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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/26/01

By Justin

In Las Vegas

In the Black Suite, Marlena returns to John and tells him that Sami is at the hair parlor right now. She has an envelope with two Hawaii tickets in it, saying that they are for Austin and Sami's honeymoon. John asks when is he going to stop feeling like he doesn't deserve her. Marlena wonders why he still feels guilty about what happened between him and Hope, when she has gotten past that. Marlena says that she doesn't resent them, but will not forget what happened between them. Marlena has put it behind her as he talks about not being close to Belle anymore and thinks it's because of his infidelity. He says that Belle feels betrayed and he can't talk to her anymore. Marlena says that for Belle's sake they have to show her that their love is strong. Marlena says that Sami's wedding might be able to bring Belle and John closer together. John now has an idea, asks how long before the wedding, and rushes off.

In Salem

At .com, Shawn is sitting down when Mimi bolts in and yells at him, saying that she thought Jan would be with him. Mimi blasts him and he gets tired of it and yells "I didn't do it." Mimi is glad that he didn't get Jan pregnant, but he covers by saying he wishes it never happened. Mimi yells some more and he explains that it wasn't Jan's fault. He says that the baby deserves a shot at life and Mimi says like J.T. did. They talk about the baby situation with Glen and Meems figures that Jan thought that if J.T. was taken away from him her baby could replace him. Shawn says that nothing can replace J.T. Shawn says that the baby just deserves a shot at life and leaves to do something. He walks out the door, running into Jason. Jason says bye, but Shawn just walks past him. Jason goes up to Mimi and asks why Shawn doesn't say hello anymore. Mimi says that she thought he'd flatten Shawn. Jason asks why and she tells him that Shawn got Jan pregnant on the island. Jason remembers her not letting him touch her and tells Mimi that he has to go kill Shawn. Mimi yells "no, Jason, don't !" and he rushes out the door.

In the park, Shawn walks through as Jason runs up behind him and shoves him. Shawn tells Jason that he didn't mean too, but Jason decks him. They wrestle around on the ground and Jason decks him again. Shawn proceeds to get up and Jason leaves, saying that he will make him and Jan pay.

Back at .com, Mimi walks out, trying to call Shawn, but is relieved when he returns. Mimi asks how things went with Jason and he says that they worked things out. Shawn is looking for his back and Mimi tells him it's inside, she left it with the clerk. She wishes him luck and he goes inside. Jason meets up with his buddies, Tim and Hawk and tells them about Shawn sleeping with Jan. They cannot believe it and agree to help him bring Shawn down. Mimi hears this and whispers Shawn's name.

At the Brady's, Jan is sitting on the couch reading J.T. a book and finishes it. She asks him if he wants to play ball, but tells him not to throw it on the floor. He does it anyway, but she gives him one more chance. He says okay and she throws him the ball. He throws it again and she guesses that he doesn't want to play ball.

Outside, Bo and Hope sit on the porch. Hope wonders why Shawn is so protecting of J.T., but doesn't seem to care about Jan or his baby. They hear J.T. cry and rush in to see what's wrong. Jan apologizes for upsetting him and offers to feed him. Minutes later, she comes back both her and J.T. covered in bananas. She apologizes for him making a mess as Bo takes him upstairs. Jan goes up and Bo comes back down. They chat about Abe and Lexie as Jan comes back down, saying you want me gone, don't you. They say no and Hope gives her maternity clothes to wear. Jan rushes off to do something.

At Dimansion, Abe walks in to find Lexie on the couch playing with Isaac. She tells Isaac that she'll do anything to keep him as Abe says that he hopes she doesn't mean that. The doorbell rings and Lexie says now we'll see how far you'll go to protect your son. Cameron and Rolf walk in as he takes Isaac upstairs. Abe closes the doors and proceeds to yell the crap out of himself. Cameron says that they need to dig deep to find any info they can to discredit the Brady's in court. Lexie agrees, but Abe doesn't. Miss Reese talks about Hope Brady sleeping with other men and then her son Shawn gets an underaged girl pregnant, a girl that's on probation. Abe says that those records are sealed, but she reminds him that she represented Miss Spears. He mutters so much for client confidentiality, but Cameron doesn't care. She talks about Bo and Hope's bastard grandchild (man this woman is evil). Abe says that they don't need her and opens the door. He tells her that he knew she was greedy, but now she bends the law. Abe says that she was caring before, but now she doesn't care. He yells at her to get out. Cameron tells Lexie to call her when Abe calms down. Cameron leaves as Lexie says how dare you. Abe says how dare you, you're not the woman I married, you're a woman that disgusts me now. He accuses her of knowing the truth from the beginning. She says that she didn't. He says that she doesn't know how to love and this is down right evil, not motherly love. She doesn't deserve to be anyone's mother. He says that he couldn't live with himself if he let Isaac grow up to be like her. She goes to leave, but he grabs her arm. He says that their marriage will be over if she doesn't stop acting like this.

Outside the room, Bart and Rolf eavesdrop. Bart says that the boss won't be happy about this as they hear Abe yell at Lexie.

Back inside, Lexie says that maybe she shouldn't keep the name Carver, maybe she should be what he's accused her to be.....A Dimera.

The End

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