Days Update Wednesday 4/17/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/17/02

by Justin

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Today: Jack gets his just desserts and the teens receive their college acceptance letters.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Henderson announces the arrival of Ms. Roberts as Victor wonders why
she is there. Kate tells him that Philip called her as he comes out. He announces that he got
into Columbia U. as Victor isn't to happy. The two argue and bicker. Vic asks what other colleges
Philip got into and he says all of them. Philip says that it's his life as Kate backs him up
and he leaves in anger. Kate tells him that that went perfectly. Later, Victor is on the phone
with Nico and tells him to meet him in his office....8:00 am.

At the Wesley's, Craig arrives home as Nancy tells him that she is worried about Chloe. He tells
her that the lab results came in....Chloe is anemic. Nancy is shocked that Chloe has anemia.
Craig says that he was being thorough, but something else could be wrong.

Upstairs, Chloe is sleeping until a few knocks wake her up. She goes to the window to find Brady.
He tells her that he came to check on her. She says that she is fine as he comes in and tucks her
in bed. Brady leans in to kiss her as Chloe wakes up.

Back downstairs, Philip arrives, anxious to see if Chloe got into Julliard. Nancy is persistent
on letting him in until Chloe comes down and tells her to. Nancy yells for Craig to check Chloe while
she is down there, but Chloe claims that she's fine. Philip has a smile on his face as he asks
about Julliard. She says that she hasn't heard anything. Nancy asks Craig if he got the mail and he
says no. Chloe goes out to get it. She gets the letter with everyone waiting on the porch to hear the news
and she pulls it out. She says oh no as everyone asks about it. She got accepted. They congratulate
her as Philip says that he needs to talk to Chloe alone. Nancy and Craig go inside as Philip
tells her about being accepted at Columbia. He asks why she said oh no as she explains that
she has to audition again. They go upstairs.

Back upstairs, Philip jabbers away about NYC and asks Chloe if she's happy that they'll be in
the same town as she isn't all to thrilled. They kiss as Chloe pulls away. Philip keeps talking
about their future together.

Columbia II
At the Penthouse, Marlena and John return home and kiss. Caprice says some things never change as Marlena rushes
over and hugs her. They talk about Sami as Marlena says that Belle is the only child she raised
from babyhood.

Upstairs, Belle is on the floor, crying as Brady comes in. He tells her that he knows of
something to cheer her up. She asks what as he mentions about what week in April this is and she
says taxes, but quickly remembers about college acceptances. They both rush downstairs.

Back downstairs, Belle and Brady come down as Marlena questions Belle about the scratch. Caprice
leaves to do something as Belle opens her letter. She was accepted at Columbia. They congratulate
her as she finds Salem U. and wonders about Pepperdine. Brady shows her the Pepperdine letter
as she stares at it. Later, they eat ice cream as Brady talks about plans he has. Belle looks
at the Pepperdine acceptance letter and throws it in the trash.

In Vegas.......

Jack is left with nothing.......
At Oliver's show, Jen corners Jack into admitting that he is not gay over the loudspeaker.
Everyone surrounds him as Jen stares at Greta. The reporters want statements as Oliver says that
Jack can't be gay as he is engaged to Greta, but she apologizes and rushes off, followed by
Brandon. Oliver and Harold go to give statements as Brandon and Greta talk. Greta tells Brandon
not to feel sorry for her as he comforts her.

Meanwhile, Jack and Jen argue as Jen accuses him of hurting both Harold and Greta. Their
conversation is very intense. Jen admits that she loved him.

Later, Oliver questions Harold. Harold confronts Jack and admits that he's happy that he is
heterosexual as he is a very poor gay man. Oliver walks up and tells Jack that he wanted a
strait shooter, therefore he cannot have the job. Brandon tells Greta to tell Jack what she just
told him, but she walks up and slaps him across the face, saying that says it all. Eubie tells
him that he will never sit on the couch next to Jay. Jen goes up to him and says that she never
wants to hear his voice, see him, or touch him ever again and says good-bye. Jen, Brandon, the
director, Greta, Harold, Oliver, Eubie, and everyone else leaves as Jack is left alone. The
lights turn off as Jack sits alone in the dark with a spotlight on him.

The End

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