Days Update Tuesday 3/19/02



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/19/01

By Justin

At the Deveraux's, Abby gets dropped off and Jack is waiting for her. Jack thanks the driver and Abby cries to him that she felt so stupid.

Inside, Jack makes Abby cocoa as she says that it was boring there at the sleepover and that she is a sleepover failure. He says that she's unique and she'll have fun next time. He also tells her that it's not bad to be homesick as he says he was homesick for her and her mommy. Abby asks him when he is going to ask mommy to marry him. Abby says that she has a secret, but Jack doesn't give her a chance to say it as he babbles on about things. Abby tells him that she has a cookie contest and she took a recipe at her friend's house. They says that they love each other and talk about how they want the family back together.

Later, Jack yells upstairs to Abby for her to get in the tub as he remembers his shower with Jen.

At the gym, Jen pumps barbells as Greta continues to insinuate that Jack is gay. Greta and Jen say that it must be senior night as there is a lot of seniors there. Greta says that if Jack wasn't gay he would be with Jen and someone says what. The camera flashes to Alice in a pink sweat suit. Greta tells Alice everything that Jack said as Jen tells her to keep quiet. Jen says that she feels more comfortable talking about her sex life with Gran. Alice believes that there is more to it than that.

At the Brady's, Shawn drags Jan up to the porch. Inside, Bo and Hope talk about how the real reason that Shawn is protecting Jan's baby is because of JT. Shawn brings Jan in and tells them about how her Mom threw her out and her dad is out of town. Shawn goes to take Jan's bags upstairs, but Bo takes them off of him and pushes him outside, leaving the two ladies to talk.

Outside, Shawn says that it's not polite to leave Jan there and Bo says it'll be fine. Bo says that they need to have some honest discussion before he starts making decisions that will affect everyone. He says that they are going for a drive and he is going to tell him the truth.

In the truck, Bo points out that sheltering a person could affect Jct.'s living arrangements. Shawn says that he never thought about that. Bo promises to help him, but wants the truth. Shawn says that he is sorry. Bo says that Hope is in agony and it's not fair for her to have to deal with this crap from Shawn now. Bo explains that unless there is a miracle they will lose J. T.  Bo says that he would feel the same way if he were in his shoes. He also says that he hopes that the good bye is not as painful for J. T.  and Bo wonders why Shawn can't look him in the eye and tell hum the truth and Shawn says because he is driving. Bo suggests they go somewhere quiet, so he can look him in the eye. He says that Tuscany is just up the road.

Back at the Brady's, Jan says that she feels bad that Shawn had to take on her problem. Hope asks if it's Shawn's problem too. Hope gets Jan a hot drink and questions her about how "it" happened. Jan says that she must know, but Hope says that her son would have used protection. Hope wonders if Jan is trying to trick Shawn. Hope also says that she is sorry that she can't talk to her own parents, but knows there is more going on. Hope asks for the truth, it is one of the house rules. Jan says that she should know because she had a baby with another man, but apologizes. Hope calmly asks Jan for the truth.

At Tuscany

At the Kiriakis/Walker table, Philip tells his Dad that he did it, but Victor says that it's not official. Chloe asks Phil to dance with her to give Victor and Nicole some time alone. Victor asks her again....Will you marry me? Nicole explains that this isn't what she expected and asks if he's expecting a yes. He tells her that if she wants to turn down his first and only proposal to remember that she ruined their happy home. He suggests she put it on her right hand as a cocktail ring until she decides. She asks how long and Victor hopes that by the time she comes back from Vegas they will have two victories.

At the Brady/Reed table, Sami asks Austin if Nicole is coming to the wedding and he says that she can invite whoever she wants, it's her day.

At the Black table, John says that he's happy they ran into Sami tonight as they might not have been invited. Belle says that it's a good thing it's spring break. Marlena asks John to dance.

On the dance floor, Chloe asks Philip if he knew his father was going to propose and he says that his Dad gave his a warning. Philip says that things could be worse and he and Chloe glance at Belle. Philip waves to Marlena before she asks John to dance. They go out on the dance floor. Marlena and John talk to Austin and Sami. Sami says that Belle can bring Shawn as it's spring break, but Marlena and John stare at her. John and Marlena tell her about Shawn sleeping with Jan. Austin excuses himself and Sami looks at Nicole. Marlena says that Austin's marrying her tomorrow. Sami says that Nicole is probably following them. Sami asks John how many people the jet will seat and he asks who is going. Sami says her, Will, her Mom, her Dad, Caroline, Shawn Sr., ect. They ask about Brady and Sami figures that he wouldn't want to go. She says that she doesn't want a ticking present. They can invite him though.

Back at the Black table, Philip and Chloe go over to try and cheer Belle up. Belle says that she hasn't ate that pasta in a long time as it's not Shawn's favorite and offers Philip and Chloe. Belle says that she doesn't want that video in the house anymore and asks who she should give it too. Philip says him and Chloe agrees. Belle says that she'll throw it in the incinerator before she leaves for Austin and Sami's wedding in Vegas tomorrow. Philip is socked as Belle says that he'll probably get an invite soon. Philip and Chloe agree with Belle to throw the tape in the incinerator. Chloe says that they shouldn't mention Shawn, Cynthia, or video and the agree to that. Sami and Austin walk over and Sami says that she knows she asked her to be a bride's maid, but know she wants her to be the maid of honor. Austin asks Philip to be his best man, with Lucas and Kate and Billie not being able to make it. Philip says that he would have been insulted if he didn't ask him to go and the two shake. Austin tells Philip no
Back at the Kiriakis/Walker table earlier, Austin walked over and saw the ring. Nicole says that it's a cocktail ring. Austin mentions that he and Sami are getting married in Vegas and Nicole doesn't look happy. Victor sees that as Austin says bye and Nicole says that he can have the ring back now that he knows she isn't interested in Austin.

Back at the Reed/Brady table, Austin returns and tells Sami that he thinks Victor just proposed to Nicole.

At the bar, Bo and Shawn arrive and go to the bar, but Shawn turns and sees Belle. Shawn tells him to go, but Bo says that he has to face these people everyday.

Back at John's table, he asks Marlena to excuse him and he walks over to the bar.

Back on the dance floor, Philip makes a comparison that his brother is getting married and his father might get married and wonders what's next.

Back at the bar, John goes up to the two men and Shawn apologizes. Bo says that John is not in the position to criticize. John says that the circumstances are different and Belle is moving on with her life and asks him to stay away from Belle. He tells him that Belle usually turns to him, but not this time. Shawn says that he loves Belle, but John doesn't think he knows what love is. Belle sees Shawn from her table and Marlena heads over to the guys and tells Belle to stay there. Marlena asks if everything's okay and Bo puts money on the counter, saying they're out of there. Belle watches from the table with tears in her eyes.

The End

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