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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/2/01

By Justin

All in Salem

At the Brady's, Bo is at the kitchen table when the doorbell rings. He opens the door to find Carol, Barb, and Glen. He lets them in and explains that Hope's getting J.T.'s things ready. Barb says that they stopped to get blocks on the way over as Hope comes down with J.T. Bo hugs J.T. and Hope as he says that it's time. She hands him to Glen as she explains that she packed him food, clothes, and toys. She goes on and on about what she packed. She says that Dr. Maxwell's number is on the bag and gives Barb J.T.'s Doofy bear. The Reiber's leave as Bo holds Hope and promises to do anything possible. They are now outside and she tells him to lie to her and say that everything will be okay. She tells him to go to work and resume normal activities. She says that she has laundry to do, but she will have a hard time getting to sleep without J.T. being in the next room. He promises to be there for her always and kisses her goodbye and tells her to call him if she needs anything. Later, she is in the nursery putting J.T.'s clothes away and breaks down in tears. She picks up a picture frame that has two pictures of J.T. in them. One of the pictures turns into Isaac and Hope says that she has to get out of there.

At the park, Brady and Chloe walk through eating ice cream. He talks to her while she is worried about something. She says that she is worried about Belle and Shawn and wonders why he hit Shawn. He says that he deserved it. Brady apologizes for them running out of mocha chip and instead she had to get rocky road. She tells him about last summer when she came here for ice cream to get her mind off things, but something better came along...Him. He thanks her for the compliment as they talk about how they went bowling and took walks in the park. He's been a really great friend to her and she cannot believe that he and Philip are related. He leans in and it looks like he is going to kiss her, but he wipes off some ice cream and licks his finger. She asks him to swing her, so he does. She is now on the swing being pushed by him and tells him to go higher. He says that if he pushes her any higher she'll do a 360 over the bar. He pushes her high and we see from her point of view the ground is blury. In slow-motion she falls in the air onto the ground. Still in slow-mo, Brady screams Chloe's name. Out of slow-mo, Brady asks if she is okay. She claims to be fine, but he finds a bruise on her arm. She gets up and collapses as he rushes over to her. He picks her up and heads to the hospital.

At the hospital, Craig is finishing up his work as Nancy is pacing around. He tells her to wait and if she does he will treat her to dinner at Tuscany tonight, but she tells him she wants to cook dinner for him and Chloe tonight. Nurse Brenda brings a note to Craig and he reads it. He says that Mrs. Winston and the other board members are complaining about the baby switch rumor. He says not in his hospital with all the tight security. Nancy remembers something and tells Craig about last May when she heard Lexie mumble something about a baby switch. She says that Stefano threatened her and he gets mad. She says that Stefano's gone, but he says that they'll get to the bottom of this. Craig calls the secretary and asks her to set up a business meeting with lexie Carver. Nancy finally convinces Craig to set up a physical with Chloe, but he says that it's her job to get Chloe to show up. He asks about Tuscany again, but she says that she is cooking. Nancy overhears two nurses talking about the cookie contest and that they are going to vote for Alice's cookies because Jennifer and Abby entered them. She brings Craig to the cookies and tries one saying they are dry and she wants to sign up. Nurse Brenda is dealing with the scum reporter from Intruder as Craig overhears him badgering her. He tells him to leav as he tells Nancy that if any staff memebers give any info. away he will personally terminate them. Brady rushes in with Chloe as Craig yells for a gurney. Craig brings Chloe to the exam room as Nancy questions Brady as to what he did to her daughter. He says that he pushed her on a swing and she fell off. She says that if anything happens to her daughter she will hold him personally responsible as he looks shocked.

In the exam room, Chloe wakes up and tells Craig that she was just dizzy. he tells her to humor him and let him run a few tests. She agrees as he talks to a nurse about ordering blood tests as Nancy overhears. She wants to know what's going on as he tells her to go and see Chloe. She does, but Brady arrives with flowers. Craig suggests they give them time alone and they leave. Brady gives her the flowers and she assures him that she's fine.

At Dimera Mansion, Lexie is pacing around as the door slams. He says that he doesn't like the way they left things earlier. He wants to see Isaac, but she says that he cannot because she just put him down for a nap. Lex says that she'll bring him down to the station later and asks why he doesn't just go back to work. Her cell phone rings and she answers it. She tells the person on the phone that she will meet them later and hangs up. Abe asks who that was and she says Linda, her tailor, but he thinks she was rather rude to her. Lexie explains that she has a headache and needs to lie down. She promises to call him in a couple of hours when her headache settles. Abe leaves as Lexie rushes over to the phone. She calls the Intruder reporter and says that she will meet him. She looks out the window and sees the car drive away. Lex goes to the door and opens it to find her mother, Celeste there. Celeste says that she's returned and has a lot of gifts in her hands. Lexie says that she thought she wouldn't be back until the end of summer, but Celeste says that she has been getting irritating vibrations that her family needed her. She can sense that somethings wrong as Lexie says that they'll talk some place else as she's been cooped up there all day. Celeste says she's not leaving without seeing her grandson first as Lexie has a worried look on her face.

At Glen's apartment, Glen is on the floor playing with the building blocks with J.T. He tells Barb that he can't give him back as she turns off the monitor so Carol won't hear. She asks if he plans on kidnapping the baby again. He says that he thinks the judge will rule in their favor. Barb says that now there will be four of them and J.T. will be a big brother.

At the police station, Bo is there as Abe arrives after him. They tell each other that they got kicked out as Bo questions him about Lexie's behavior. Abe yells at him, but Bo tells him that Glen picked up J.T. Abe asks how long it'll be before Hope takes Isaac.

At .Com, Lexie and Celest arrive pushing Isaac in a stroller. Lexie asks her mother to find a table as she has to get the diaper bag. Lexie dashes out the door as Hope walks up from behind the bushes and goes up to the door.

In an alley outside, Lexie arrives and meets with the reporter giving him a folder. He opens it and she says that in there is all the information that Bo and Hope Brady don't want anyone to know.

Back at .Com, Hope goes to open the door and has another white flash. This time of a hand with a white glove opening the door. She wonders what's wrong with her.

Inside, Hope sees Celeste playing with Isaac and says my son. She walks up to her and hugs her. She asks how the trip went and as Celeste begins to tell her, Hope stares at Isaac. Celeste asks Hope if she is okay as she says that she hasn't had any sleep for the past few days. She asks her to get her a cup of tea and she'll watch the baby. Celeste agrees and leaves to get the tea. After she is gone, Hope picks up Isaac and holds him.

The End

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