Days Update Monday 4/29/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/29/02

By Brent

Bo, Hope and Shawn wake up after spending the night together in the nursery with JT. They couldn't stand to be away from him during their last night together. Although JT is happy, the rest of them are sad because JT will be moving to Iowa with Glen. They go downstairs and try to get through the morning, but everyone is kinda edgy! They are all mad when the doorbell rings, but relieved that it is Roman and Jennifer, who are there to help get them through this. Hope tries to make breakfast, but she is upset over JT moving to Iowa today. Bo tells Roman that he's not sure if Hope will make it through the day. In the meantime, Jennifer offers some advice to Shawn about Belle. Shawn says that he still loves her! Jennifer tells him that he really should call belle. Hope and Bo give JT his last bath and Hope tells Jennifer that she wants John to be with them today. Later, Roman tells Bo and Hope that Glen and Barb will be coming at two o'clock to get JT..

Belle, Mimi and Chloe all talk on the phone before coming to school. Chloe slips that she knows about Jan's miscarriage, but she and Mimi keep their promise to reunite Shawn and Belle a secret. Chloe gets off the phone because she has to get ready for school, but Belle and Mimi keep talking. Belle gets a call from Shawn, but she does not answer the phone in time to talk to him. Mimi knows that Belle still loves Shawn...

Nancy and Craig celebrate their wedding anniversary and Craig serves Nancy breakfast in bed, in the buff. He gives her earrings and she gives him a Clié (Palm Pilot). Nancy is still worried by the fact that Chloe's health hasn't improved, so Craig promises to have more tests run. Later, they talk about having a baby...

Kate and Lucas go into Titan as security guards to get the tape. Sami is already there and has it in her hands when they catch her in Victor's office. There's a fight and Sami wins, getting out of the building with the tape!

Quiz of the day!

How did Scott banning die in 1973?

A. car accident
B. construction accident
C. Suicide
D. overdose on drugs

-I will post the answer for today's quiz when I do my next days update on Wednesday!


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