Days Update Friday 4/26/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/26/02

By Justin

Today: Shawn, Hope, and Bo try to spend as much time with J.T. as they can, Lexie lies to Abe, but later is caught with the taploid reporter and Abe walks out on her, the tape is at Titan with Kate, Lucas, and Sami all trying to get it. And best of all, we don't have to deal with Jan today or Monday.

Who will get the Tape?
In the elevator at Titan, Kate and Lucas make there way to the tape as Kate tells Lucas that she will distract Victor while he seduces Nicole. He says that they can't even stand to be in the same room together.

In the hall, Sami is walking by Victor's office when he stops her. She tells Victor that she is cleaning out Austin's desk as he says that Nicole already did. Now Sami is at the door as Victor tells her that Nicole has a package for Austin. Sami tells him about Austin and Nicole's intense kiss in Vegas. Nicole walks in as she wants to know what's going on, but he says that he'd like to know the same thing. The mail man, Henry comes by and Nicole gives him the package. Victor wants to see Nicole in his office now, so she goes in. Sami flirts with Henry as she walks forward and pretends to break her heel. She asks the poor mail boy to fix it for her, so they head in Nicole's office.

In Nicole's office, Sami rummages through the drawers and finds some glue. She sits on Nicole's desk as Henry is on the floor. Sami moves her skirt up to distract him.

Back in the hall, Kate and Lucas arrive and eavesdrop on Sami and Henry. They decide to barge in on her.

Back in Nicole's office, Sami finds the tape recorder as Lucas and Kate barge in. Sami puts her hand behind her back and drops the recorder.

In Victor's office, he yells at Nicole as she tells him that it's none of his business. She threatens to leave with the Permalash account as they hear commotion. Victor and Nicole head over as he tells her that he isn't done with her.

Back in Nicole's office, Lucas goes to strip search Sami when she pulls out a letter opener and tells "coma boy" that if he or his mother take one more step, she will kill them. Victor and Nicole walk in as she tells Sami to get off her desk. Sami says that she wanted to take one more look at the ring, but Kate tells her that it's Austin's. Victor demands someone give him the ring as on the floor, Henry grabs the tape recorder and the package. Nicole wants to know where Henry is as he gets up and rushes out. Sami claims that she lost an earring and crawls on the floor to get it as Kate and Lucas go to help her and also crawl on the floor. Victor says that he is calling security as they leave. They are all on there way to the elevator when they realize Henry's got the tape. They go toward the mail man when Nicole orders security to throw them out.

In the hall, the security guard throws Sami, Kate, and Lucas in the elevator. They vow to reclaim the tape.

Later back in Victor's office, he finds the tape and puts it on his desk, pressing play, but we don't get to hear the tape.

Lexie gets caught
At Dimera Mansion, Lexie is in the den, looking at the latest Intruder and calls the reporter to meet her on Pier 14. As she hangs up, Abe walks in. He asks her who that was as she claims that it was an old friend. She calls him a coward for following the rules and leaves.

On Pier 14, Lexie waits for the reporter as eh tromps down the dock. She gives him more info as he says that this will be in the next issue. We hear someone say "Like h*ll it will" as Lexie turns to find Abe. The reporter rushes off as Abe asks "Any more lies, Ms. Dimera?"

Back at Dimera Mansion, Abe and Lexie return home as he slams the door, almost off the hinges. He demands the whole truth as she starts crying(for real this time). He says that she knew from the beginning as she continues her innocent act. She defends herself, saying that she will not give up. Abe promises her that if he finds out that she broke any laws he will have her arrested....No he will have her arrested himself. She is shocked. She says that no one will ever take Isaac away from her as she admits planting the stories in the Intruder. He says that he stood by her long enough and notes that she isn't playing with a full deck. He says that he is taking Isaac away from her and heads upstairs, but she stops him and says one more step and she calls security. He realizes that she would do that, so he heads upstairs to pack his things and to get away from her. He leaves her crying alone.

Upstairs, Abe goes to Isaac's room and says good-bye(these sceens are very heart-breaking) and tells Isaac that he loves him as we see Lexie around the corner with a tear rolling down her cheek.

Later back downstairs, Abe comes down with his suit cases and warns Lexie that one day, even she won't recognize herself and leaves. Lexie looks in the mirror, still crying and then, she gets an evil look on her face.

Family Night
At the Brady's, Bo and Hope are playing with J.T. as Shawn comes down, explaining that Jan wasn't feeling well. They tell him about Glen getting full custody. Shawn blames them as Bo pulls him aside and tells him to calm down. They decide to make this one of the best nights of J.T.'s life. Shawn and Hope play fire truck with J.T. while Bo tapes it. They blow bubbles and then, Bo passes the football to J.T. and he runs a touchdown. Bo sets the camera and joins Shawn and Hope on the couch with J.T. as they get their picture taken. Hope leaves to cook dinner (They are having Mac&Cheese) while Bo watches Shawn play with J.T.

Later at dinner, Hope has a white flash of the glove as Bo and Hope explain it to Shawn. He gets angry and says that one day Isaac's father will come and get Isaac as they tell him that they think it's connected to Isaac's father. Shawn takes J.T. into the living room as Bo comforts Hope.

Back in the living room, Hope decides later that it's time for J.T. to go to bed. J.T. says good-bye and walks to the stairs himself. Shawn cleans the mess up as Bo hugs him.

Later upstairs, Hope is asleep on the rocking chair with J.T. as Shawn comes in with a sleeping bag. Bo walks in and they all hug crowding around the rocking chair. Zoom out on the Brady's as there is a shot of Bo, Hope, Shawn and J.T.


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