave. Harold takes the box off of him and tells "Deveraux" that he isn't quitting. Harold tells him that his father, Oliver Wentworth (Where is Wentworth?) once told him to "take a walk around the block." Jack agrees. Later, we see him outside the Brady Pub.
On a beach by a fire
Colin leads a blindfolded Jen to a fire on a beach. He takes the blindfold off her and asks her to look back in time. She agrees to look back on when they first met. Colin continues to ask her what she sees as she wants to leave. He says that he will tell her the truth and talks about playing games, but she just calls him a liar. Jen asks how he could tell Jack that she doesn't love him, but Colin says that she fell out of love with Jack in Africa. She gets up to leave, but he stops her, telling her that he came to Salem, because he loves her. He asks for a chance. She says that she needs time to think it over.
At the Brady Pub
Patty walks by Pop Shawn at the counter as Jack opens the door and asks to talk to him. Pop Shawn isn't happy about everyone investigating Colin, but agrees with Jack on one thing...Colin should stay away from Jennifer, since her knows that Colin uses woman (Yeah, he used Liz big time). Jack questions Shawn Sr. about why everyone should leave Colin alone. Shawn Sr. tells him about his sister raising Colin to stand up for what he believes in and thinks that Bo, and everyone else should leave Colin alone. With that, Shawn Sr. gets back to work as Jack knows that Bo isn't going to back down.
At the hospital
Craig informs Nancy that Chloe is in isolation due to an infection and she is upset. Nancy calls Chloe and tells her that she loves her. Nurse Brenda arrives with good news about the Zack/J.T. baby switch tapes and tells Craig that they were found. Craig can't believe it and thanks her. After she is gone, he shuts the door and tells Nancy that this is the best news ever. Craig tells Nancy that Lexie has messed around with the wrong people. Pete arrives with bad news.....Sikes sister doesn't know where he is and he can't find him. Pete says that it's like he has fallen off the face of the earth. Later, Nancy worries that a doner will never be found, but Craig tells her that he has a plan. They could give Chloe a sibling, but the expression on Nancy's face doesn't look happy.
At Salem Place
Shawn and Belle pull into town and it's dark. They continue talking about the aliens as they get out and walk off. The male and female look through the window and climb out the back. The alien twins sneak off as a car approaches and light flashes at them.
Elsewhere, Shawn and Belle talk about kissing aliens. Shawn decides to take her mind off it and passionately kisses her. Belle turns and sees Maggie and Julie, saying "They found us (Trying to make us think it was the aliens)." Maggie and Julie stroll by with the stroller and ask Shawn and Belle to watch Zack. They agree as Maggie and Julie walk off. Belle asks Zack if he wants licorice and Shawn says that his favorite is red. Belle leaves to get him some as Shawn and Zack do some bonding. Zack is drawing on a board as Shawn talks with him about the aliens. Belle returns as Shawn and Zack high five. Shawn tells her about how J.T. (We might be seeing J.T. again as Glen and Barb are returning later this summer) used to steal any kind of licorice he had from him. Zack calls Shawn brother.
Meanwhile, Maggie and Julie are carrying the food and notice the alien twins scurry off as they question each other if the other saw what they saw.

Back by the bench, Maggie and Julie rush back and inform Belle and Shawn what they saw. Shawn asks if they were a guy and a girl and they say yes. The two adults guess it was just two kids playing a prank as Belle and Shawn know different. Maggie and Julie thank Belle and Shawn for watching Zack and leave. Belle and Shawn decide that it must have been the aliens and decide to go to the Pub for the leukemia drive. They return to the truck as we see the twins digging through the trash and they find a bag that says "I Love (Which is a heart) Salem. The male and the female hide as Belle and Shawn drive off. The twins look at each other as we see a close up of the bag.
Later back at the Spectator
Jack returns as Harold asks if he thought it over as Jack tells him that he knows what he has to do and continues packing. Jen arrives, asking him not to leave as she says that she wants to help him figure out what's up with Colin Murphy.
In Marlena's office
Marlena and Tony argue as she tells him to get out, what if her husband found him there as John walks in, saying that he is glad he's there, because they need to talk. He offers to make amends and put the past behind them. He just has one question....Why was he in his wife's office? Tony explains about the blackouts and how he needed counseling. He needed Marlena, because they are both missing parts of their lives. Tony says that the "key" to his past is gone as John remembers stealing it. John tells him that he is missing chunks of his life as well, but is going to concentrate on his family. Tony explains that he wants the DiMera name to be something to be proud of. John and Tony shake hands as he invites them over for dinner and John gladly accepts. Marlena agrees as Tony leaves. Outside, Tony is surprised at how well it played out. Back inside, Marlena is curious as to what that was about. John tells her that he is following her advice. She asks if he will forgive Lexie, but he says no. Back outside, Tony runs into Colin who wants to examine him.

In the exam room, Tony tells Colin about what happened with John and Marlena. Colin wants more info as Tony explains that he knew John was playing him. They laugh as he notes that they may become the best of friends. Colin asks if he needs help setting a trap, but Tony tells him not to underestimate him. Back in Marlena's office, John hugs Marlena, saying that all he cares about his protecting her and his family safe. Back in the exam room, Tony tells Colin that he plans to get close to John and Marlena, and they will help him in ways they would never imagine as he smiles that wicked smile of his.

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