Days Update Wednesday 4/24/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/24/02

by Justin

Today: Hope has a dream, revealing something about Isaac's father, Jan is brought home, Chloe gets a call about Julliard and Mimi visits her, John shows Belle The Intruder article, Abe gives Lexie a stern warning, and Philip goes to jail.

At the penthouse, Belle is remembering her argument with Shawn as Mimi arrives. She tells her about the flying glass at .Com. Belle admits watching the video as Mimi is shocked.

Replay of the "Smile"
At Salem Place, John reads the article and wonders who would give this garbage to the newspaper. Hope looks at Lexie as she is smiling and says it's you! Lexie says that she would do anything to protect Isaac. Lexie says that that is the end of their friendship and says that she's going home to her son. Hope states that she will raise Isaac as her own and if she finds out that she had anything to do with this, she will come after her. Lexie leaves as Hope apologizes to Abe and he leaves too. Abe catches up with Lexie and tells her that they will talk when they get home. Hope asks John to leave, so he does as she tells Bo that she has to know who fathered Isaac.

Back at the penthouse, Mimi admires Belle for not clawing Jan's eyes out as she tells her what happened. Mimi tells her not to blame herself. John arrives home as Mimi tells her that she will call her later.

At the Wesley's, Chloe is waiting by the phone as it rings and answers with a "What!", but apologizes and learns of the upcoming audition and hangs up. She hopes she is better by then and heads upstairs as there is a knock at the door. Mimi walks in, telling her about Philip and then, says that Belle needs their help.

The Warning
At Dimera Mansion, Lexie waits and says that his half hour is up as Abe arrives. He asks her if she planted the story, but she acts hurt. He says that he wants to keep Isaac too, but won't trash their friends. He also says that if she's lying, God help her because no one else will.

Jail Time....
At the Police Station, Philip is sitting in a chair as Roman walks in. Victor arrives as Roman' explains about Philip's "temper tantrum" at .Com. Philip asks for some time alone with his dad, so Roman leaves. Philip asks his dad if he will bail him out, but he says no, because Chloe is the source here. He says that he will bail him out if he promises never to see Chloe again, but he refuses. He figures that Chloe will never want anything to do with him ever again, so Victor walks out. Victor tells the manager of .Com that he is rich and powerful.

Later, the manager tells Roman that she won't press charges, so he lets Philip go. Philip thanks his dad, but Victor says that after graduation, he will be doing chores for .Com. He doesn't like the sound of that.

Back at the penthouse, Belle tells John about Shawn's visit. She spots the Intruder and feels bad for Shawn. She calls her life a "sick joke" and rushes upstairs.

Jan comes home.....
At the Brady's, Shawn and Jan arrive home from the hospital. She says that her mom will only be in Europe for a few more days, but Shawn doesn't want her to be alone. They talk about what Belle did as she asks if he went to see her. He says yes, so she thinks they are back together. Jan says that it was an accident, but continues her lie. Shawn says that he still loves Belle as Jan gets a cramp. The Brady's arrive home as Hope takes J.T. upstairs. Bo shows Shawn and Jan the Intruder as Shawn blurts out it's a lie when they mention something about Jan. Bo tells Shawn about Glen getting full custody of J.T. as jan goes to lie down. Bo asks Shawn where he was as he tells him about Belle. Jan listens as Bo asks how he could believe Jan over Belle. Shawn leaves as Jan mumbles why can't he mind his own business.

The cryptic Dream
Upstairs, Hope looks at Isaac's picture and has a flash back of Sub Sex. She wonders why as John is not Isaac's father. She asks Isaac who his daddy is as she falls asleep. She has a dream about John walking in a room with her as she is curious as to why. He disappears and appears again in an alley. He disappears again and then, a man with a white mask on appears and she asks if he's Isaac's father, but he disappears. Another man appears with a white glove on(Mime Bo) and Hope looks up and gasps You!

The End

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