Days Update Friday 4/12/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/12/02

By Justin

Today: Bo and Hope break the news to Shawn while Alice comforts them. Lexie and Abe have their anniversary, but it doesn't end to good. Chloe and Philip catch up.....while not from far away, Cynthia spies on them. Belle and Jan get into a catfight which could end serious. Caprice unpacks while Belle sees the video of Philip and Cynthia. Bo finds an unexpected surprise.

In Salem....from fights to revelations

Bo and Hope break the news...
At the Horton's, as Shawn and Alice wait, Bo and Hope arrive and tell them about the hearing. They say that Glen gets full custody of J.T., but Shawn flips out, not believing it. Alice leaves the room as Bo explains what happened. He tells him that Glen and Barb are moving to Iowa and he gets even more upset. As the Brady's tell Shawn that they are suing for custody of Isaac, he does not take it well. He feels like they're trading J.T. for Isaac. Hope says that she wants both her boys, but since they have to give up custody of J.T., that can't be. Bo takes J.T. up for his nap as Shawn and Hope continue to talk about J.T. and Isaac. She says that they need to be strong as he apologizes for being selfish and making it hard on them. When Bo comes back, he offers Shawn some advice on being a parent, but Shawn storms off in anger. After Shawn leaves, Alice comforts Bo and Hope as she has another white flash. Bo leaves to look for Shawn while Alice and Hope chat. Alice tells her to hold on to the joy, but Hope is afraid of taking Isaac from her two best friends. Alice tells Hope that Isaac is her son.

The Anniversary turns Painful...
At Dimera Mansion, Abe returns home for his anniversary with Lexie to find his wife dressed in a red gown. The table is set with their anniversary dinner. Abe and Lexie argue a bit with Lexie claiming that she is not the villain she is just protecting her son. She says that she loves him and Isaac and is sorry for every terrible thing she ever did. They sit down to eat dinner. After dinner, Abe gives Lexie a anniversary present....a CD which has their wedding song.....a Luther Vandross song. Lexie says that she has a present for him too and pulls out a box. He opens it to find a gold pocket watch with a picture of him, her, and Isaac. She says that he will always have them as he tries to prepare her for losing Isaac. Later, Eliana brings Isaac down and hands him to Lexie. Isaac keeps saying the book as a messenger arrives with an envolope. Abe pulls out the papers which say that Hope is suing for custody. Lexie stands in shock still holding Isaac.

Jan and Belle Face-Off
At the Brady's, Belle arrives and knocks on the door, to find Jan who opens it. Belle asks where the Brady's are and she replays.....not here. Belle asks the BIG ?....why is she here? Jan tells Belle that she lives here and is practicly part of the family. Belle starts to get angry as she goes to leave and Jan invites her in. Jan goes in and plops down on the couch as Belle stands in the doorway. She rubs it in her face about Shawn being good to her and the baby as Belle calls her a liar and says that she has never told the truth. She says that Shawn doesn't love her and when he fids out that she is ruining his life, he'll hate her as much as she does. Belle leaves the doorstep, telling Jan that Shawn doesn't love her and never will, which makes Jan snap and she yells go to h*ll and in slow motion she trips as she goes to push Belle and falls flat on her face. Jan is okay as Belle asks if she wants her to call the doctor. As Belle goes to help her up, Jan scratches her on the face and yells get out! Belle says my pleasure and leaves. Jan wonders how Shawn could love a witch like her and says that soon Shawn will be all hers. Later, Jan goes to walk down the steps and falls all the way to the bottom, getting knocked out.

Chit-Chats at the mall.....
At Salem Place, Chloe sits on a bench as Philip arrives and joins her. Not so far away, Mimi watches as Cynthia approaches. Cynthia wonders why Chloe would even talk to Philip now as Meems informs her that she hasn't seen the video yet, never will, and Belle is going to destroy it.

Back on the bench, Chloe talks to Philip about how she has not been feeling well lately and thinks she has the flu. He asks if it is about Cynthia, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Both Philip and Chloe are glad that Belle destroyed the tape. Philip pulls out a bag and hands it to Chloe. She opens it, to find that charm that he bought for her. She thanks him, but says that she cannot accept it. He says that just because he can't give her gifts, doesn't mean that she can't go out with him as he asks her to the movies. Chloe looks at Cynthia and Mimi who are watching as he swears that he never had sex with Cynthia. She tells him that she just wants to go bowling and he reluctantly accepts. She wants to get better before they go out though. He hopes that she is feeling better soon as he grabs her hands and they are cold. From afar, Cynthia, alon watches Philip and Chloe, wondering why Belle Black would want to protect him.

Elsewhere, Shawn rushes through, running into Mimi. She stops him, offering help, but he does not want it as he has something to take care of. She tells him that instead of going to Jan for support, why doesn't he go to them.....they are his friends. He says that he knows what he's doing and rushes off, with Mimi going after him.

The uncensored version of Philip and Cynthia.....
Later at the penthouse, Belle arrives home and goes into her room. Outside, Caprice who is unpacking heads to Belle's room to say hi. She talks to Belle, but then notices the scratch and she questions her. Belle rubs it off by asking how long Caprice is staying, but she says that she doesn't know. Belle is happy thta she is there as Caprice asks why. Caprice tells Belle that if she needs to talk, she can come to her. She leaves Belle alone, so she can finish unpacking. After Caprice leaves, Belle thinks about Shawn and looks at the scratch on her face. She has a flashback of Shawn putting "I love you" on the snow man and she comes back to reality. She wonders how he could be with Jan if he loves her. Belle remembers that Brady taped Friends and goes to get the tape, but knocks all the tapes down. She picks up one and pops it in and sits on the floor. She gasps at what she sees....The uncensored version of Philip and Cynthia doin' the nasty. It shows Cynthia take all of her clothes off and get on top of Philip as Belle watches in horror.

Bo finds a surprise.....
Later back at the Brady's, Bo returns home looking for Shawn, but instead finds Jan on the floor, unconscious. He tries to wake her up, but she is out cold. We see a shot of Jan as the show ends.


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