Days Update Friday 3/29/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/29/02

By Justin

In Las Vegas

The show starts off with a shot of the outside of the restaurant and then, it flashes to the inside.

At the restaurant, Jen and Brandon are at their own table. Jen keeps looking over her shoulder and Brandon asks if she's looking for Colin or Jack. She sees Colin chasing Liz around.

At the bar, as Colin and Liz sit down, he apologizes. Colin says that he loves her and wants to marry her. He kisses her as she asks if she is the only one in his heart. He continues telling her how much he loves her as Liz doesn't seem to believe him. They hug as he talks about how important today is for them. While hugging her, Colin spots Jen and Brandon. Liz agrees to marry him.

Back at Brandon and Jen's table, she talks about how angry she is that Sami led him on. She says that he is kind and compassionate and Sami didn't deserve him. She is happy that things didn't work out between Brandon and Sami, but gets the impression that Brandon is still in love with Sami. Brandon claims that Sami made her decision and now they are both moving on. Brandon wants to drop the whole subject as Jen talks about how people use others. Brandon asks if that's what happened with Colin. Jen denies that being what happened between them, but starts to put herself down. Brandon suggests they concentrate on their relationship. Jen rushes to the ladies room. Brandon says to himself that he can't believe Samantha is getting married.

Back at the bar, Jen is eavesdropping on Colin and Elizabeth as they talk. Elizabeth suggests they find a chapel and get married right away. They kiss as Liz goes to their room to freshen up. After she is gone, Colin whips out his cell phone.

Back at Brandon and Jen's table, she returns and tells Brandon that she will spend the night with him in Vegas. Meanwhile, Roman and Marlena talk about Sami getting attention earlier by going into the casino and letting everyone think she was a TV star. Marlena says that she wishes that Sami would concentrate on marrying Austin. Roman says that he believes that Marlena thinks that Sami isn't ready for marriage. Marlena thinks that Sami is being negative, but believes that Austin can change her and put an influence on her. They talk about Sami's mistakes as Marlena says that Sami has problems and needs help and advice. Roman apologizes for not being there for Sami as it was because he didn't want to be around her and John. He says that some people probably thought of him as a jerk still in love with her, not being able to let go. Marlena says that she never thought of him as a jerk, he just had a hard time letting go of the past. He asks her if she has forgiven John as she tells him about how they renewed their vows. Roman asks why he is still in love with her and why he can't get over her. Marlena thinks he needs time to move on.

At Carl Liszt's suite, Nicole tells Austin how he deserves better and asks him not to marry Sami. He tells her that she's right as she asks if he is going to call off the wedding. Austin says no, because Sami has "changed" as Nicole tries to get him to change his mind. Nicole gets so angry that she practicly yells that he can go ahead and ruin his life. Austin says that him and Sami respect each other and that he learned to forgive and forget. She argues with him about the fact that he deserves better than Sami. Austin invites her to the wedding and leaves. Nicole slams the door and breaks down to the floor in tears. Nicole gets it together and gets up. She looks in the mirror, remembering Victor's proposal. She says that all she has to do is say yes and she can have everything she always wanted. Nicole says that she knows what she has to do and with that she leaves.

At the Kiriakis suite, Victor and Kate argue about him not wanting to help her. Kate tries to leave, saying that she'll handle it herself, but he tells her not to stop the wedding. Kate says that it is because he is in love with Nicole and he wants her to stay away from Austin. Victor says that in the end she will end up with nothing.

Later outside, Austin walks past in his tux and overhears Victor and Kate arguing, because Kate opened the door. Kate tells Victor that she never thought she'd see the day when the almighty Victor Kiriakis would give into the blackmail of a little guttersnipe like Sami Brady. Austin is shocked, but continues to listen. Victor says that the only reason he gave into her blackmail was because Sami threatened to reveal the truth to Philip, so he had to give into her demands. To transfer Austin to Hawaii. Kate asks, but to give into Sami as Victor asks her what other choice he had. Kate says that Sami is just as mean as ever. That's all Austin can take and he rushes off to find Sami. Victor asks her if she wants her son to find out that she was a prostatute as she closes the door telling him to keep his voice down. Victor asks Kate if they should come up with some new adjectives to call Sami, but he says what the h*ll let's just stick with the old ones.... She's a liar, a manipulator, a selfish, twisted, b*tch. Victor hopes that Austin can find that out before it's too late.

In the Bridal Suite, Sami tells Eric that she loves him and hangs up. There is a knock at the door and she thinks it's Austin. She opens it to find Lucas and asks what the h*ll he's doing here. She tries to slam the door, but he pushes his way through. He tells her that she may not believe this, but he truly does wish her happiness. He tells her that they were wants friends and asks if they can wipe the slate clean. He also asks if she can just forgive and forget. She asks what the part that you tried to kill me or keeping my son away from me for a year. She says that her and Austin are keeping Will away from him and moving to Hawaii. She says that he lost, she won and will make sure that he has no place in Will's life or at her weding. She goes to leave and snags her dress on something, ripping it. Lucas holds his chest and collapses onto a chair. Sami says not only is it my wedding day, but I actually get to see you croak. Much to Sami's dismay, he says that he is okay. Lucas says that Austin invited him to the wedding and promised not to come between him and Will. Sami talks about the evidence she has on him as Lucas says that mothers are supposed to teach their children to be good and are selfless, but when it boils down to it, he's Will's only parent. Sami has had enough and she shoves him on the couch and he falls to the floor as she is on his back slapping him and screaming how could you do this to me. Outside, Austin walks past and hears Sami tell Lucas that she will will tell him that Lucas attacked her. Lucas says that he will tell Austin that she's lying. Sami says that Austin believed her when she said that he hit his son. Lucas says that he didn't and Sami says that she knows that, but Austin doesn't. She says he believed me then and he'll believe me now as Austin says no...he won't. Sami and Lucas turn to find him at the door.


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