Days Update Thursday 4/18/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/18/02

By Justin

Today: All in Salem as Jan tells Shawn that Belle killed her baby, everyone waits for the tape,
Victor contacts Nico, Nicole officially dumps Victor and he fires her, and Hope and Bo talk about their ]
white flashes.

In Salem.....

At Salem Place, Bo and Hope shop as they stop for a cup of coffee at Java Cafe'. Roman arrives
as they talk about Shawn. Bo tells them about how he found Shawn at the church last night and he was devastated and angry. They pray for a miracle. Roman leaves as Hope wants to go to the hospital with Shawn. Bo respects Shawn's wishes to be alone with Jan. They talk about Jan and "Shawn's" baby as Hope feels bad for the baby, but Bo says that it is safe in God's arms. She says that she hasn't thought
about the pain that they are putting Lexie and Abe in. Hope feels bad for Abe and Lexie as at least
they will have Shawn, but Abe and Lexie have no other kids. Bo says that Isaac belongs with her.
They talk about how much they love J.T. as they both admit having white flashes.

Elsewhere, Roman runs into Caroline. They both wonder what happened with Sami and Austin in the
Bridal Room before the wedding that didn't happen. Roman feels that Sami is more screwed up now
than before because she lost Austin.

Back at Java Cafe', Caroline and Roman stop by. She offers Bo and Hope her help and prayers.
Roman and his mother leave. Hope wants to take J.T. to the zoo as she took him a few weeks ago
and he loved the monkeys.

Special Delivery.....
At Lucas'/Kate's apartment, Kate arrives with breakfast to see if the tape arrived yet. Lucas
and Kate sit down to eat as they chat. They talk about Victor and Nicole as they both know
that Nicole was interested in Austin.

In the hall, Sami is watching the delivery guy, waiting for the tape. She calls Brandon, only
to learn that he is still in Vegas with the "ice princess." Sami gets an idea as we next see her changing the room
numbers on the apartment doors. After spotting the newspaper, she figures that Lucas didn't get
up yet as she takes the numbers off his door. Lucas opens the door and figures that Sami is
trying to steal his newspaper. She tells him that Will left his game there and was complaining,
but he checks and it is not there. Later, Sami calls Lucas while prying the numbers off his door.
She calls from her cell phone and has headsets on, pretending to be the delivery guy.

Back inside, Kate and Lucas get excited as they see the delivery truck outside. Sami does too.
They wait anxiously for the package.

Downstairs, the delivery guy arrives and heads for the elevator to find Roman in it. Roman asks
which floor as he sees the package and learns who it's for. He offers to sign it as he knows Austin
pretty well.

Nicole dumps the boss (Victor).....Victor fires the executive (Nicole)
At Titan, Victor is in his office as Nico arrives and goes in. They talk about getting rid of
Nicole. Victor wants to take care of Ms. Walker, but wants Nico to clean up the mess.

In Nicole's office, Victor walks in. He tells her that she disappoints him and they are through
forever. Nicole tells him that the are a good team and were never officially engaged. He starts
to massage her arms and then, neck, trying to strangle her as she collapses. Oops...only a dream.
Victor walks in and is pretty angry, but he doesn't strangle her. He fires her as Nico waits
to escort her out of Titan, but Nicole isn't ready to go yet. She tells her boss that if she
gets fired then the Permalash account goes with her. She tells him that she'll go work at Basic
Black and Kate can come take her position and they can kill each other. He tells her that he
doesn't believe her, but she shows him Carl's report and BB could get the account....what's
his choice. He will let her stay if she follows some rules. He tells her that she will treat
him as the boss and when she calls Austin, there will be no Sex in the City type stuff. She tells him
of the 5 million that she has in the bank and she doesn't need the job. She tells him that she
likes excitement as she asks for a raise. He tells her to keep the ring as that will be her

Outside the room, Victor tells Nico that that was funnier than watching Kate sling hash at the
Hudson Street Diner.

Jan tells a lie....
At Salem University Hospital, Shawn arrives to check on Jan and asks the nurse for her room

In Jan's room, she wakes up to find out that she lost her baby the night before.

In the lobby, Shawn spots Mimi and Belle in there candystriper outfits as they wheel a cart.
He says Belle's name as she looks and they stare at each other.

Back in Jan's room, the nurse offers counseling, but Jan tells her that she's never going
through that h*ll again. The nurse tells her that she can go home as she worries about where
to go.

Back in the lobby, Shawn asks Mimi to give him and Belle some privacy. Mimi leaves with the cart.
Belle remembers her talk with Jan as Shawn wants to tell her about the baby. Jan spots the two
and fears that they reconciled, but Belle tells Shawn to stay away from her and it's over.
She says that she is going to college without him and leaves him.

In the locker room, Mimi finds Belle crying. Mimi says that she got accepted at Salem U. as Belle
tells her about Columbia.

Back in Jan's room, Shawn arrives. He promises to be there for her as he tells her that the
death of the baby was no one's fault. She says it is. It's Belle's fault. Belle killed her baby.


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