Days Update Friday 4/5/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/5/02

By Justin

In Las Vegas

Adios Austin Reed (and Peck) as he bids farewell to Nicole
In the Bridal Room, Sami arrives after leaving Roman's room and looks around as she use her gown for a Kleenex. She sees all of Austin's clothes gone and begins bawling. She daydreams of Austin taking her to bed in the honeymoon suite. Next she has flashbacks of him slam dunking her in the suite...ones of him yelling as she hysterically continues to cry. Sami promises not to let Kate and Lucas win. She vows to make everyone who ruined the wedding pay as she rips the train off of her dress. She has more flashbacks of getting dumped. Now we see her dressed, holding her gown and has yet some more of those retched flashbacks. She cannot believe it's over and leaves.

In the lobby, we get a replay of Austin telling Nicole that he'll leave Sami, but not leave her. As she asks for clarification, he says that they can have it all. He tells her when one door closes, another opens. He tells her that he got the Permalash account and agreed to go work for Carl Liszt. Nicole tells him that this was not the kind of outcome she was hoping for. she asks if this means he's moving to New York and he says yes. She wants him to stay in Salem, but he says that he needs time alone. She tells him that he changed her life and she doesn't know if she can ever find that again as they sit down. He says that the timing isn't right as when he boards the plane he may be kicking himself. As he tells her that he loves her voice, he says that he will contact her. Nicole says that she'll feel empty without him and there will be no one to share the victory of the Permalash account. He decides to leave and says that she'll make it on her own. She kisses him on the cheek as he goes to leave. He drops his luggage at the door and goes back to Nicole, kissing her for a long time. We see Sami in the background watching as Austin bids farewell to Nicole. Austin leaves as Nicole cries by the door and Sami, all dressed doesn't like what she saw (Today is Austin Peck's last day).

In Salem

Cat Fight (Brady's V.S. Carver's)
At the police station, Abe yells at Bo for questioning him about Lexie, but apologizes as Bo tells him that Glen took J.T. for an overnight visit. Abe asks how long it will be before Hope comes after Isaac as Bo says it's already happening. He doesn't blame Hope even though he and Lexie love him a lot. He wonders how Lexie will take it after Isaac is gone as Bo explains that Hope is Isaac's mother. They discuss the matter that Stefano's to blame. He tells Abe that they need Lexie to testify against her father, but Abe says even if they had proof, Lexie would never betray her father. Bo wonders if Lexie knew from the start and if he knew that Lexie has been involved would he dump her or stand beside her. Abe says that the dam has broken and no one can stop the oncoming flood.

At .Com, Lexie rushes in and sees Isaac gone. She finds Celeste at the counter and asks where her son is. She says he's with Hope as Lexie tells her mother to mind her own business. Elsewhere, Hope is holding Isaac and sits down. She calls him her son. Isaac says ball, paper balls. Hope continues holding her son as Lexie heads over in slow-mo and knocks a girl down, knocking her CDs on the floor. Lexie tells the girl that she doesn't own the place and barges over to Hope. She demands her son back, but Hope says that he is her's and God gave him to her and God can only take him away. Celeste walks over and tries to calm Lexie down as she tells her Mom that Hope won't give her son back. She asks Hope nicely to hand over her daughter's baby as Hope refuses. She asks Lexie if she wants to tell her or if she wants her to tell her. A .Com employee talks with another worker and tells him that two women are fighting over the same baby. They decide to call the police as the woman says that things are getting way out of control. Isaac calls Hope mama as she says that's right mama's right here and continues to hold her son. Lexie tries to grab Isaac, but Celeste stops her, asking Hope why she's doing this. Some cops arrive and the woman .Com worker points the two ladies out. The cops demand to know what's wrong and Hope yells she stole my baby! The one cop recognizes Lexie as Commander Carver's wife as Lexie tells him that her husband will have his badge. The other cop recognizes Hope as Ofc. Brady's wife. They call the station as Hope tells them that Lexie has been lying all this time, it is time to tell the truth. The cops ask her to give the baby back as Hope yells this is my baby! Celeste looks at Lexie as a crowd forms. Bo and Abe arrive and ask what's going on. Lexie says that Hope is kidnapping her baby. As Hope continues to hold Isaac, she says that this is her son and she wants to take him home. Lexie starts crying and demands Abe to do something. Hope says that now that she has him she can never let him go as Bo tells her that they have to follow certain procedures. Hope says that this is her flesh and blood and Lexie stole him, she will die before giving him up again. Celeste asks Abraham if this is true and he tells her about the baby switch. She is shocked as Abe tells Hope that he may be postponing the inevitable, but legally, Isaac is Lexie's right now. Bo finally convinces Hope to let go as she yells "my baby!" Lexie goes to grab as Bo looks into his "son's" eyes and Isaac turns into a white flash.


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