Days Update Thursday 3/21/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/21/02

By Justin

At the Deveraux's, Jen talks to Brandon on the phone. He asks her about last night. She watches Greta bring the luggage down and tells Brandon that she doesn't want Jack and Greta to know something. She tells Brandon to send her love to Harry and the kids and hangs up. Greta confronts her, but she says that she was talking to an old friend, Joan Ross.

Back at the hospital, Brandon tells Larry that he just got a date with Jennifer Horton to Sami's wedding. Larry thought he was in love with Samantha.

Back at the Deveraux's, Jack walks downstairs, while looking at a pamphlet and trips and stubs his toe. Jen and Greta head in and Jack does a flip and yells. They run in and Greta buys Jack's act, but Jen doesn't as she tells him that there is a $20 bill on the floor and she goes to reach by his foot and he sits up. Greta goes to get Jack some ice. Abby comes down and Jack wishes her good luck on the camping trip. The doorbell rings and the camp counselor comes to pick up Abby. Jen says that she wrote down Gram's secret recipe and they say their good-byes. Abby leaves. Jen finds out that Greta and Jack are on the next flight and calls Brandon, to tell him that she will meet him in 1/2 hour.

At the airport, Jack and Greta arrive and spot Jen and Brandon in line. The announcer calls for all people boarding flight 41, but Jack stays behind to spy on Brandon and Jen. Jack hides around the corner and finds out from Greta that they are going to Vegas too. He asks the man to get him a seat on the next flight, but it is full. Later, Brandon and Jen go to kiss on the plane, but Jack puts his hand in front, telling them not to make out in public as Jen looks shocked.

At the penthouse, Belle picks up a picture from the Last Blast of her and Shawn while packing as we see Shawn at the Brady's pick up the same picture.

Meanwhile, Philip and Chloe talk about Vegas. He asks her to go with him, but she has something else to do, but wishes him good luck on the trip.

Back at the penthouse, Belle answers the doorbell when it rings and it's Philip. He asks her if she needs him and he hugs her. She explains how she saw Shawn at Tuscany, but he didn't go over to her. He tells her that the guys will be lined up from the elevator to the street, but she says that she doesn't want to date anyone. Phil wonders what Chloe had to do, but she won't stop until she succeeds. Belle says that she never thought her and Shawn would split, she thought it would be him and Chloe. She apologizes, but he okays it. He says that he would go out with her and she is lucky that he isn't jumping her bones right now. He suggests she go with him and asks her if she is going to turn him down. She agrees and he says that he'll send for the car. He also says that if he wasn't so in love with Chloe he would be after her. She says that she'll throw the video away and he leaves. Belle grabs the video and the phone rings. Belle tells her Dad okay and he wants her to tell the doorman something. She rushes to clean up, leaving the video on the counter.

At the Brady's, Shawn comes down and finds Jan reading a magazine. There is a knock at the door and Shawn answers it to find Chloe. She sees Jan and asks to talk to him in private. Shawn says that she probably hates him, but she doesn't as he and Belle were really nice to her when she came to Salem. Chloe demands he tell her the truth. She won't leave until he does and wonders why he is willing to give his baby up for adoption. Chloe says that he can trust her and he almost tells her, but just says for her to tell Belle that he loves her. Shawn goes inside and sits next to Jan. Chloe says that she will find out the truth.

At Sami's apartment, her and Marlena pack as Roman arrives to help. Sami can't find the garnet and Marlena says that she'll check in the bedroom. Roman tells her not to rush it.

In Las Vegas

We see the inside of a casino and someone getting triple sevens and winning the jack pot. Next, we see all around Vegas, including the statue of liberty and a sphinx. We also see a race track and then, someone rolling dice. It shows the outside of a building and flashes to a pamphlet and there is a knock on the door. Nicole lowers the pamphlet and Austin says that it's him. Nicole fixes her hair and lets Austin in. Austin tells her about his bad morning and tells Nicole that he has to get ready for the meeting and his wedding. Nicole says that if he marries Sami he will be cursed. Austin reads the pamphlet and there is a horoscope that says do not make any important decisions today, from the heart. Austin says that he is not calling off the wedding. Nicole lets him use her shower and he takes his shirt off right in front of her. He goes in the bathroom and his phone rings. Nicole says that it's probably Sami and answers. Sami says that she just needed to hear his voice and Nicole hangs up. Austin pokes his head out, but Nicole assures him that it was just a business call. She decides to turn the phone off so she and Austin can have a peaceful business meeting. She says happy wedding day Sami. Austin's cellphone blinks and Nicole answers it. Sami asks Nicole why she is answering Austin's phone and she says that Austin's in her shower. Austin comes out and takes the phone off of her and Sami yells at him, asking why he's in the shower with Nicole. He talks about how much he misses her and for her to hurry up. She hangs up and she walks out and then back in saying she forgot her purse. Roman, Marlena, and Sami all hug.

Back at Grande' hotel in Vegas, Austin and Nicole talk about how funny it was when Sami got mad. Austin leaves to get ready for the meeting. Nicole says that you don't have to marry Sami today or any other day. Shot of Nicole as the screen turns red.


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