Days Update Friday 3/22/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/22/02

By Justin

On the Salem plane, Brandon and Jen go to kiss, but Jack puts his hand in front of them and says no making out in public. Jen is shocked and walks off. Jen heads to the bathroom, but sees Colin and says his name. Back at Jen's seat, Brandon and Jack talk and Jack tells bicep boy not to make out in public. Back at Colin's seat, Jen explains that she is going to Vegas for Sami Brady's wedding and she doesn't like her that much. Jen says that she told him the reason that she is going to Vegas and asks why he is. He says that it's personal business. Elizabeth walks up and says you think of our upcoming wedding as personal business and Jen congratulates them. Back at Greta and Jack's row, she questions him about the big announcement he wanted to tell her, but he says that it can wait. Greta says that as long as he's not lying to her. Jen goes to walk off, but Colin grabs a bottle of stuff and Jen tells Colin that she still uses it. She offers Liz some, but she passes and Jen goes to the bathroom. Colin tells Liz that she has no reason to be upset and she throws her drink in his face. Jen returns to her seat as Jack says that he'd never lie to her, but he might to protect someone. Brandon walks away as he tells Greta that she has some self-esteem problems if she thinks that this is the best she can do. They both return to the seats and Jen says that Jack can't find out where the wedding is as Jack puts his ear in the crack between the two seats. Liz asks Colin if he thinks getting married is a mistake or just getting married to her.

On Victor's jet, Marie walks up to Victor as Belle and Philip play Nintendo 64 video games. Belle beats him and they talk about how much their fathers have in common. Belle mentions Caprice and Philip remembers her. Belle says that she is coming to stay with them and she will have to invite him over. Belle thanks Philip for being a good friend and they realizes how much they have in common. Victor is worried about Austin and Nicole as Marie says that they work good together and she always sees them together. Victor says that soon Austin will be out. Marie gets worried, but notices that Victor wants to be alone. Victor dials Nicole, but she doesn't answer and he has a flashback of proposing to her. He also has a flashback of finding Austin and Nicole in her office together. Victor vows not to lose Nicole. Philip and Belle talk about Shawn and Jan. Philip says that Chloe never opens up this much as Belle is right now. He asks her if she threw the video away, but she says that she forgot, but will when they get back. Philip is worried about Brady finding it as Belle says that it's in her room. Belle says that they're friends and asks what's on the tape. He explains and says that nothing happened. Belle says that she guesses that neither of them know what love is and they get back to the video games. Marie goes back up to Victor and they talk about Belle and Philip. Victor says that they are too young and they have their whole lives ahead of them, but sometimes even that's not enough.

On the Black jet, John talks to Carl (who is at the restaurant, waiting for Nicole and Austin) on the phone and Carl says that he will get back to him. He hangs up and Roman goes up to John, saying that he heard he hired Kate Roberts. John says that Kate is a good worker and their talk changes to Sami. Roman thanks John for being so good to his daughter and he says that Sami is Marlena's daughter too and like family. Roman talks about Hope and John, which irritates him. John says that Roman is jealous of him. Sami comes out of the bathroom in her wedding dress as Shawn Sr., Caroline, and Marlena watch. He says that everyone seeing her in her wedding dress before the wedding is bad luck and Caroline is mad that he said that. Sami says that he can say what ever he wants because it is her wedding. Later, Sami goes up to Roman and wants to talk with him. She asks if he's angry with her for breaking up Austin and Carrie. He isn't because both his daughters are happy. He says that he is proud of her. Elsewhere, Will goes up to John and asks if this is really his jet and he says it is. Will asks if he was ever a pilot as he has flashbacks of piloting a plane and Bo yelling at him saying that he isn't a pilot. John tells Will that he was a pilot, but not anymore. Sami calls Austin, but gets mad because there is no answer. Marlena calms her down as Shawn Sr. and Caroline give her a garnet pin from her great grandmother (Shawn's Mom) and says that Kayla overnighted it to her. She also says that Kayla and Kim wish they could be there, but wish her luck. Marlena pulls out a blue hanky and tells Sami that if she doesn't need to give it to her and they all laugh. Caroline says that she needs to talk to Shawn alone and pulls him aside. He wonders what he did this time as she tells him to choose his words carefully when talking to Sami. Shawn Sr. says that he has a bad feeling about the wedding and they all know our little Sami. John and Marlena talk about Belle as she wonders if it's too much to ask for the wedding to go smoothly. Sami tries calling Austin again and doesn't get an answer, knowing Nicole is up to something.

At the restaurant, Nicole and Austin arrive for the meeting. Next, we see them at the table talking to Carl and Nicole tells him that Austin is moving to Hawaii, but Liszt says that he will have to cancel the meeting if they both aren't going to be in the same place. Austin says that he is not going to Hawaii, Mr. Kiriakis suggested it, but he refused. Carl says that he needs to give Basic Black one more chance and Nicole gets up to thank him and her strap falls off, almost making her boob fall out. Austin fixes her strap as Carl stares at her. Carl leaves and Austin asks if she was trying to be a show girl and she admits that it was an accident. She asks Austin if he wants a replay and she pulls it down again. He helps her fix it and she notices beads of sweat on his forehead. He says that he has to go get ready for the wedding. He asks if she is going to marry Victor, but she says that she would rather have her name in the Wall Street Journal than on the society page. Nicole says that he brings out the best in her and hopes that they continue to work together. Austin asks if he can use her phone to call Sami, but she says no, Carl might call. He tells her that he'll wait a few minutes. She silently says that she must stop the wedding Austin deserves better. The screen flashes to Sami who says Nicole won't stop me from marrying Austin. The screen flashes back to Austin who drinks his wine as Nicole smiles.


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