Days Update Monday 4/15/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/15/02

By Justin

Today: Kevin Eubanks guest stars as Eubie Banks, Greta, Harold, and Jack become showgirls,
Shawn learns something devastating, Philip and Chloe continue to talk while Brady spots them,
Caprice and Brady catch up, and the grand finale....Belle sees Philip and Cynthia doing the

Philip and Cynthia....XXX Rated Video
At Salem Place, Philip offers to take Chloe home, but she isn't ready yet. He is glad she
believed him about Cynthia. From afar, Brady watches. He leaves after spotting them. Philip
says that they will order pizza after bowling and then,, take a drive, but Chloe changes
her mind and calls off the date. He gets on one knee and in a British accent asks her to please
go with him. She says that he must have seen Kate and Leopold.

At the Penthouse, Belle thinks about Shawn and then, remembers Brady taping friends. She knocks
the videos down and picks one up and pops it in. Philip and Cynthia pop up on the screen
and she is shocked to see them undressing. As she watches shockingly, Philip and Cynthia turn
into Shawn and Jan. Belle rushes over and turns off the video.

Downstairs, Brady returns home after seeing Philip and Chloe and runs into Caprice. They chat as he asks about who she used to be in love with. She tells Brady that Belle needs him. Brady swings by upstairs just after Belle turns off the video. He finds her on the floor crying and comforts her. He gets an idea as he says that he has something that will cheer her up. As he goes to leave, Belle says that she loves him.
After he is gone, she says that there is nothing that could cheer her up. She goes into the bathroom.

Back at Salem Place, Mimi follows Shawn and badgers him about betraying Belle. She wonders how
he could jump in the sack with a "whore" like Jan. He tries to make her understand, but she
continues to yell. He plainly states that Jan and the baby need him. Mimi wonders how he
could do that to Belle as they said that they would always be friends, but he broke it by
jumping in the sack with Jan. Philip and Chloe walk up and agree. He feels the whole world is against him
and walks off.

Elsewhere, Shawn is at a pay phone and makes a call. The phone rings at the penthouse while
Belle is in the bathroom washing her hands. He tells her to please pick up as she comes out.
Belle picks up the phone, but Shawn has to get off because he got paged to get to the trauma

Back at the Penthouse, Brady comes back and looks at the video. He pops it in just as Belle is
coming out off the bathroom. She presses eject, telling him that it was an episode of friends
that her and Shawn watched together. She asks about what can cheer her up and he shows her, her
favorite childhood book, Peter Pan. She is excited and remembers how she and Brady used to dress
up. Belle is crying that nothing will ever be the same again, but Brady tells her that she
can concentrate better now.

Jan, Shawn, and the bundle of love.........Jan loses the baby
At Salem University hospital, Bo is waiting in the hall when Hope rushes in asking if Jan is okay.
Bo tells her that he found Jan at the bottom of the stairs as she wonders if Jan could have
fallen down. Hope calls and leaves a message for Shawn.

In the exam room, Colin and another nurse are tending to Jan while she keeps calling out Shawn's name
The nurse wonders if Shawn could be the father. The medicine they are giving her stops the contractions.

Back in the lobby, Colin comes out, but doesn't have any new info. He explains that Shawn has
came in with Jan before and is shocked as they tell him that Shawn is the father. He won't tell
them anything and Bo argues with him. A nurse tell him that Dr. Bader needs him, so he rushes
off. Shawn arrives, thinking that something is wrong with J.T. as Colin returns, saying that
Jan lost the baby. Shawn is appalled and yells at his parents, rushing off.

Back at the penthouse, Belle tells Brady that Shawn called as Caprice brings cookies. Belle goes to get ice cream, and Brady and Caprice discuss their love lives.

Back at Salem Place, Chloe says that she is tired, so they decide to visit Belle later and Mimi

In Las Vegas

Money, Money, Everywhere........
Backstage, we get a replay of Oliver offering Jack the job and Harold hugs his Dad and everyone is
shocked that Harold is Oliver Wentworth's son. Oliver asks Harold how he knows Jack and he says that
he knows the "real" Jack. Jack spots Big Chauncey and Chico, but they don't spot him, so they leave.
Oliver invites Brandon and Jennifer to the show as Jack thanks Harold for not revealing him.
Harold says that Oliver Wentworth hates dishonesty and he won't lie to his dad...he will tell
him. Jen, Brandon, and Oliver return as a man tells Harold that there is a problem backstage.
Jen tells Brandon that Jack is going down this time. Greta tells Jack to get rid of the money as
Chico and Chauncey arrive, but the manager throws them out. No backstage pass. No backstage.
Jack promises Greta that he will come out of the closet if she goes along with it. She tells
him that he needs to tell the truth as Jen walks up, asking the truth about what. He covers
,but she tells him that his lies are going to catch up with him. Oliver walks out, calling
the speech he got crap as Jen volunteers to rewrite it. He agrees, so she takes it. She gets
excited as Brandon notices. Jack spots the goons and sees them as stagehands. Jen is done writing
and is excited, making a copy for her portfolio. She asks the clerk if Colin checked out and he has.
Jack shows Harold the money, but he refuses to help. Amber, one of the dancers tells them
about the new stagehands that scared her, but Harold didn't hire any new ones. She tells them
about the guy saying that he was going to take out the babe, the jerk, and Mr. Sequins. Harold
gets frightened as Jack tells him that he's Mr. Sequins. Harold says that he has a plan and they
are going to have to wear feathers. In the audience, Jen and Brandon are introduced to Kevin
Eubanks, Eubie Banks. He tells them to call him Eubie. Jen gets her and Abby an autograph as
he is called away. He says later, dogs as Brandon explains that that means friend. She can't
wait to tell Abby that she is Eubie's dog. The announcer calls for Kevin Eubanks' band and the
Wentworth dolls. The dancers walk out as Greta comes out dressed as one. Next, out comes Jack
and Jen is shocked as she looks closer. Jack acts like an idiot as usual and dances weirdly
as Jen's eyes bulge and her jaw drops. Jack continues acting like an idiot, still dancing.


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