Days Update Monday 3/18/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/18/02

By Justin

At the Deveraux's, Jack and Jen remember the shower. Jack asks himself how he can settle for her body when he wants her heart and soul. He calls Oliver and Oliver tells him to board tomorrow morning's flight to Vegas and hangs up.

In Jen's bedroom, Greta goes in and knows what didn't happen because she ran into Jack. Jen explains how Jack held her, but Greta insists that he is gay. Jack comes in and says that he has something to say. He tells Greta that alcohol never solves anything as Greta hiccups. Jen says that she will be more sensitive next time and he asks her to stop seeing Brandon. She says that the only reason she went out with him was because he was going to marry Greta. Jack kisses Greta and rushes off. She says that Jack put no heart into it.

At the Wesley's, Philip waits outside as Chloe comes out with a beautiful blue dress on with a blue shawl draped over her shoulder. He tells her that she looks beautiful and they kiss.

In the Kiriakis limo, Nicole gives the Faberge' egg back to Victor as it belongs in a museum. Victor asks where she thinks he got it. It was made to fit an empress' palm. He says that from now on he will treat her with the love and respect she deserves.

At Tuscany

At the Kiriakis/Walker table, Victor and Nicole arrive and are seated. Philip and Chloe arrive as Phil asks to sit with them. Chloe doesn't want to, but Dave brings two more chairs. Victor tells her that he wants to start over. Philip apologizes to Nicole.

At the bar, Elizabeth and Colin wait at the bar as Maggie tells them that their table will be ready in a few minutes. Liz asks why he is distracted and he tells her about the gossiping at the hospital. Liz mentions the baby switch being Stefano's fault, but Colin says that people should take responsibility for their own actions. Liz asks if he is defending Stefano Dimera.

Elsewhere, Marlena and Belle arrive, looking for John. Belle says that she is worried about telling John the truth as John arrives and overhears. They get a table.

At the Black table, John makes a joke about the next time Shawn and Belle go out he is going to put handcuffs on Shawn and sees that Marlena and Belle aren't laughing. He says that Shawn is irresponsible and Belle asks how long he knew. He says that he meant Shawn doesn't know what he wants to do with his life and Belle is relieved. Belle begins to tell him, but sees Philip and Chloe start to walk over. They say hi and leave. Belle begins to tell him again, but the waiter comes and asks for their orders. After he leaves, Marlena begins to tell him, but Belle says that Shawn got Jan pregnant. John threatens to wring his scrawny little neck.

On the dance floor, Chloe tells Phil what happened and he goes over to Belle's table. He says that he will make Shawn pay, but Belle tells him not to. He kisses Belle and they offer their support. They leave again.

At the Reed/Brady table, Austin and Sami arrive and are seated. Sami orders a MahiMahi, which is from Hawaii and Austin asks Sami not to mention Hawaii again. She makes a deal with him, if she doesn't mention Hawaii again, if he marries her in Vegas tomorrow. Austin agrees, with her saying that she already made the plans, knowing he'd say yes. Austin says that she is amazing.

Back on the dance floor, Liz overhears the plans and she tells him that her grandfather is getting worse as his nurse emailed her and he wanted her to get married. She asks Colin if they can get married in Vegas, since there are no family or friends in Salem, but Colin talks about the Brady's.

Back at Victor's table, Nicole seems to have gone somewhere as Victor is alone. He takes the egg and places the ring in it. Nicole returns saying indian giver and he says that every faberge' egg has a surprise in it. Nicole opens it and Victor asks her to marry him. Philip and Chloe return, saying that he won't believe what happened, but sees the ring. Chloe says that it is beautiful.

Back at the Black table, Belle says that now she can concentrate on her senior year. Austin and Sami go up to them and tell them the news. Marlena asks if she is sure and Sami asks can Sarah Hughes skate. John says that he'll get the jet gased up and Sami thinks him.

Sami and Austin return to there table and Sami says that they are getting married tomorrow and nothing will stop them as there is a shot of Nicole watching them.


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