Days Update Wednesday 4/10/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/10/02

by Justin

All Salem...All the time

Baby Switch/Baby Problem
At the Dimera Mansion, Lexie happily tells Rolf about how she gave the info. to the reporter. Rolf is happy and says that she is acting like a true Dimera. He also says that the hearing is today as Lexie gets all mad, because Cameron Reese was supposed to make the Reiber's drop their pursuit on J.T. since she wants Hope to keep her son. Later, Eliana comes down and reminds her of Isaac's appt. and also mentions Craig calling to speak with her and leaves. Lexie says that she will not return his calls, because he hassled her about maternity leave.

At the Brady's, Bo holds J.T., Hope plays with him, and Shawn just watches. Hope says that she is disappointed because the hearing got moved up to today, she wanted to go on a picnic. Bo makes a speech which makes Shawn upset as Jan comes in. Hope asks Jan if she wants to go to Alice's with Shawn, but she wants to stay here and sleep. They leave as Jan looks in the mirror. She says that she hates this as she cannot wait to get her perfect bod back. When she does, it will be like Belle who? She curls her lip as she looks in the mirror again.

At the Horton's, Shawn and J.T. have arrived and he is playing with him as Alice watches. Shawn tells her that everyone must think that Isaac can replace J.T., but she says that they don't. Alice asks why he is always talking about Isaac insteadof thinking about his own baby. Shawn talks about Jan being more comfortable with the baby now. She asks him what is gonna happen when the baby is more. Is he going to give it up for adoption. Then, Alice asks him if he is ready to be a father and wonders if Jan is ready to be a mother.

Jan and Belle come face-to-face
At .Com, Belle arrives and meets up with Mimi(She's home) as they talk about Vegas. Belle gives Mimi some chocolate coins as Meems would be mad if she didn't bring something back for her. They talk a little about Shawn as Mimi tells her about how Jason attacked Shawn and then, got Hawk and Tim and dragged him to the alley, so she called Brady. Belle gets mad and rushes off. When we see them again, they walk out of the restroom, still talking about Shawn. Belle asks what Brady did as he has a bad temper. Meems says that he flattened Shawn, but she says that it's good that she called him. Mimi says that she feels bad for Shawn as she shows Belle an article of the Intruder. On the front page, there is a picture of the Brady's.

Outside, Brady and Chloe arrive, with Chloe sitting on the bench. He is still worried about her, but she says that she didn't want Nancy hovering over her. Brady asks if the acceptance letters for college are coming soon. She says yes, hoping to get into Julliard. He asks about what if her and Philip go to the same place as she talks about seeing him more now.

Back inside, Belle spots Brady and Chloe come in. Mimi and Chloe walk off to talk as Brady and Belle talk too. Belle and Brady talk about Sami's wedding as he is happy that Austin finally "woke" up. He also says that he can't believe that Caprice would not let him pick her up at the airport. Belle is shocked that Caprice(first airdate is Friday April 12)arrived today. He wonders how Caprice would feel learning what Shawn did, but Belle never thought of her as the violent type. Elsewhere, Chloe and Mimi chat. Mimi questions Chloe about how she's feeling, since she looks like Jan did cleaning the toilets and she did not know she was pregnant. Chloe explains that she is not pregnant. Mimi says that she is determined to get to the bottom of the truth about Jan and Shawn. Brady and Belle join them with him commenting about how Mimi and Chloe actually had a civil conversation. Mimi goes off to get a soda and Brady goes off to get coffee, leaving Belle and Chloe to talk. Chloe talks about how glad she is that Belle destroyed the tape, but she admits she didn't, but she will. Chloe panics, because Brady might find it. He comes back and pulls Chloe aside. Mimi tells Belle that she overheard about the video and Belle says that her room is messy. Meems asks if she lost it.

Later outside the Brady's, we see Belle pacing around conjuring up her speech she is going to say to Shawn. She knocks on the door and comes face-to-face with Jan. She asks where Shawn is and Jan says not here. She asks if his parents are there and Jan says no. Then, Belle asks why she's there. Jan drops a big bomb, saying I live here and Belle is shocked.

Back at .Com, Brady asks Chloe if he can drop her off because he has an appt. he has to get to. She says she'll walk, but makes him promise to tell her what the appt. was about. He says maybe. He leaves as Chloe wonders why she is so tired.

Chloe's Results/Isaac's Appt.
At the hospital, Craig calls the lab, only to learn that the results for Chloe aren't back yet. Later, Lexie arrives with Isaac as Nurse Brenda takes him for his appt. Craig runs into Lexie and questions her about not returning his calls. She says that she is suing the hospital as he tells her that the hospital had good security that night when she was brought in. He also tells her about her father threatening Nancy and she heard Lexie mumbling about baby's being switched. Lexie is "clueless" as Craig mentions something about her being ready. Nurse Brenda brings Dr. Wesley a message. He calls the lab and the lab technician answers. Craig says so you're saying that the results confirm-- and Eugenia, the tech. says that the first blood counts were accurate. He says that when his stepdaughter finishes her antibiotics they'll take another picture. Eugenia says that she wished the first slide was a mistake. Brenda gives Isaac back to Lexie and she talks to him, saying that she will never let him go and he keeps mumbling buh-huh-uh.

The J.T. Brady/Reiber custody battle
At the court room, Bo, Hope, and Mickey talk while Cameron, Barb, and Glen talk elsewhere. Cameron tries to convince the Reiber's to give up the pursuit, but fails. They all go in and are seated as the judge(not her again!) begins talking. She says that the Brady's may have cared for J.T., but Glen was deprived of his parental rights. She says that he had the same job since HS(high school) until he came to Salem seeking his son. Finally, she awards the Reiber's full custody. Hope breaks down, but then, accuses the judge of not reading the depostions right and yells at her as the judge threatens to throw her out. She says that they could do a jointo custody thing with the Reiber's in Iowa. Bo and Hope are shocked as the judge says that Barb has relatives there....a Mom and two sisters, and one of them is a nurse. She also talks about how Glen got a job with his brother-in-law's company. She tells Mickey and Cameron to develop plans with the Brady's. Glen and Barb are lit with happiness. The Brady's and Mickey go outside as Cameron privately calls Rolf. She tells him that the Reiber's were awarded custody and Rolf curses her. Hope is flooding with tears and looks at Bo and Mickey, also having a white flash. Mickey tells Bo that he's sorry as he knows Isaac could never replace J.T., but Bo tells him to file the papers. They're going after Isaac.

The End

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