Days Update Thursday 4/11/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/11/02

By Justin

Today: Harold returns, Jack learns the ugly truth about Harold, Sami and the gang return home only to find a surprise, and Lucas and Kate make plans.

In Salem...

???'s are asked
At Sami's apartment, her, Will, Marlena and Roman arrive home to find the apartment laden with gifts. Sami breaks down in tears as Will asks if they can open them, but Roman says no, because people thought that Sami and Austin were getting married. Marlena says that she has a present for him and gives him a video game which they go in his room to play. Roman says that he will get rid of the gifts, but Sami asks how she can face the people because they will be laughing at her as Marlena returns. She asks the BIG ?.....Why did Austin call off the wedding. She says three reasons...Nicole, Kate, and Lucas. She explains that Kate, Lucas, and Nicole brainwashed Austin into believing them. Her Mom and her Dad tell her to take responsibility for her actions as she thinks they are siding with Kate and Lucas. Sami yells to her Mom that she doesn't want a shrink as Roman tells her not to talk to her mother like that. She asks them if they want to know the ugly was all Kate and Lucas' fault, he came to her room, they argued as she has flashbacks of that, and says that Austin overheard her say that she is taking Will away from Lucas forever and he went ballistic.

New Neighbor
In Austin's old apartment, but Kate and Lucas' new apartment, Kate and Lucas start unpacking, talking about how their plan worked and now they need to wait for the tape. Lucas says that he is going over to Sami's to see her reaction as Kate follows.

Back at Sami's apartment, Lucas knocks on the door while Kate stays in the room. Roman opens the door and asks him what he wants. Sami pushes Roman and asks what Lucas is doing there. Lucas says that he's subletting from Austin and will be her new neighbor as she freaks. He calls Will, saying daddy's here as Will comes out and throws his arms around him. Sami and Roman say it's not a good time, but Will wants to show his daddy the new video game, so Lucas tells him to bring it over. He gets it and they head over to their apartment. Sami grabs Lucas' and says that he won't get away with it, but he smiles, saying he already has.

Back at Kate and Lucas' apartment, she sets the game up for Will and hugs him. Lucas says that they have Sami right where they want her. Later, Lucas and Will play the video game as Kate watches. Kate tells Will that they bought him a model airplane and him and Lucas can put it together.

Back at Sami's apartment, she claims that she is tired and they leave to give her time alone.

In the hall, Marlena asks Roman if he believed that she was tired. He says that the non wedding will be a picnic compared to the bloodbath in Salem.

Back inside, Sami curses Lucas as she refuses to let him win.

In Vegas...Let the good times roll

Oliver, Brandon, and Jennifer
At the casino, Jen continues to play the slots while Brandon gives her a bouquet of flowers. They kiss as Oliver Wentworth arrives and spots them. Jen introduces Oliver to Brandon as he asks where Jack is. He's late for the meeting. She tells him that's typical Jack, but covers up. Oliver says that he wants his employees morally strait.

On the lam...
In Oliver Wentworth's company room, Greta returns in her robe, asking about the money. He tries to explain as she remembers him running into Chauncey and says that the resumes identify him. Jack confidentially tells her that the room is under Oliver's company name, but she says that the resumes still tell all about him. Greta figures that if they return the money, no one gets hurt. As she goes to the bathroom to get dressed, Jack watches the news which show pictures of Chauncey and Chico, the two goons and they are wanted for armed robbery.

Later back in the casino, Greta and Jack are trying to hide, but he says oh no it's him as Greta says hi to Harold. Harold says that he's there on business. Jack is pretty rude, saying that he has to go as Harold tells him that he cannot believe that he hasn't come to terms with who he is yet as he is getting old. He asks Jack if he can atleast be cordial as Greta punches Jack in the gut, telling him to be cordial. Jen and Brandon look for Jack as they see him talking to Harold and they join them, wondering who he is. Jack says an old college chum and Harold leaves as Jen tells him about Oliver looking for him. Jack spots Chico and Chauncey and runs off with Greta. Jen spots Harold and her and Brandon go over to him. They introduce theirselves as he feels bad for Jen, being Jack's ex. He says that he knows him because Jack is a closet case. Jen is shocked to learn that he thinks Jack is gay. Harold leaves while Jen and Brandon talk about Jack's strange behavior. She wants the truth and rushes off with Brandon following.

Elsewhere, Jack is at a table, sloppily handing out cards to other guys and throws them when he spots Chauncey and Chico again. The goons yell Dever-ox and he runs off followed by Greta. Greta and Jack hide as she has a plan. She finds to men and tells them that those goons were hassling her and the men beat them up. Greta and Jack run off, both in separate directions.

By the hotel rooms, Greta litterally bumps into Harold. He asks why she's there and she shows him the ring. He tells her that it's exquisite. She spots the goons and asks for his help, embracing him in a kiss. After the kiss, he tells her to get a grip. Jen and Brandon run into Harold and Greta in the casino. They decide to try and find Jack. Chico and Chauncey were hiding and say that they are going to lead them right to the money and they might have to take out the whole group as Chauncey is happy. Harold and the rest of the gang come upon the backstage door and he wants to go in.

Identity Crisis
Outside the backstage door, Jack opens it and is glad that he found a hiding spot.

Inside backstage, Jack is tapped on the shoulder by Oliver. He wants Jack's resumes and wants to open the briefcase, but Jack stops him. He makes up a lame excuse, saying it didn't copy well as Oliver says they'll talk about it over dinner. He is anxious to meet Greta and tells him about Jen giving him an earful about him. It's a employee drivin by his labido who needs to be a strait shooter is what Oliver says as Jack has a long, long flashback of him and Jen in the shower. Jack goes to leave, but Oliver stops him, telling him that he bought the Salem Spectator and want him to be Editor-in chief. He says that it's been his dream as Greta, Jen, Brandon, and Harold arrive. Harold is lookig around and spots Oliver. He goes up to him and says hi Dad as Oliver says hi son and they exchange a few comments, leaving everyone shocked. Jack stares, dumbfounded.


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