Days Update Thursday 3/28/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/28/02

By Justin

In Las Vegas

We get a full tour of Las Vegas again from the casinos to the building with fountains of water spraying up.

In the Bridal Suite, the screen from the fountains of water flashes to Marlena helping Sami and Belle. Sami has her hair crunched up as Belle has hers in a ponytail and they are drying their fingernail polish. Caroline is on the couch fixing Sami's dress as there is a knock at the door. Caroline thinks it's Shawn because he couldn't handle Will, but Roman says it's not Pop, it's not Austin, and it's not Will. Roman comes in and makes a comment about Caroline working on the dress still. Caroline asks who let him in. He looks nervous and Marlena follows him. He says that there is trouble and he tells her about Kate. They hope that she doesn't ruin the wedding. Sami talk about her idiot cousin getting Jan pregnant and goes on and on about it as Caroline tries to stop her. She realizes that Belle is there and Belle goes out for some fresh air as Sami follows her, fainting in Roman's arms. As we come back to them, Sami is out cold on the couch. She comes to and claims that she is fine, but Roman, Marlena, and Caroline don't think so. There is a knock at the door and Marlena answers it to find a man delivering a package to Sami. He hands it to Marlena and leaves. Marlena sets it down as Belle finds a note saying open it before the wedding or else. Sami is scared and hopes it's not a present from Lucas. Sami opens it as Marlena reads the note. Sami is in tears as she plays the boom box that's in there. It plays "Simply Irresistible." The letter is from Eric, wishing her the best. In the letter he says Mom has the real present as Marlena gets a photo album out of the closet. They look through it as Sami says that she has a great idea.

In the Kiriakis suite, Philip and Victor talk about Sami and Austin. Philip says that he doesn't know where Austin is, so Victor tells him to go and tell Austin that his wedding is more important than business today. Philip leaves as Victor remembers giving Nicole the engagement ring and says that he has to get Austin out of Nicole's life. 

At the restaurant, Nicole and Austin ask Carl if he will tell him his decision, but he says no, but he has news that will change their lives.

Near the lounge, Kate wheels Lucas in as he reminds her of how many times he told her that he can walk. Kate doesn't want him overdoing it as she spots the table with Nicole and Austin. She hopes that Nicole is tempting Austin, because she'd kill Sami Brady before she let her marry her son. 

Back at the restaurant, Carl asks them to come to his room as he has an announcement to make. Austin can't wait to get to his wedding, but Mr. Liszt says that there is a wedding every 20 minutes in Vegas. He tells them to meet him in his suite in 10 minutes and he leaves. Nicole says that she needs to freshen up and walks off.

Elsewhere, Nicole goes to put on her lipstick, but Kate grabs it and says that she doesn't like the shade. Kate tries to convince Nicole to go after Austin, but she says that she does not want to manipulate him. Kate tells her to think about a future with Austin. Kate says that Austin will be off to Hawaii, she is the only one who can stop the wedding.

Back at the restaurant, Lucas wheels up to Austin and he is surprised to see him. Lucas says he's not alone their Mom is there, but she wants to stop the wedding. Austin says that Kate can't stop the wedding. Philip walks up and says hi to Austin and turns to find Lucas. He apologizes to Lucas for not visiting him, but Lucas okays it. A guy walks past with a tray of drinks and Philip grabs two off and gives them to his two brothers. He grabs water for himself and toasts to his big brother, Austin. Austin says that he has business to do, but left the rings in the vault and gives Philip the keys. He leaves and sees Kate and Nicole and wonders what his Mom is up to. Kate walks up to her two sons and Philip says hi to her. Philip says that he knows she isn't here for the wedding. He leaves to get the rings as Lucas asks Kate how her plan is going. She says that it's too soon to tell. 

At the casino, Caroline and Belle wait for Sami, but don't like her idea. Caroline asks Belle if she wants to do it, but she says that she gets nervous doing oral reports. Caroline says that she will do it.

Outside, Sami is excited about what she is going to do, but Roman and Marlena ask if she's sure. She says she is.

Back inside the casino, Roman gives Caroline the cue and she announces that a very special person is coming. They play a tape in the boom box as Sami comes in followed by Roman and Marlena with sunglasses on. Sami waves while a man in the crowd says that he saw her on Bay Watch, but a woman says that she saw her on Jerry Springer. Sami smiles as Roman and Marlena watch. A woman rushes through the crowd and knocks Belle down while taking a picture of Sami. Caroline says that she doesn't know how to turn the boom box off, so Marlena does it for her. 

Later in the Bridal Suite, Sami tells her family that this is Vegas and she is glorious in getting Austin. They leave. 

Back at the Kiriakis suite, Victor is on the phone with someone trying to locate Carl Liszt. Kate arrives with Lucas still in the wheelchair. Lucas thanks him for doing all that stuff with the rehab center. He gets up and thanks him for giving him a second chance in life and knows that Victor got one too. Lucas also says that Sami's got a second chance too and a third one and he is going to make peace with her. After he leaves, Kate tells Victor that Nicole and Austin are together and she saw them kissing. Victor knows that she is lying and notes that he is not going to help her. She says that Nicole will never love him and as she goes to leave, he grabs her arm, saying that he won't let her stop the wedding.

At the chapel, Marlena, Caroline, Belle, and Roman arrive and put on some music and Philip is also there. 

Back at the Bridal Suite, Sami leaves a message for Eric, thanking him for the present. There is a knock at the door and Sami thinks it is Austin. She opens the door to find Lucas who tells her that he's there to do something he should have done a long time ago.

In the hotel hall, Austin catches up with Nicole and asks what her and his mother talked about. Nicole says that she told her to mind her own business and he thanks her. They arrive at Carl's hotel room.

At Carl Liszt's suite, he tells Nicole and Austin that he saw Kate lurking in the hall earlier and he wanted to tell them this in private. He wants them to run his business in New York City. Austin says that he has to talk to his fiancÚ about it and Nicole says that she cannot leave Titan. Carl leaves to give them time to think it through. Austin tries to tell him that this is his suite, but he leaves. Nicole says that she has to tell Austin something. She puts her hands under his shirt and he begins to take her top off as they start to kiss. Nicole comes back to reality as that was just a dream. She tries to get Austin not to marry Sami. She says that he deserves better and begs him not to marry Sami. She also says that she hopes he's not angry, but he replies "I think you're right. Nicole has a shocked look on her face as he says this.


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