Days Update Monday 4/1/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/1/02

By Justin

In Las Vegas

In Brandon's hotel room, Jen goes in and helps Brandon fix his tie and says that she is the best at fixing ties. They go to kiss, but Jen pulls away, saying that she has to get ready. Jen heads to her door (they have joint rooms) and it is locked. Brandon gives her a spare cardkey and they hear something.

In the hall, Jack and Nicole litteraly run into each other and insult eachother. She pushes Jack and he falls over.

Back in Brandon's room, Jen tells Brandon that he should check out that noise. He goes to the door and opens it. He turns the corner and Jack says mind your own business buddy as Jen walks out also. Jack is shocked to see Jen in a robe and him and Nicole follow them back to Brandon's room. Nicole notes something about them being in the same room. Jen heads to her room and Jack follows her. Nicole goes into Brandon's room and discusses love with him. Nicole tells him that Victor proposed. Brandon thinks that she is in love with Austin and suggests she stop the wedding. Nicole leaves.

In Jen's room, Jack followed Jen and asks her how she can kiss one man and love the other. She has a flash back of her and Colin and then one of him kissing Liz. Jack says stay true to your dreams as Jen tries to shut the door, but he pushes his way in. Jack asks if she is still in love with him and he also wonders what's going on as he reminds that he was an investigative reporter. He says that he is not giving up without a fight. He says that he knows she still loves him and leaves. Jen gets ready and wonders why Colin's wedding is making her feel this way. She notes that Jack can never find out that she has feelings for Colin and woners how he would.

Outside in the hall, Jack vows one way or another to uncover the truth.

At the restaurant, Colin continues his phone call with no-name and he says that once he and Elizabeth are Mrs. and Dr. Colin Murphy the plan will be in motion. Liz is behind him listening to the conversation as he tells the no-namer that no one could ever love Liz. She rushes off in tears and he doesn't see her. He finishes talking to his no-named friend and turns around to find nobody there.

At the Cox/Murphy hotel room, Colin arrives and calls Elizabeth's name and he checks all over for her. He checks the closet to find all of her things gone. He destroys their room by tearing things apart and throw things looking for a note. He sees one on the mirror and reads it. It says "I know you don't love me and i am not going to marry you. And don't come looking for me", Elizabeth. He crumples the note up and tears the room apart. Later, he calls the no-named man again and tells him that the wedding is cancelled and they need a new plan.

At the chapel, Belle, Philip, Shawn Sr. and Caroline wait with Will for Sami and Austin. Will tells Grandma Caroline that he wants to say hi to Aunt Belle. He goes over and says hi Aunt Belle. He asks if Belle and Philip are in love( how cute), but they tell him that they are just friends. Will wants to be their friend too. Will asks Shawn if he can see his mommy and he takes him.

In the Bridal Suite, Sami says he believed me then and he'll believe me now as Austin walks in and says no I won't. She asks how long he has been there and he says long enough and asks Lucas to go outside. Sami tries to explain herself, but he says no, not this time.

Outside, Belle and Philip arrive and say hi to Lucas. Belle can't believe he is walking again and says it's a mairacle as Lucas says it's a day of miracles. Shawn and Will arrive and he realizes that he needs film and Lucas offers to watch Will. He agrees and leaves. Belle says that she is going to check on Sami, but Lucas stops her. He tells them that Austin is in there. Belle thinks it's romantic, but Will asks if that's bad luck. They explain that it isn't. Belle and Philip leave as Will stays with his daddy. Lucas hugs Will as he says that it's them together forever.

Back at the chapel, Shawn returns as Caroline asks where Will is and he says with Lucas. She tells him to go get Will. He leaves as Belle and Philip arrive and talk about Chloe and Shawn again.

Back outside the Bridal room, Lucas goes crazy and feels his pockets. Will asks what he is looking for and he says it's something like an insurance policy. He has a flash back of holding his chest and we see a tape recorder in his pocket. Shawn returns and gets Will. Lucas remembers fighting with Sami as we see it in the room sticking out from under the couch.

Back in the chapel, Shawn returns with Will as he tells them that his daddy lost his insurance policy. Everyone wonders where Sami is.

Back in the Bride's room, Austin yells at Sami. She tries to explain, but he doesn't want to hear. She says that she wanted to protect Will from Lucas, but Austin says that he needs to be protected from her. He says that not only did she lie to him, but she lied to the court and deserves to be in prison. She tells him to say that he didn't mean that, but he says that he will never be able to trust her again. Sami breaks down and tries to convince Austin to go on with the wedding. He demands to know about blackmailing Victor and he bashes her for using his brother to get him to transfer him to Hawaii. She tells him the truth...She did it. He is sick of her game and says that it is over and she lost. He says that he was a naive idiot for believing that she changed and calls her a sick liar for not being able to tell the truth. He tells her that it is over and his feelings for her are DEAD! She cries even harder than before as Austin pulls out his vows to her, saying that it took him weeks to write them and tears them up in her face. She screams no as she begs for forgiveness, but he says no. He tells her that she needs help( yeah serious help!). She apologizes as he tells her that he will not be her husband, boyfriend, friend, he will not email her, send her Christmas cards, talk to her on the phone, ect. Austin tells her that they are through forever and for her to get that through her thick head. Now he has her bawling her eyes out as he tells her that he is through with her forever and demands that she not make a scene. He goes to walk out, but she drops to her knees and begs him not to leave her.


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