Days Update Wednesday 4/3/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/3/02

by Justin

In Las Vegas

The Bride's Charade
Outside the chapel, John, Marlena, and Roman wait for Sami. John tells them that he'll go see to the other guests.

Inside, Jen follows Brandon across the room as he says that he is looking for Nicole. He tells her that Niki is making one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

At the casino, Nicole gambles.

Outside the Bridal room, Lucas awaits Sami's exit, but unfortunately Kate shows up and asks what he's up too. He tells her that Sami is going to get everything she deserves. He asks her to let him run the show this time as she goes in the corner wondering what's up.

Meanwhile, Kate finds Philip in a room looking in the mirror and is happy to see him. He kisses her on the cheek.

Back at the chapel, John calms the guests and says that Sami will be there shortly.

The End for Sami's dream
In the Bride's room, Austin tells Sami that there will be NO WEDDING! and a replay of her dropping to the floor and grabbing his arm, begging him not to leave. He tells her to get up and let go of him, but she is hysterically crying. As he helps her up, she shocks the h*ll out of him when she says "I can't let you go, not when I am having you're baby." Austin is dumbstruck as Sami tells him of how she was going to tell him after the ceremony. He grabs her and says let's go and she asks if they are going to the chapel, but he says the pharmacy...She is taking a pregnany test right in front of him. Sami is a little scared by now as Austin looks at the expression on her face and realizes that she lied. He thanks her for the lie because he was going to be dumb enough to forgive her, but this has given him the strength to dump her. She tells him that he loves Will and her as he is a good father. After she is done talking, he calls her a lying, manipulative, backstabbing schemer. He also says that in all the years he knew her, he never thought he would call her this...She's a b*tch. Sami cries a stream as Austin walks out on her. Before leaving, he tells her to look in the mirror if she wants someone to blame. After that, he leaves her sobbing.

"I'm sorry, but the wedding is off"
At the front desk, Nicole asks the desk clerk if she can have her ring and he gives it to her.

Back in the chapel, Lucas arrives as Kate questions him about his plan. She asks what's goin' on as John walks up and asks that too and if he knows he better say something. Lucas blows him off as suddenly the boom box turns on.

Back in the Bridal Suite, Sami looks in the mirror and throws something at it. She clears off the table and throws things still crying. After she is done, the chairs are tipped over and everything is a mess. She throws a vase at the wall which hits the button that turns on the music.

Back at the chapel, Jen turns the music off as it turns back on again. Austin comes in, everyone relieved to see him and Belle turns the boom box back on and it plays soft music. Austin tells the priest that there will be no wedding. Belle and Philip stare at each other. Marlena and Roman are shocked as is Caroline. John stares as Brandon and Jen look shocked. Kate and Lucas look happy. Nicole smiles in the backgound.

Back in Sami's Bridal room, she cries a whole lot more. She finds her flowers, picks them up, and says this is so, not over.

Austin breaks the news...
Back in the chapel, Roman grabs Austin and demands that he give them a reason for calling off the wedding. Austin begins to tell them when Sami rushes in telling him not to say anything. Shawn Sr. arrives with Will and asks Caroline what's goin' on and she tells him that she'll tell him later and asks him to take Will. Austin tells Sami that if he doesn't tell then she has to explain. Sami explains herself, she says that a little girl needs a mother growing up and she didn't have one as she tells Marlena that she's sorry. She apologizes to everyone in tears. She tells them about how she always looked for someone strong and handsome and someone to protect her and she will never forget the day she met Austin. He notes that she just doesn't quit, he says he believes her, but he also believed Julia Roberts in Erin Brochavich. He talks privately with her talking about all the lies she told about Carrie, and Lucas hitting Will. He turns to tell everyone the truth as Roman demands it, but Sami is bawling her eyes out,so he decides not to.

Back at the Bridal room, Lucas arrives and searches the room as we see the tape recorder sticking out under the couch.

Back at the chapel, Roman grabs Austin and demands he explain why he dumped Sami to him and Marlena, but he says that he doesn't care what happens to her and never wants to hear the name again. Austin leaves, leaving everyone stunned. Sami crumples to the floor in tears as Marlena and Roman comfort her.

The End

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