Days Update Thursday 4/25/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/25/02

By Justin

Today: Hope has a cryptic dream and Bo and Hope receive bad news, Jen and Abby talk about Jack, Harold returns one last time as Jack apologizes, JO and Vern return to Days after 10 yrs. off the show, Roman tries to decide what to do with the tape, Kate comes up with a plan as Brandon tells Sami off.

Jack apologizes to Harold On a dock, Jack is walking around, asking for a sign as we hear footsteps. He goes to investigate, only to find Harold jogging. He apologizes, but Harold asks what possessed him to do it. He says that he was possessed, but not like Marlena. He apologizes again, asking if he has ever loved anyone enough to do something like he did. He tells Harold that he did because he cares about Greta and didn't want to hurt her feelings. Harold thanks him and jogs off.

A place to stay
At Vern's house, Jack strolls up with a suit case, commenting about returning home again and knocks on the door. A man answers and he says hi Vern. He asks Vern if she is here and Vern says that he thinks so. A woman walks to the door, asking why Jack is there. Jack pushes his way in as he tells his mom about losing the job. Vern tells him that he pushed for Jack to get that job, but Wentworth called him and said that he lost it. Finally, he says that he's without money, without, a job, without a wife, and without a home. Jack asks to stay with them as his mother (Jo) tells him to tell the truth and the minute he lies, he's on the road. He sits them down and says that it all started with this magazine article....

Tis a tape, but who will get it
At Sami's apartment, Brandon arrives as Sami hugs him. She asks for his help, since he's been there for her in the past. She goes to hug him again, but he moves back, stating that he's not falling for that again. He tells her about getting used before as he asks what she wants. Sami tells him about the confession tape as he explains that she did the same with Roberto's confession tape. He says she's made her choice and she's on her own and Brandon leaves.

At Lucas' apartment, Kate tells Lucas that they need a plan. Finally, Kate comes up with a plan and says that she has to get him arrested.

At the Police Station, Roman holds the package with Sami's "engagement ring" in it, wondering the best way to send it to Austin. He wonders about opening it and goes to do so. He says that he doesn't have Austin's address, but knows someone that does. After he calls them, he heads out and the phone rings. It's Lucas willing to give him information on some robberies.

Later, Kate arrives and asks an officer where Captain Brady is. The officer tells her as she flirts with him. She asks him if she can leave a note on Roman's desk, but the officer says that he was using Abe's desk.

Back in Abe's office, Kate arrives as Roman is not there and starts searching for the tape. Outside, Sami arrives and asks the officer where her dad is as Kate spots her. Sami walks in as Kate hides under Abe's desk. Sami searches for the tape as Roman walks in, wanting to know what she is doing. She says that she had to see her engagement ring one last time as he tells her that he gave it to Nicole to mail to Austin. He says that she was the only one who knew his address and Sami leaves. Kate is still under the desk as Roman goes to sit down.

In the hall, Lucas arrives. He tells Roman that he needs to talk to him. He says that he wanted to say something in front of all the officers and thanks him for saving his life. He applauds Roman as he sees Kate leave Roman's office. He makes his way through the crowd of cops and meets up with his mother, asking if she got the tape. She says no.

The Cow
At Jen's house, her and Abby are at the door waving bye to Gran and they go inside. Jen asks her if she wants to watch a movie and eat popcorn, but Abby says no to that and to ice cream. Jen says that she knows it'll be hard living without Jack, but they will manage it. Abby asks Jen if her and daddy can make up. Later, Jen opens the door to find a delivery man. He asks her to sign as he has his friends/employees bring in big boxes of cow meat. She says that she didn't order any, but he says that they're a gift from Oliver Wentworth. There are so many boxes that Jen can't even find Abby. Abby says I'm right here Mommy as the guys leave. The phone rings and she answers it. She asks for the address and says as long as you don't cook it and hangs up. Later, she opens the door to find Brandon. She tells him about her meeting and she leaves to get dressed. She comes downstairs in a suit as Brandon offers to walk her out and they leave.

More Bad News
At the Brady's, we get a replay of Hope falling asleep. She dreams of John, the masked man, and then the guy with the white glove. She says You! as she wakes up. Bo says yeah it's me as she looks confused. Bo asks her why she said it's you as she says that she wasn't talking about him, she had a dream. She asks how Shawn handled the newspaper article and he says just like we expected. They talk about how Lexie used to be there friend as Hope realizes how famous people feel when they are in tabloids. He says that they need to be strong and the most important thing is reuniting her with Isaac and they go downstairs.

Downstairs, next we see them with J.T. Bo calls Mickey's office, but he's not there as there is a knock on the door. Bo opens the door to find Mickey. Mickey says that he has some really bad news. Next, we see Bo tromping down the stairs as he had to take J.T. up and he returns. Mickey tells them that the judge gave Glen full custody and the child care will be by tomorrow to pick him up along with Glen. Hope breaks down. She starts getting J.T.'s things ready, saying that they have to get out of here and take J.T. away where Glen can't find him. Mickey leaves, feeling bad that it ended this way. Bo hugs Hope as he says that together they'll find the strength to get the this.


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