Days Update Friday 5/3/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/3/02

By Justin

Today: Bo and Hope learn that Lexie is on the run, Abe makes a call about Lexie's flee, Lucas and Kate devise a plan, Austin calls Sami, Sami hides the tape recorder somewhere where it ends up in the hands of an innocent soul, Vern (Jack's stepfather) promises Jack that he will do what he can to get him a job, Harold returns (again?), Jack finds out who the new Editor-In-Chief is, and Alice and Brandon get the chance to chat. Not a teen in sight.

Jennifer= Brandon
At the hospital, Jen and Abby are in the cafeteria as Brandon arrives. Abby is excited about telling Alice about entering the cookie contest. Abby leaves as Brandon asks Jennifer out again. Upon returning, Abby hears this and isn't too happy, wondering who will sit with her. Jen suggests Alice, but Brandon says that if they can't find a sitter, Abby can go with them. Abby starts talking about Jack, but Jen tries to change the subject. Brandon (for the first time) talks nicely about Jack in front of his (Jack's) daughter. Abby asks Brandon if he is Jen's boyfriend. Jen gets uncomfortable and sends Abby off to talk to Alice. Jen thanks Brandon for talking highly of Jack, in front of Abby. Abby runs into Alice and they start talking about the cookie contest as Brandon and Jen join them. Jen leaves for a business appt. as Brandon offers to take Alice and Abby home. Abby asks the where and when (where are you going and what time will you be back) as Alice sends Abby off to do something. Alice has a talk with Brandon and she seems to like him. She says that he may just pass the muster after all.

Jack= Desperate, Jobless, Womanless, and Moneyless
At the Spectator, Jack arrives in the lobby, looking for a job, but runs into Harold. Jack begs Harold to try and get him a job. Vern arrives and Jack also asks him for help. He agitates him, asking if he should call him dad. Vern says "Not if you want to keep your teeth." Jack is on his knees, begging Vern to help him as Harold watches. Vern says that it is up to the editor. Jack puts his hands on Vern's shoulder and says "If you don't help me get a job, I may be living with you and Mom for a long time. Vern gets a frightened look on his face and agrees to do what he can (Harold is still watching). Vern (I don't know about Harold) leaves as Jack does a happy dance. Jack is in there for a while until Vern returns. He says that there may be hope and whispers something into his ear. Later, Jack is in a suit and tie and arrives outside the editor's office.

In the editor's office, Jack comes in and explains things about himself, commenting himself, etc.. The chair's back is facing him and we don't see the editor (yet). The chair whirls around and the editor is.......Yep, you guessed it.....Jennifer Horton.

Sami= Lies, Schemes, Deception, Disaster, Chaos, and Tapeless
At Lucas' apartment, him and Kate are angry that they came up empty-handed after chasing Sami around. They hear Sami arrive and decide that they must act now.

At Sami's apartment, Sami takes the recorder out and is about to press play when there is a knock at the door. She hides the recorder as she opens the door. It is one of her neighbors, who was watching Will. will comes in as the neighbor leaves. Sami gives Will something to do while she can listen to the tape.

Back at Lucas' apartment, him and Kate plot a way to get the tape. She pushes him out the door as she makes a phone call.

In the hall, Lucas knocks on the door and Will answers it. He is happy that his dad is there. Sami sends Will away as she tries to get rid of Lucas. The phone rings and it's Austin.

Inside, Will invites Lucas to come in. Sami is on the phone with Austin while Will gets his backpack and digs through it to show his daddy something. Sami watches as Lucas hopes the tape recorder is in Will's back pack. Lucas grabs the back pack and rushes back to his apartment with Sami chasing him and screaming.

Back at Lucas' apartment, he and Kate celebrate the fact that they called Austin and told him to call Sami. They look through the back pack as Sami pounds on the door, screaming.

Back at Sami's apartment, Will finds the tape recorder on the couch (seems it fell out when Lucas stole the back pack) and gets ready to press play.

Lexie= Lies, Schemes, Disaster, Chaos, and Deception
At Dimera Mansion, Lexie carries her bags (On Thursdays summary, I made a mistake, Isaac was with Eliana when Lexie ran into Abe) to the door to find Abe standing at the doorway. Abe asks if she is moving back home and she says yes. She gives him some of her bags and sends him off as she says that her and Isaac will be there later. Abe leaves as Rolf congratulates her on her performance. She wonders if Abe will ever forgive her as Rolf tries to convince her to go and move to where Stefano is.

At the Carver house, Abe brings the luggage in as Celeste arrives, laden with groceries. She gets a bad feeling, telling him that she had a premonition about Lexie running off with Isaac. Abe assures Celeste that Lexie will be there.

Back at the Dimera Mansion, Rolf gives Lexie passports, an untraceable cellphone, and maps and directions to find Stefano. Eliana brings Isaac downstairs, saying goodbye to them. Lexie leaves.

In the car, Lexie says "I'm sorry Abe" as the car speeds out of the Dimera Mansion drive way.

Back at the Carver house, an officer calls Abe and he picks. He learns that Lexie ran and is on her way out of town. He tells Celeste that he is disappointed, but expected her to do that. After calling Roman, Abe leaves.

Back in the car, Lexie tells Isaac that he's worth losing everything for as they continue to speed away.

Hope= Cryptic Dreams, Unhappiness, and a Woman Who Wants Her Child At the Brady's, Bo tries to convince Hope to leave, but she stands her ground. She says that she feels closer than ever to J.T. Bo tells her that it is too painful there, but she says that she can't leave as she needs time to grieve. He says that there is another little boy out there who needs his mommy. Hope holds Bo as she asks him never to leave her.

Later in the living room, Bo finally got Hope to leave and brings her tea. He asks her about her dreams as we gets replays of the dreams as she narrates it about John, the no faced man, and the man with the white glove. She realizes that the dream took place in Paris. She tells him that that is all she can remember. She says that she is tired and needs to rest as she heads to the nursery, but he stops her. The phone rings and it is Doug, checking on Hope. Bo says that he will call him and Julie later, so they can visit. Hope lies down on the couch and finds one of J.T.'s toys. Later while Hope is sleeping, Bo says that he must help her find out her dreams. The phone rings again and it is Roman, telling Bo about Lexie fleeing. Hope wakes up and demands that Bo tell her what's going on. He tells her about Lexie as she begs to go. He asks if she is up to it as she says "Are you kidding?, I've already lost one son today, and I'm not about to lose another."


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