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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/23/01

By Justin

Today: Lots of action at Salem Place as Lexie is accused of leaking the stories, Brandon and Abe have a confrontation, and Bo smashes the chip. Abe hires Cameron While elsewhere, Jack says a tearful goodbye to Jen and Abby.

Abe hires Cameron..... At Dimera Mansion, Cameron arrives as Abe wanted to talk to her. He tells her that he wants her to represent them in their custody battle over Isaac as Cameron comments that he finally listened to Lexie, but he tells her that she will do what he tells her and No BREAKING THE LAW! He will fire her and report her if she breaks any rules. He plain out asks if she put the articles in the Intruder, but she denies it, but says it is helping their case. He shows] her to the door, making her promise to follow his rules and they both leave.

Jack is kicked out and says goodbye........ At the Deveraux's, Jack finds his stuff outside and knocks on the door as Brandon walks up behind him and asks if there is a problem. Jen opens the door to find both Jack and Brandon as he holds Jack back, but she says that they need to talk. Brandon leaves as Jack asks about his stuff, but she says that they need to talk, but he is moving out. He asks if Abby knows and she says that Abby and Gran are in the kitchen. He says that he'll talk to Abby later as she would want to join them. They talk, recalling all the events they've been through. They talk about all the people he hurt (Greta, Harold, etc..) and they argue about how much Abby needs him as she says that she'll never deprive him of seeing his daughter, he just can't live there. Jen goes to talk to Abby in the kitchen. Later, Alice is sitting on the couch, listening to Jack explain himself as he begs for her help, but she says he screwed up big time and supports Jennifer's decision.

In the kitchen, Jen and Abby snack on cookies while talking. Jen explains to Abby that Jack won't be living there anymore as she takes it in pretty well, figuring he messed up like last time (boy, she is smart!).

Back in the living room, Abby rushes out and hugs her dad as he bids a tearful farewell to her. Jack walks out the door as Abby and Jen hug and Alice just watches.

The Intruder trashes the Brady's At Java Cafe', Lexie and Celeste sit down with Isaac and talk about the problems as Celeste questions Lexie. Lexie gets mad and tells her everything again, but her mother wants to know wazz up with the attitude change. Lexie claims that she has an errand to run, so leaves Isaac with Celeste as her mother can sense that her daughter is lying and she wonders why.

Elsewhere at a payphone, Lexie has the phone in her hand as the guy from the Intruder arrives. She puts a newspaper over her face and gives him more info. She gives him permission to print the next story as he hands her his business cards. He leaves as she turns and drops them. She bends down to pick them up and finds Brandon there. He tells her that what she's doing is wrong and she is playing a very dangerous game. Lexie tells him that no one stands in the way of her getting Isaac and talks about how he used to be so supportive. He tells her that when she needs friends, they won't be there for her and leaves. She says that all she needs is her little boy.

Back at Java Cafe', Lexie returns as Celeste wants answers. She asks her mother to take Isaac home as she is busy and rushes off.

Meanwhile, Brandon gets a call and heads off, running into Abe. He tells Abe that he just talked to his wife as he fumes. He warns him to stay away from Lexie as Brandon warns him to stay away from Fay (where is she?). Brandon says that he knows about his relationship with his mother and leaves.

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Bo, Hope, and J.T. arrive after they took J.T. to the zoo and Bo takes a picture of Hope and J.T. She puts J.T. in the stroller and they talk about the videos they took for Shawn to see. Bo asks her if she had anymore white flashes, but she says no and thinks that it might be a way to finding out who Isaac's father is. John walks up, hearing that and says he knows a way. They think he knows who it is, but he just shows them the chip. He says that putting it back in might lead to the identity of Isaac's father. Bo refuses as John talks about how all the other labs were amazed at the chip and figure that some computer genius made it. John asks about reinserting it, but Bo continues to refuse. Bo asks to see the chip for a second and takes it. He looks at it and throws it on the ground, smashing it with his boot. He says that Gina is gone and he's made sure of that as John curses him for doing that and asks what he was thinking as it could have had answers to his past as well. Hope admits that she was interested at first, but now she has to focus on J.T. and not Isaac. Bo asks him to please leave and he does. Hope tells Bo that she feels the same way as Glen does trying to get custody of J.T. and she is trying to get custody of Isaac. Bo says that Lexie's made a deal with the devil and just then a pile of today's Intruder is thrown on the ground. It has a picture of John and Hope on the front and talks about their "love affair." Bo spots one on the ground and picks it up. Hope screams.

Elsewhere, Abe runs into John and tears into him for breaking into his house. He warns him not to hurt his family or he will pay. They hear Hope scream.

Back at Salem Place, Abe and John rush over to see what's wrong. Bo shows them the headline, so they buy one. John reads it out loud and wonders who gave them this garbage as we see a shot of Lexie smiling in the background. Abe, Bo, Hope, and John see her as Hope shouts "It's You!" and they all stare at her. Lexie keeps smiling away.

The End

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