Days Update Friday 4/19/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/19/02

By Justin

Today: Shawn confronts Belle, Chloe watches the video and slaps Philip, Brady shows his dad a house
that he might move in as Greta(her last day on days) says adios, adieu, and farewell to Salem and many of it's residents, and Jack and Jen recieve different news from Oliver.

Finally back in Salem.....

Jan tells a lie....
AT Salem University Hospital, replay of Shawn coming in and telling Jan that the death of her
baby was nobody's fault. Jan says that Belle killed her baby. She lies that she can prove it.
Shanw asks if she's sure as she has flash backs of her and Belle facing off. She lies that
Belle pushed her. Shawn has a hard time believing this, but Jan eventually convinces him. She
tells him that she has no one now and his family won't want her, because the only reason they
took her in was because of the baby. Shawn says that his parents will let her live with them.
He convinces her to get some rest as he will be back later and has something to take care of.
After he leaves, Jan smiles.

Jack begs for his job.....
At Salem Place, Jack is walking around, feeling sorry for hurting everyone. He sits down on a
bench and remembers things from Vegas. He has a flash back of finding the money and of dancing
like a weirdo and hanging from that prop and announcing that he's not gay and Greta slapping him.
He says that he can't let Abby and Jennifer down. Jack calls Oliver and begs him not to hang
up. Oliver says that he told him not to call him anymore as Jack begs for his job. Oliver says
that he lied to his ex, he lied to a beautiful princess, and most of all, he hurt his son.
He is not worthy of telling the truth as he already has someone else in mind for the job and
hangs up.

Greta bids adieu to John.....
At the Deveraux's, Jen walks in the living room, to find Greta moping. She says that she'll
never find love as she has already lost every guy she was in love to, to a blonde. She thinks
that she should dye her hair. Jen tells her that her prince is out there as there is a knock
at the door and Jen says there he is. Alice comes in and wants Greta to tell her all about Vegas.
Greta says that she has to go and talk to someone, but will be back. After she leaves, Jen
tells Gram that everything was Jack's fault.

At Basic Black, John and Brady chat about how well they do the job. They talk about Belle
leaving for college as John questions Brady about being in love with Chloe. He says that she
is just a kid. Brady informs his curious dad that he plans on following Chloe to NYC and will
tell him later and leaves. Greta arrives after Brady leaves and goes in. John asks what he can
get her, but she tells him nothing and starts having tears. They talk about her childhood and
how much she meant to him. She says that she wishes that he was her father, but he's not and
everyone can't always have what they want. He calls her a wonderful person as Greta starts
to say good-bye. He is shocked that she's leaving, but says that she'll always have a home here
in Salem. She starts crying as she says that she's leaving. He hugs her and says that he will
always love her.

Greta bids adieu to Abby, Alice, and Jen.....
Back at the Deveraux's, we next see Greta carrying her luggage downstairs. Abby, Jen, and Alice
walk in and say good-bye to her. Greta pulls her tiara out and gives it to "Princess Abigail."
She talks about when Bo brought her to Salem as we get flash backs. We see her and Bo talking, her
outside the Brady Pub and plenty more of Greta, Bo, John, and Marlena. She says that her first
priority is to deal with her father as she is in tears. She hugs Alice, thanking her for taking
her under her wing and they all say they love each other and she leaves.

Greta bids adieu to Jack.....
Outside the Deveraux's, Jack arrives with his bags and sees that Greta has bags too. He is
shocked to learn that she's leaving and blames himself. He apologizes for hurting her as she says that
one day she might forgive him. She says good-bye and off she goes. Jack says good-bye princess
and goes to unlock the door, but the locks are changed as he finds boxes of his stuff out in
the drive way. He cannot believe that Jen is kicking him out.

Back inside, Abby thinks that they should send Greta something. Abby suggests Gram's cookies
as Jen says especially if they win the cookie contest. They smell cookies baking, so Abby goes
in the kitchen. The phone rings and Jen answers it to hear Oliver's voice. He compliments her
on the speech and says that he has a surpise for her. He also says that the best thing she ever
did was dumping Jack. Oliver says that he will call her and hangs up.

Brady and John again....
Back at Basic Black, John goes into Brady's office as he tells him that Greta left Salem. Brady
leads him to think that everyone is leaving him as he shows him his future apartment on the

The Video.....
At the Penthouse, Chloe arrives as Belle tells her that she must be excited about getting
into Julliard. They both are excited about being in NYC as Chloe tells her that Philip got into
Columbia too. Belle acts like she isn't happy as she says that Victor probably got him in.
Chloe asks about the video and asks Belle if she watched it. Belle shakes her head as Chloe
asks if it was rated G, PG, or PG-13, but she says that if it was in the theaters, they couldn't
get in without an adult, but corrects herself....They can because they are 17. Chloe wants
to see it, but Belle won't show her. Next we see them in Belle's room. Chloe finally finds the
video as Belle begs her not to watch. She pops it in, but cannot stand to look and shuts it
off. She storms downstairs with Belle following. She rushes into the elevator as Belle runs into
Shawn in the lobby.

At .Com, Mimi is being stalked, harrassed, and questioned by Cynthia. Philip hears and calls
her a b*tch after walking up to her. He yells for her to stay away from him as he and Chloe
are getting back together. Cynthia leaves as Mimi asks him if he and Chloe are really getting
back together and he says yes. She says that he living in a dream world as Cynthia watches.
Mimi walks over to her as Chloe stomps in and pushes Cynthia out of the way to find Philip
trying to call her. She slaps him, tells him that she hates him, and tells him never to call
her again and storms off. Philip stands there stunned.

Jan's lie spreads....
Back at the Penthouse, Belle asks Shawn what he wants and tells him to leave her alone. He
asks her if she thought he'd never find out as she wonders what about. He says you killed
Jan's baby. Freeze-frame/Gray blackout.


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