Days Update Monday 3/25/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/25/02

By Justin

In Las Vegas

At a casino, Brandon and Jen arrive as she looks back wondering if Jack is following them. Jack hides behind the corner, spying on them while Greta wonders why she is doing this. Elsewhere, Elizabeth is complaining about the chapel being booked because of Sami Brady as Colin tells her that she made arrangements earlier than them. Colin stares and says there's the one for me as Liz says that she thought that she was the one for him, but he was talking about the craps table. He heads over to play as Liz watches. Jen finds a machine that they haven't tried yet and they go over to it. Brandon starts to teach her how to play video poker. Jack watches as Greta talks about always falling for unavailable men or gay men in his case. Jack says that both they're luck is going to change soon. Back at the craps table, Colin keeps rolling the dice and keeps winning as Liz stands watching. Back at video poker, Jen wins, jumps, hugs Brandon, and he kisses her. She pulls away, but then, kisses him back. Jack gets angry and heads over there, but Greta stops him and gives him money to gamble with. Brandon and Jen stop kissing and Jen stares at Colin and he stares back, throws the dice and gets craps, which means he loses. Greta sees Colin and heads on over. Jack watches as Colin and Jen stare at each other. Colin asks Elizabeth to kiss his dice for luck, but she refuses. Greta says she will and does and he wins. Greta and Colin hug as Liz fumes. Jack watches Brandon/Jen and Greta/Colin and says that he is going to show the women his charm and loses again as he puts coins in the machines. Greta comes back over and gives him more money which eventually he loses and they have one coin left. Greta kisses it and flips it in the air and it sparkles. Greta puts it in the machine and hits triple sevens, making her win the jackpot. Brandon sees Jen staring at Colin and wonders if he bothers her. She says that he doesn't, so he suggests they stay a night in Vegas. Jen says that she needs time to think. Brandon says that if he wins video poker she has too. He does as they hear noise and commotion. Brandon says that it looks like Greta won the jackpot. Jack asks Greta to split the money with him and goes to grab it out of the machine. Liz gets furious and rushes off as Colin rushes after her, calling her name.

At the restaurant, Nicole and Austin chat as they drink wine. Victor walks in and watches them. Her phone rings and it's Carl. He tells her that he wants a final meeting with Titan. Nicole hangs up and jumps on Austin's lap in excitement. Victor sees this and doesn't look to happy. He wants to leave a message at the desk and tries Nicole's phone, but the battery is dead. Austin leaves and says that he'll be back in a minute. Victor surprises Nicole and he sits down with her. He notices that she not wearing the ring, but she claims she left it in the safe. She tells him that the reason they were celebrating was because they are close to winning the Permalash account. Victor demands an answer which she says she will give to him soon, but Victor thinks that he already has the answer.

In Salem

At Austin's apartment, Lucas s lifting waits, but Kate tells him not to overdo it and he shows her that he can walk. She hugs him and says that he will have his son back, but Lucas doesn't want to take Will away from Sami. He says that Austin and Sami deserve to be happy. Kate wonders what has happened to her son as he says that he wants Sami to admit that he never hit Will. He says that he wants to make amends with her. Kate says that this a war, but Lucas says that they can't win. Kate tells him that she has a plan for Nicole to break up Sami and Austin. Lucas says that he wants no part of it. He says that he doesn't want to put Will's future in jeopardy. Kate wonders what has gotten into her son. Lucas says that they cannot win as she wonders what is wrong with him.

Back in Las Vegas

In the Bridal Suite, Sami rushes through the hall as Marlena stops her. She tells her not to go in there just in case Austin is in there. Sami goes in there anyway, but Austin isn't in there. Sami finds flowers and Marlena asks if she's gonna read the note. She opens it and it's a letter from Lucas, wishing them luck. Marlena thinks it's nice of him, but Sami crumples up the note. Sami smells the flowers and realizes that they could be poisoned and she takes them out in the hall. Marlena follows her and yells Samantha Jean! as Sami claims it to be a part of Kate and Lucas' plot. Sami accuses her of taking their sides as Marlena says that she is being paranoid. Sami talks about Lucas plotting against them as Austin walks in saying we can't do this. He tells her to quit being negative and to be positive and they go to kiss, but Marlena stops them, saying that the tradition is to not kiss the bride before the wedding. Austin wonders about the flowers and asks who they are from and she says Lucas handing him the crumpled up note. He asks why it was crumpled and reads it. he is touched by what Lucas says, but Sami asks how he can believe him. He tells her to call Lucas, but she refuses, so he does, telling her to listen on the other phone. Lucas answers the phone and him and Austin chat. Lucas says that he just wants to make peace as Kate listens. They hang up. Back at the suite, Sami says that she didn't believe a word Lucas said. Austin leaves, kissing Sami on the forehead.

Out in the hall, Austin runs into Carl who says that he was just going to meet him and Nicole. Sami walks out and Austin introduces her to Carl as his fiance and Carl says that he thought that Nicole and Austin were involved. Carl congratulates them and leaves. Austin heads to leave as Sami grabs his arm, questioning him about what Carl said. Austin kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Back at the restaurant, Victor walks off as Carl and Austin arrive. They sit down as Carl says that he's made his decision and Nicole grabs Austin's hand under the table.

Back in Salem

Back at Austin's apartment, Lucas says that he is going to go and make amends with Sami (I assume he means in Las Vegas).

Back in Vegas

Back at the Bridal Suite, Sami and Marlena go back inside. She can't believe that Carl Lits (As she refers to him) thought that Nicole and Austin were involved. She realizes that she is late for her hair appointment and asks Marlena how she thinks she should wear her hair. Marlena says that however she wears it she will look beautiful. Sami says that she hopes so because in a couple of hours...... She will be Mrs. Austin Reed.


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