Days Update Thursday 4/4/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/4/02

By Justin

In Las Vegas

At the casino, Greta is gambling away as Jack clutches a brief case nearby, remembering Jen telling him to move on.

A Kodiak Moment
As we get a replay of Austin saying that he wants nothing more to do with Sami Brady ever again, he leaves.

In the lobby, Nicole follows Austin as he leaves the chapel. He is waiting by an elevator as she touches his shoulder. She whispers "Austin", but he ignores her and gets in the elevator as Victor watches. He goes up to her and asks why her ring is on her left hand and she says that she was trying it on. Victor tells her that now that Austin's available she must have had second thoughts. He tells her that he changed his mind, their relationship is OVER and he walks away.

Later at the Kiriakis Suite, Victor notes to himself that Nicole is playing games and will never get away with it. He calls someone.

Back at the chapel, Sami breaks down as Marlena comforts her. Roman runs into Caroline as she tells him that his Dad is with Will. John and Philip are gone as they ran after Belle. Roman says that Will needs both his grandparents and Caroline leaves after agreeing. Elsewhere, Brandon and Jen talk about how Sami doesn't have much luck with weddings. Sami spots Kate smiling about the wedding being off and bolts at her. She lashes out and promises to get her back. Jen tells Brandon that he could go after Sami, but he says that he is no consulation prize. He asks Jen if she would go after Colin if he was dumped.

In Austin's hotel room, he is packed and everything, even has fresh clothes on. Kate goes to his room and he asks if she is going to gloat, but she claims she wants him to be happy. They talk about Will and Kate leaves. Caroline and Will arrive as he tells Will that he will always love him. Caroline comforts austin and leaves with Will. Will says that he loves him.

In the Bridal Room, Lucas checks everywhere for the tape recorder as we see it under the couch. Roman, Sami, and Marlena arrive as he asks Lucas what he is doing. Lucas comes up with a lame excuse, saying that he was looking for Will. Roman asks if he thought he would find him under the couch. He asks why he destroyed the room as he says he didn't. Sami tells him about her and Austin gettin' married and movin' to Hawaii with Will. Marlena is shocked and Lucas suggests that they take her upstairs, but Roman tells him to leave. He does as Sami throws her bouquet on the floor covering up the confession tape. She wants to find Austin, but Roman reminds her of what happened. The three argue as Sami cries in her Mom's arms. Roman thinks she needs rest and suggests she go upstairs and they'll talk in the morning. As Roman walks, he trips over Sami's cellphone. Roman decides to take her to his suite.

Outside, Lucas hears the door close. Before Roman leaves, the hotel manager arrives as Roman offers to pay for the mess and gives him money. The manager leaves as does Roman, Marlena, and Sami. After they are gone, Lucas finds the door locked as Kate approaches. He tells her that he was partially responsible for the cancellation of the wedding as Kate is impressed.

Colin Murphy meets Meg
Back at the casino, Colin drinks scotch and orders one more. Greta comes up and asks about Elizabeth. He tells her that the wedding was canceled. Jack wonders why Jen was upset earlier. Greta asks if he's single as Jack gets his brief case off the table. A woman walks up to Colin and hits on him after Jack and Greta leave. Jack talks to Greta about his resume' papers in the brief case and they go to walk out, but Jack runs into a big guy. Greta sweet talks their way out of the fight. Jack picks up the wrong suitcase as him and Greta go on the elevator and Jen tries not to be see by him.

In Jack and Greta's suite, they walk in and see one king sized bed. Jack lets Greta wear a fake engagement ring and gets her to stay. Greta tells Jack that he is in love with Colin. While Greta talks in her sleep dreaming about sleeping with Colin, Jack listens. She rolls over as Jack gets up. He opens the suit case to find lots and lotsof money. Jack is stunned.

Back at the casino, some men meet up and open a brief case to find Jack Deveraux's resumes.

In Roman's suite, Marlena and Roman go to talk while Sami pretends to sleep. When they are gone, she sneaks off.

Back at the casino again, Nicole is at the bar and orders water remembering her talk with Brandon. Brandon spots Nicole and heads over to talk to her. Jen spots Colin kissing Meg, the woman he was talking to. Nicole leaves.

Austin surprises Nicole

In the lobby, Nicole spots Austin, bags in hands. He tells Nicole that he's leaving Sami, but not leaving her as Nicole gives a little smile.


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