Days Update Wednesday 5/1/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/1/02

by Justin

Today: A painful day for the Brady's as they give up custody of J.T. and say good-bye. Also say good-bye to Paul Logan, Tamera Clatterbuck, and Joshua and Jacob Rips(Glen, Barb, and J.T). Only about 5 commercials in this show, but this show is very, very sad and you will need a Kleenex box.

"Say Good Night, not Good-bye"
At the Brady's, Hope is in the living room looking at a picture of J.T. as Jen comes in with all the stuff they are giving to the Reiber's. Roman and Bo walk in, talking about the reporters outside and they also have boxes of stuff.

In the kitchen, Shawn has J.T. as he asks him if he wants a chicken nugget. J.T. says no as Shawn picks him up. There is a knock at the door as Shawn hopes that it isn't the Reiber's. Nope, it's Doug and Julie as she congratualates Shawn on being so strong. Mickey and Maggie also come into the kitchen, followed by Hope and Jen. Hope hugs her dad. They all go into the living room. We see a flash of the clock, which says 1:15.

Back in the living room, there is a knock at the door as John and Marlena come in. John yells at the reporters as he comes in. Roman goes outside to deal with them as Shawn asks what John is doing there. Shawn is shocked to learn that his father invited John as he says that John has a right to be there. Bo let's John hold J.T. Marlena asks Hope if it's okay that she came and she says yes as they hug and go into the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen, Marlena brings a basket that she brought for Hope in as Jen gives Hope some cookies that Abby made and put love into everyone. There is another knock at the door as Grandpa Shawn and Caroline come in. Mickey looks upset as Hope tells him that it's not his fault. Mickey is still depressed as Maggie comforts him. They go back into the living room.

Back in the living room, as John holds J.T., he says brother and he asks Shawn about that. He says that he taught him. Hope and Jen come downstairs after checking on Alice as Jen makes a comment about how Hope should show Bo the scrapbook she made. Her and Bo sit and look at it with Shawn and J.T. We see a page in the book that says "The Wheels on the Bus" and they talk about it. J.T. goes to Doug and he holds him. He sings "Say Goodnight, not Goodbye" to J.T. Doug starts to sob as Caroline walks past the clock and it says 1:30. The clock turns gray and the second hand moves around to 1:35.

Later, Shawn comes back downstairs as Caroline asks how Jan is. He says good as she congratulates him on his acceptance at Pepperdine. He yells at her as Grandpa Shawn overhears. He says that is no way to talk to his grandmother as Shawn apologizes. Shawn says that he isn't going to college as he has no future. Caroline asks what example he wants to set for his brother as Shawn claims that J.T. is no longer his brother. She asks if he wants J.T. to see him as a loser when he gets older. John walks over to Marlena, reminding her of the pain that she went through when she lost her child. Grandpa Shawn suggests they join hands and pray and they do. It is weird how Marlena is in between Roman and John as Grandpa Shawn prays. Caroline says that they should be grateful for what they got and talks about faith. Shawn asks how he can have faith in God when he is taking J.T. away from them. She asks Shawn if he would have turned his'back on J.T. from the beginning if he knew he could only spend a short time with him. He says no. Maggie asks Mickey to read a passage from the bible and he does. We see a shot of the family tree as Caroline walks past the clock and it hits 1:40(only 20 more minutes).

Good-bye J.T.
Still in the living room, everyone is shocked to hear another knock at the door. Yep, this time it is Glen, Barb, and Carol. Glen tells the Brady's and the Horton's that they came early because they thought it might take a while to pack all the stuff up. Barb and Glen are shocked to see all the boxes as Bo says that they have given them some of J.T.'s outgrown clothes for their new baby. Roman and John begin to take the boxes out. Hope talks of all the time they spent with J.T. as Glen has missed on that part. She tells them stories about how J.T. learned to climb stairs and he is fast, he knows how to throw, and he is not afraid of grass anymore. Bo gives Barb a diary of all of J.T.'s doctor appt., book titles, and websites on FAS. Barb thanks them as she says that she'll keep it handy. She says that they will take good care of J.T. as her dad got Glen a job. They talk of their family and comment that J.T. will have the largest extended family on the block. They say that they all can write anytime as Caroline thanks Glen. Later, Bo gives J.T. to Glen. J.T. coughs as Hope tells everyone to get the nebulizer. When we come back to the show, Roman, Bo, John, Marlena, Hope , Jen, and Grandpa Shawn rush in with the nebulizer. Marlena goes to put the nebulizer on J.T., but finds him very calm. Glen explains how he learned to flick his feet in CPR class. Hope gives them the scrapbook, but they won't except it. They want them to keep it. Hope is shocked as we hear a voice say "Thank you." Alice comes down the stairs as Jen helps her sit down. She has come down to say goodbye. Glen thanks them all as he says that he is goin to keep J.T.'s name....It will be John Thomas Brady Reiber. Bo thanks him. Hope says that the Thomas was for her Grandfather as she hoped to tell J.T. about him as we see Alice smiling. Glen says that the next time they see him they can tell him as he says that he has stories for J.T. about his parents. Barb talks about how she liked the swing out there, but Shawn says that J.T. outgrown it and she says that she was going to use it for her baby. He learns that she is having a boy and now J.T. will be a great big brother. Carol suggests they leave as Hope tells them to use the back door.

Back in the kitchen, Carol, Barb, Glen, and J.T. leave as Hope yells that she loves him. After they leave, she breaks down as Bo and Shawn comfort her.

In John and marlena's car, they sit, ready to leave as the song "Say Goodnight, not Goodbye plays.

Back in the kitchen, Bo stands there choking back tears as he looks at J.T.'s baby moniter and heads somewhere.

In J.T.'s room, Hope sits in the rocking chair looking at an old book of J.T's.

In the backyard, Shawn picks up J.T.'s ball and bat and throws the ball up in the air and hits it.

Down in the basement, Bo looks at the baby moniter and throws it. He punches his punching bag as he breaks down with tears and falls against the bag, crying.

Back in the nursery, Hope looks at the book as we see a shot of her and J.T.'s empty crib. The End.

The End

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