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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/9/01

By Justin

In Las Vegas

The Man Hunt for Jack Dever-ox
At the motel, Greta wakes up to find Jack on a chair, clutching his briefcase and dreaming about finding the $$. He wakes up and yells it's mine! as Greta questions him. He covers up as Greta asks if she can use the shower first. She goes to take a shower as Jack wonders what the outcome of his theft will cost him. He thinks about Jen and how that won't look good. He leaves to return the case to its rightful owners.

In the hall, the gangster meets up with Chaunder, his friend, who says that he checked with the front desk and no one knew a guy named Jack Dever-ox. The gangster says that when they get a hold of jack Dever-ox he's a dead man.

In the restaurant, Brandon and Jen look over their shoulders to see whether Jack or Sami were there. They don't see anyone. Brandon hopes that they can have breakfast in bed tomorrow, but Jen misunderstands. They talk about Colin and Sami and whether they would get back together with them. Brandon leaves to check on Nicole. Jack comes down as Jen walks up asking what is in the briefcase because he is clutching it. He says nothing, so she walks away. He goes to find the people who the briefcase belongs to and he hears Chaunder ask the clerk if he knows someone named Dever-ox. Jack D-e-v-e-r-a-u-x. The man says no and Jack hides behind some clothes. Chaunder and his gangster pal walk off talking about how they are gonna kill Jack Dever-ox. Jack panics and rushes off.

Back up in the motel, Jack returns, out of breath as Greta returns from the shower. Jack says that they're gonna kill him as he shows Greta the cash.

The Hunt for the Tape
Outside the Bridal room, Roman runs into the manager and explains that the bridal party will be leaving today. The manager says that a cleaning group will be cleaning the room. Lucas and Kate listen from around the corner, planning to go in and look for the tape. Lucas has an idea and they dress in overalls. He pulls out a mustache and pulls out a hat for Kate. Two workers walk by, wheeling the suppies and go into the room, followed by Kate and Lucas. They tell the cleaners that they have been reassigned at the health club and the guys leave. Kate and Lucas begin to search, but the guys come back, saying they know what they're up to. They say that they were warned about them...the woman is half pretty and in her late 20's, early 30's as Lucas mumbles yeah right. Kate glares at him and she tells the workers that her friend Benji was so anxious to get out of the club as he was chatting up the pretty gals. That's all it takes and they leave. Later, Kate and Lucas tore the room up pretty good and didn't find a thing.

Outside, Brandon arrives, getting off the elevator. He makes a phone call to the front desk, asking for Nicole's room, but she isn't there so he hangs up. Kate and Lucas walk out and see Brandon, so they turn around just in time for him not to see them. He says wait and picks up the screwdriver that they dropped. Lucas thanks him and they leave. Later, Brandon goes in the room and sees it's a mess. He finds Sami's bouquet and says that he warned her and he throws it on the couch, walking out. The two men return and the one guy pulls out the tape recorder, saying that he's glad that they found it before Benji and that woman did. The man hopes to get a reward and the other guy offers him $5, but the guy says $10 and it's yours. The guy pulls out $10.

In Roman's suite, Sami wakes up in tears, calling Austin's name. She wakes Marlena up as she wondered what was wrong. Sami says that she saw Austin and Nicole run away together. Roman returns as Sami gives her speech about spotting Austin and Nicole kissing and running away together, knowing that it was Lucas and Kate's fault. Roman says that Nicole and Austin didn't run away together, because he saw Austin getting onto his cab to NYC and ran into him. He told him to tell her something, but doesn't think she wants to hear it. He says that Austin wants NOTHING! to do with her ever again. Sami is shocked. Shawn Sr. and Will arrive and he tells Sami that Austin told Will that he could be with his daddy. Will wants to know why the wedding was cancelled, but Sami just says that she is getting married and he can have that new skateboard that he wanted. Roman pulls Pop to the side and says that Sami has lost touch with reality as they talk about the flight home. Pop tells everyone about how Austin said that Will could see Lucas.

In the lobby, Nicole is walking when Philip rushes up to her, asking about the engagement. She says that they are not getting married as she can see Philip is happy. He admits that he hopes his parents get back together.

In Victor's suite, he is on the phone with someone, saying that Nicole has become a problem(MacDonald Carrey: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives). Nicole arrives to check on Victor, but he doesn't buy it. She tells him about the proposition Austin made. He says that they'll talk at the office and for her to make an appointment. She didn't know he was coming, so she booked a commercial flight. He says he hopes that the lines aren't to long, so she goes toleave, but he calls her back in. He says that he needs time with his son and she says he'll see her in Salem as she leaves. Philip arrives before Nicole leaves and says bye to her. As she says see you in Salem, he mutters no you won't or any place else. Philip asks if he said something. He asks what his dad plans to do to Nicole since he isn't doing anything now.

Later back in the lobby, Marlena is on the phone with John checking up on Belle. Sami also there, sees a guy who looks like Austin and chases him. He turns around as she is embarrassed. Elsewhere, Nicole and Brandon run into each other. They hug, talking about the wedding. Brandon says that Sami is going to have to deal with this on her own. They talk about Austin as Brandon is happy that the engagement is not going to happen. He admits that he's worried, but she kisses him on the cheek, telling him not to worry.

In the casino, Lucas tells Kate to play slots, so she does and Lucas wonders why she would be happy about winning 20 dollars when you can't even buy a hamburger with that. She says this is a sign that they're luck is changing and they leave. Sami walks out from behind and says that they're luck is changing for the worst.

Back in the lobby, Kate asks the desk clerk what he did with the tape recorder and he says that he mailed it to Austin. She rushes to Lucas and says that they have to intercept the mail. They leave as Sami overhears and goes to her parents, saying that she had her coffee and rushes them out the door. Marlena yells that it's not a race, but before Sami leaves, she says it is a race. She says she's got a mission.

The End

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