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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/1/01

By Justin

Today: Celeste gets a strange vibe as Lexie learns, from Stefano that she needs Abe in order to keep Isaac, the teens return to school and learn of the new town gossip, Marlena and John learn about the Brady's giving J.T. up at 2:00, and Caprice also gets a strange vibe.

The Blacks
At the Penthouse, Marlena walks into the living room, ready to eat breakfast when Brady and John return home from their jog. John is catching his breath, while Brady seems to not even have broken a sweat. John says that he wanted to talk to Belle, but she already left. They chat some more as Caprice joins them. Caprice, Marlena, and John tease Brady about his love for video games as a child. Brady says that he's outgrown them as Marlena mentions the play station that they bought him for Christmas. Caprice senses something very bad as they watch her. She tells John that Jennifer called her and wanted to speak with him. She says that Jen didn't say anything, but she's getting weird vibes. John calls Jen and hangs up. John tells Marlena and Brady about Glen coming to get J.T. today and how Hope wanted them to be there. He leaves to shower while Brady and Marlena talk about the situation. Brady says that he knows how hard it is on them. Marlena says that she'll miss him, but not his guitar. He tells her that he is just going to be in town. She calls him special and they hug as John comes back down. John and Marlena leave as Caprice and Brady talk.

The Teens
At Salem High, Mimi and Belle are chatting by her locker. Some other girls are talking about John and Hope and also Jan and Shawn. Jason asks Belle to go out with him since Shawn and Jan hooked up, but she tells him no. Philip is at his locker and opens it as he sees a picture of him and Chloe, reminding him of the day before. He slams the door shut as Chloe watches. Cynthia is also watching and Philip walks up to her, screaming. She promises that it is only the beginning. She walks up to Belle and taunts her about losing Shawn as Philip defends her. Cynthia and Jason smile and walk off. Chloe coughs as Philip offers to take her to the nurse. She drops her books, too and as she walks away, asks Belle to remind Philip that she doesn't want anything to do with him. Mimi goes up to Chloe and asks if she's okay. They talk about the plan to find out the Shawn/Jan truth. Jason asks Belle out again, but she refuses again. He talks about the baby Shawn and Jan are expecting as Mimi yells out that Jan lost the baby. She tells Belle that she's sorry as everyone overhears. Cynthia says that Jan called her and told her and she is anxious to tell everyone about Belle being responsible. She suggests Belle tell them as Philip gets the crowd away. Belle cries as Philip says "Shows over" and holds Belle. Chloe watches as Belle thanks him. Philip walks by Chloe as she says that it was nice of him to do that for Belle, and it is too bad that he wasn't that way with her and walks away. Belle talks with Mimi and Chloe about how upset Shawn made her and borrows some of Mimi's smudge proof mascara. Belle puts some on while Mimi and Chloe discuss their plan about how to get information from Cynthia. Chloe tells Mimi to buddy up with Cynthia to get info. as she goes over to Cynthia. Mimi tells Cynthia that she sees chemistry between her and Philip. She asks about Jan and Shawn as Cynthia tells Mimi that Jan will do anything to keep Shawn. Chloe joins her and says that they will stop Jan in her tracks. Philip and Belle talk about Columbia.

At the Carver house, Celeste arrives and visits Abe. He tells her about Lexie and him fighting as she asks if they split. Later, Celeste says that she feels it may be too late. Abe asks her for a vibe check as she admits feeling that Lexie has changed. Abe asks if she feels that Lexie has already become a full Dimera. Her worst fears have come true and Lexie is like Stefano. Celeste leaves, determined to fix it.

At the Dimera Mansion, Lexie walks into the den to find Rolf on the phone with Stefano. She grabs the phone from him and asks what she can do. She hangs up after learning what she is to do. She yells at Rolf for calling Stefano and tells him not to do it again. She says that Stefano told her that Abe and her can't be separated or she won't get Isaac. Rolf tells her to leave the country as she sees the phoenix in the pendant. Later, Celeste arrives. She is moving in and knows about her and Abe. Lexie tells her to make herself useful and leaves. Celeste tells Rolf that she is onto him and is looking out for Alexandra's best intersests. Rolf says that her powers are stronger than ever. Celeste hopes she can get through to her daughter.

Back at the Carver house, Lexie arrives and Abe opens the door. She apologizes and says that he is right and always has been. He listens as she is afraid of losing Isaac. She says that her and Isaac need him. The clock at the Dimera Mansion strikes noon as does the one at the Carver's.

Back at Dimera Mansion, Celeste feels that something bad will happen within the next few hours.

Back at the Carver house, Abe tells Lexie to choose between her father and his evil ways or do the right thing, even if it means losing Isaac, to be his wife again. What will she choose?

The End

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