Days Update Thursday 5/2/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/2/02

By Justin

Today: Lexie is caught trying to run away, Rolf contacts Cameron, Bo and Abe face-off, Hope remembers her cryptic dream as Jan tries to slither her way closer to Shawn, most of the teens hang out at the hospital, Brady runs into Carl, and Craig asks Colin to be Chloe's doctor. The hospital turns into the new .Com.

The New DotCom (Figure of speech)
At the hospital, Craig runs into Colin and asks him to come into his office. He asks him to take over Chloe's case as he is shocked and surprised that he picked him out of all the other staff. Craig asks Colin how much he knows about Chloe. He says that Chloe came Salem and is now living with him and Mrs. Wesley. Craig says that he knows that the hospital grapevine is in full swing as he hands Colin, Chloe's chart reviews. Nancy walks in and hears the conversation. She takes things the wrong way and thinks that there may be something wrong, but Craig assures her that all Chloe has is anemia and she leaves.

Later down in the cafeteria, Nancy, now with her mail, opens it to find out that she is a finalist in the cookie contest.

Elsewhere, Belle and Mimi are there for volunteer work as she congratulates Belle for going to school, unlike Shawn, who is probably at home taking care of Jan. Chloe walks in with Philip high-tailing her. She tells him that if he ever comes within 100 feet of her again, she'll get a restraining order and walks over to Nancy's table. Nancy tells Chloe that she is early for her blood test as Chloe looks at Philip. Nancy tells her that she can hear her news....She's a finalist in the cookie contest as Chloe could care less, still staring at Philip.

In the lobby, Brady arrives with some sheets of music for Chloe and runs into his therapist, Carl (good to see him again!). Carl asks how he's doing and they talk a little. Brady tells him about finding a place of his own as Carl asks if he is going to be playing the field or is there a special lady. Brady says not yet.

Back in the cafeteria, Philip bothers Mimi and Belle with his problems as they tell him that Chloe is moving on. Brady walks in to get coffee as Philip says "And I know who she's moving on with" as he tries to go over and confront Brady. Brady walks over to Nancy and Chloe as Nancy gets the clue and before leaving, reminds Chloe of her blood test. Nancy leaves as Brady asks Chloe if she's still sick. Chloe says that she just is anemic, which is common for kids her age and as Philip watches, she tells Brady that Philip is out of her life for good. She walks out. Philip tries to go to Chloe, but Belle holds him back. Mimi suggests they trade shifts to keep Philip under control. Philip walks off as Brady asks Belle what's up with Chloe as she hates Philip now. Belle tells him not to tell Chloe that she told him, but Philip and Cynthia made a video and came close to having sex. Both her and Chloe saw it. He wonders how Philip could do that as she tells him about guys and sex.

Meanwhile, Mimi, now in her candystriper uniform, and Chloe talk about Shawn and Jan not being at school today. Chloe heads to Craig's office while Mimi goes back to the cafeteria.

Back in Craig's office, Chloe joins Craig and Colin (Nancy is now in there). Colin congratulates her on her Julliard acceptance. She thanks him as he asks what she is studying and she says opera. He says that he is interested in U2 as she says that she is too. Nancy says that she'll be there with her for the test, but she says no.

Back in the lobby, Mimi and Belle, now in her uniform run into Colin and Chloe. They are introduced as Mimi hits on him. They walk off as Mimi says that she'd let him operate on her any time. Belle admits that she told Brady and regrets it.

Back in the cafeteria, Brady confronts Philip and pulls him out of the chair. They fight/quarrel as a hospital staff person tells them to knock it off, this is a hospital. They do as Brady warns Philip to stay away from Chloe. He leaves.

Another Cryptic Dream
At the Brady's, Hope is sitting on the chair, holding J.T.'s blanket. She gets up and picks up J.T.'s Doffey bear and holds it. Bo walks in to find her folding the blankets. He hugs her and urges her to go downstairs, but she says that she isn't ready yet. He takes the Dookey bear as she has another white flash and stares at him. She doesn't tell him.

Downstairs, Shawn pulls a picture of J.T. out of his wallet and stares at it. He wonders what to do as Jan eavesdrops and walks in, reminding him about her baby and says that he misses it too. She hugs him. Bo comes downstairs, realizing that Hope needed to be alone and asks Shawn to stay in case Hope needs anything and he leaves. Jan gets an idea. Next, we see her bring out a grilled cheese sandwich and soup for Shawn. Jan tells Shawn that she has decided to go to Pepperdine as Shawn says that he changed his mind. She talks about them traveling the world together. She tries to convince him as he says that his parents need him. Jan says that she needs him and wants to be there for him as he asks what she is doing.

Back upstairs, Hope falls asleep in the chair and dreams about John wanting to put the chip back in. She wonders who Isaac's father is as she has the same dream, where she runs into John, he walks away, the man in the mask appears, but disappears, and then the man with the glowing white glove. She says "You" and wakes up, saying I remember.

The confrontation
At the Carver house, Abe is walking around his living room, remembering his conversation with Lexie. He doesn't call her as he says "Ball's in her court now. Later, Bo arrives. He says that J.T. is gone and Hope needs Isaac. Abe says that he wants the legal system to handle this and replacing one baby isn't going to lessen Hope's pain. He tells Bo about how he told Lexie that their marraige is over if she doesn't do the right thing. Bo says that he is sorry, but tells Abe to handle his wife, because he and Hope are getting Isaac no matter what and he leaves.

Hope remembers
Back at the Brady's, Bo returns as Shawn tells him that Hope is still upstairs. Jan says that she needs to lie down and asks for Shawn to come, but he says that he needs to get out of there and leaves.

Upstairs, Bo finds Hope still holding the book as she says "I remember, Bo", leaving him confused about what she means.

Lexie.....On the run
At Dimera Mansion, Lexie rushes in and shouts to Eliana to start packing her things. Celeste and Rolf overhear as Celeste is relieved, but Rolf is mad. Celeste goes up tp pack Isaac's things. Rolf makes a phone call.

Upstairs, Celeste tells Isaac that they are moving back with his daddy as she turns around. She looks back to find Isaac gone. She screams as Lexie rushes in. She screams "The baby's gone" as Lex looks and sees Isaac. Celeste explains that she saw Isaac at home in his crib. Lexie panics and sends Celeste off to do grocery shopping.

Back downstairs, Cameron arrives as Rolf had called her. He says that she can keep the 5 grand even though she failed to keep Glen from getting custody of J.T. He says that he has a job for her. We don't hear what it is, but he says "Lights, camera, action." Later, Cameron walks into the living room and hands Lexie a paper that says she needs to hand Isaac over to the Brady's in 48 hours. Lexie freaks out as he suggests she join Stefano. Later, he calls Cameron, congratulating her on her performance. He hears Lexie walking to the door and hangs up. Lexie has all of her bags and Isaac and opens the door to find Abe.


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