Days Update Tuesday 4/16/02



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/16/01

By Justin

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Today: Shots are fired in Vegas as the goons catch up with Jack, Jack tells the truth...he isn't
gay, but says it on the loudspeaker, Shawn yells at church while praying, Doug and Julie return
as Shawn is accepted at Pepperdine, Malibu, Lexie and Abe learn that Bo and Hope are suing.

In Salem...Dimera's and Brady's

Lexie receives a letter
At Dimansion, Abe and Lexie talk about the note they received. Abe wants to act like a team as
Lexie wants to hire Cameron. He says that they are Carver's and they should act like it as he puts
puts Isaac in the playpen. Isaac begins baby talking as Abe and Lexie argue. Later, Abe tells
Isaac that his mommy and daddy don't agree on the same things. Lexie says to herself that she
won't lose Isaac, she'll do things her way.

Doug and Julie....return
At the Brady's, Bo and Hope are worried about Shawn as Doug and Julie arrive. They wonder what's
wrong as they didn't tell them on the phone. Later, after Hope told them, Doug is comforting her
as Julie accidentally knocks the mail on the floor. it is an acceptance letter for Shawn who was accepted
at Pepperdine in Malibu. Bo grabs the envelope and leaves. Doug and Julie comfort Hope.

Shawn vents
At church, Shawn is there, yelling his brains out and asking God why Jan lost the baby. He continues to vent until Bo arrives and they chat. He shows him the Pepperdine form and Shawn says that he doesn't
want to go to college. They leave, arm-in-arm.

In Las Vegas.....Shootings occur and a revelation is revealed

Jack's Big Announcement...
At Oliver Wentworth's show, Greta dances out onto the stage as Jack comes out acting like a gay idiot
and Jen sees him and her eyes bulge. Her and Brandon continue to watch as Big Chauncey and
Chico put silencers on their pistols. They talk about taking Jack out and then grabbing the
money and splitting. By now, Greta, Jack, and Harold are dancing among all the other dancers as
Oliver watches and thinks of how much he reminds him of Harold's mom. The goons watch, but don't
realize who the dancers are as Brandon and Jen recognize them. Brandon keeps an eye on Chauncey
and Chico while Jen goes backstage to confront Jack. The dancers fall off the stage as Jack, in
the wig recognizes Eubie Banks. He tells Eubie that he's one of his biggest fans as Harold tells
Eubie that Jack is a closet case and is in love with him. Mr. Banks says that he's already taken
with Jay every night and is loyal to him. The director tells the crazy broad to get off the stage.
Jack is on the ground as the goon asks "her" if she's okay, only to learn that it's Jack. The goons
wrestle with Jack and the brief case as it is tossed in the air, on a prop. Jack jumps, trying to get it,
but the goon raises the prop with Jack hanging. The fighting is finally over as Jack falls with the
briefcase and lands on top of one of the goons. The police and reporters arrive to take statements
as Jen corners Jack. She asks if he's gay or not as he tries to wiggle his way out of the question.
She asks if he was lying to her or to Greta as she is almost in tears. Jack is cornered by her
now and turns around and shouts into the microphone that he isn't gay! Everyone is shocked as
they corner him onto the stage. Harold and Oliver corner him as does Jen, Greta, and Brandon.
Eubie Banks shakes his head as there is a shot of everyone in the room all at the same time
as they corner Jack.

The End

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