Days Update Wednesday 3/27/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/27/02

by Justin

In Salem

At the Penthouse, Chloe waits outside thinking about the video tape. She wonders what kind of slut tapes her dates. Inside, Brady answers the door and is holding a video tape. He tells Chloe that he was going to record Friends for Belle and was using this "blank" video. Chloe is there to get her scarf and Brady hands it to her. The scarf is folded. They chat and the phone rings.

At.Com, Shawn is getting his bag which has a book on pregnancy for Jan in it. Jan calls and says that she is coming to .Com to meet him. Outside, Jason tells Tim and Hawk that Shawn got Jan pregnant. They are shocked, but agree to help him. Mimi overhears and panics. They catch her listening and scare her away. Shawn comes out and is jumped by the trio. They drag him to an alley where they proceed to beat him up. Tim throws a punch, but it is blocked. Hawk picks up a garbage can and tries to hit Shawn, but he kicks it. Jason decks Shawn as Hawk picks up a long piece of wood and goes to hit him, Brady arrives and grabs the wood as Mimi had called him on the phone. He says hi to Jason and asks what kind of man he is ganging up on a guy three to one and asks about two to three. Brady attacks Hawk and Tim, while Shawn slams Jason up against the wall. Brady puts Hawk in a sleeper hold as Jason tells Shawn to go to h*ll. Hawk says let's get out of here and they rush off. He helps Shawn up, but punches him in the gut. He says this is for Belle as Chloe screams Brady! Brady tells Shawn to stay away from Belle. Next, Mimi arrives and is glad to see that Brady stopped Jason, Tim, and Hawk. She is not happy that he punched Shawn in the stomache though. She realizes that everyone has it in for him. Brady tells Shawn to stay away from his sister as Shawn says that he knows it is over for them.

Elsewhere, Jan arrives and runs into Jason. He yells at her about how she would never let him touch her, but now she is pregnant by Shawn. He says that he is going to beat up Shawn as Jan runs to see if he is alright.

Back in the alley, Jan arrives to find Mimi talking to Shawn. She sees the bruises on him. Mimi blasts them both for being stupid and runs off. Shawn notices that the book he got is wet so he says that he will buy her a new one.

Meanwhile, Brady tells Chloe that being in Vegas will be good for Belle. Chloe says that girls never forget their first loves. Chloe is sure that there is something else to Jan being pregnant than they are saying.

In Las Vegas

At the wedding chapel, Belle and Philip arrive and wander around the chapel. The chapel is decorated for Sami's wedding. They chat about Shawn as Philip dreams about marrying Chloe there. Belle brings him about of his dream world and they talk about how girls like to plan weddings. Now, Belle dreams of getting married to Shawn. She tells him that she always loved him and then, the priest asks if anyone thinks this couple should not get married, speak now and Jan walks in carrying her baby. Belle snaps out of it and she and Philip leave, deciding to tour Vegas. Later, they talk about touring Vegas and comfort each other, saying that they will always be friends.

In a lobby, Roman runs into a woman who turns out to be Kate. He notes that she is probably there to ruin the wedding. Kate says that her and her son have a right to come to the wedding too. Roman is shocked that she brought Lucas there. Kate says that her son is getting married too. They talk about their children getting married and Kate suggests they find a place to sit.

In the casino, Kate and Roman arrive and sit at a blackjack table. A man tells them to place their bets, but they say that they are not playing. They just want to sit, but the man says that they have to place a bet since this table is for players only. Kate says that she has no chips. Another man walking past gives them some chips. Later, they decide to play. Roman states that if he wins she has to go back to Salem. They play and she loses wit Roman smiling. He picks up the chips and leaves. Elsewhere, Kate runs into him again. He warns her not to ruin the wedding as he is a cop and still has questions for her about the past. She asks if they can put the past behind them, but Roman says that he can't.

At the hotel, Marlena is waiting for John as he comes through. He says that he has a surprise for her, knowing that she loves surprises. He pulls her along with him.

At another wedding chapel, Marlena arrives looking for John when all the sudden a shadowy figure walks out in a cape and hood. Marlena figures he works there, but he goes up to Marlena and she takes off his hood as he says that she shouldn't wait alone. It's John and he takes off his cape. He drops to one knee and proposes to her again. She accepts his proposal and drops on one knee too and they stare at each other. When we come back to them, Marlena walks throught the door with a gold weddng dress on. The monk marries them as they recite their vows and they kiss. They leave.

Outside, they run into Belle and Philip. They tell her about renewing their vows and she is happy for them. They hug.

Later on the Black jet, John asks what comes after the wedding. Marlena says the honeymoon, but also says that Sami needs her. John says that they are going to have time to be alone. They walk through the aisle as we see black curtains in the background. He opens a set of curtains to reveal a bed, sheets, candles, and a table with champagne. Marlena replies oh my, you have recreated my wedding night. Later, they are on the bed, kissing. They chat about Sami finding her man and hope that Brady and Belle find someone special too. John says "nobody will ever find anybody who loves you half as much as I do." The End.

The End

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