Days Update Wednesday 3/20/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/20/02

by Justin

At the hospital, Colin tells Nurse Brenda that he is getting married this afternoon in Vegas. Brandon hears him and congratulates him. Brandon's cell phone rings and he answers it. Sami invites him to the wedding, but he just says he'll think about it and hangs up. Later, Colin is on the payphone talking to someone. He tells him that Elizabeth's grandfather is dying and wants her to marry him. We hear the person talking, but we don't see him. Colin explains that he knows what he's doing. Brandon walks up and Colin says that the phone is all his. He calls Sami, asking if he can bring a date.

Sami agrees and hangs up. He calls Jen as Brenda asks Colin if he made the arrangements, but he didn't. He leaves and Brenda tells Brandon that she would call off the wedding if her fiancÚ wasn't so not into the wedding like Colin isn't.

At the Deveraux's, Greta has a headache as her and Jen are sitting at the table. Jen says that they shouldn't have worked out so late last night. Jack walks in and Greta says that she can't go on the trip. She goes to get an aspirin as the phone rings and Jen answers it. It's Brandon and asks her if she wants to go to Vegas for a wedding. She thinks he is asking her if she wants to get married, but he explains that it's Samantha's wedding. She agrees, but tells him about Jack and Greta going to Vegas and he tells her to make sure that they are on different flights. They talk about Jack and gayness and hang up. Greta returns and Jack persuades her to go. Greta talks about him getting the job and coming out of the closet. Jack talks about a big announcement he is going to make, but hopes she won't hate him.

At the Brady's, Hope goes downstairs to find Jan, who has made breakfast for everyone and Hope thanks her. Hope continues questioning her and Jan says that she is the town tramp and was a virgin.

Upstairs, Bo goes in Shawn's room and questions him. He wonders why Shawn will give his baby up for adoption.

Downstairs, they go down and Shawn brings Jan into another room. The two adults realize something is up. Shawn and Jan talk about the decision he made and she hugs him and thanks him as he looks uneasy.

At Sami's apartment, Sami gets off the phone with Brandon and Marlena arrives to take the luggage. Austin arrives and gets a call from Nicole. He hangs up and tells Sami that he can't go to Vegas with her. Sami thinks he is calling off the wedding, but he isn't. Sami asks about Eric, but he can't come, but sends all of his love. Marlena asks if she talked to Mike or Carrie, but Sami says that she has nothing to say to them. Marlena tells her that she cannot hold a grudge forever. Austin says that Will is visiting Lucas and Sami fumes. Austin calms her down and he leaves. Sami gets a call from Brandon, who asks about a date. Sami agrees and hangs up, but comments about the date Brandon is bringing. Marlena tells Sami that she cannot stop Will from seeing his father. Sami accuses her of siding with them, but Marlena just says that it is a miracle that Lucas made this much progress. Sami tells her about Lucas' apology and how she doesn't believe it. Marlena tells Sami that her and Roman are still friends and Sami comments that maybe her and Roman will end up together again. She says that she is being loyal and Marlena says that there is loyal and hurtful. She will love John forever and nothing will change that. She thinks it's time for the new Sami to emerge.

At Austin's apartment, Lucas is sitting on the sofa and Will is there. Kate offers him breakfast and he says cereal. He goes to eat it with Nurse Jane. Austin arrives, telling Kate and Lucas about his wedding today. Kate says that he cannot marry Sami and Lucas says that he has something important to say. He tells them about how he asked Sami for forgiveness and asks Austin too. Austin accepts his apology and leaves. Kate figures that Lucas was just saying that to get on the good side of Austin, but he says that he meant it.

Back at Sami's apartment, Austin returns and says that her, Will, and him as a family is all he needs and Sami asks if he meant she was all he needs. He says yes and they kiss as Marlena watches disturbed by what she is hearing.

The End

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