Days Update Friday 3/15/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/15/02

By Justin

At the penthouse, Marlena and Belle talk some more. Belle says that Shawn said that he loved her, he slept with Jan, who is now pregnant as we see Brady standing by the door. Belle says that even if Shawn didn't love her she thought they were friends. Brady screams that stupid son of a -- and Belle screams Brady! Marlena asks Brady how long he has been standing there and he says long enough to know that Shawn is a damn fool. Brady asks who the hell he thinks he is hurting his little sister like that. Marlena tells him to calm down, but he is ready to beat the living day lights out of Shawn. Brady tells Belle that he's sorry and asks what he can do. Belle is worried about the kids at school, but Marlena tells her to take one day, one hour at a time. Brady wonders if Shawn has been drinking, but Belle says that he never drinks. She gives her advice to go out and get her body moving, go with friends, and do some activity and Brady suggests bowling. Marlena has some good news for Belle and Brady, she says that Caprice is coming to visit them. Belle asks, "our Caprice?" and Brady asks her how many Caprices does she know. Belle is excited as is Brady and Marlena explains that Caprice's Aunt died, so she is coming to the US and she invited her to stay with them. Belle and Brady remember how much fun Caprice was when they were little. The subject changes back to Shawn, and Brady tells Belle that he may treat him badly the next time he sees him. Brady says wait until Dad finds out. Belle says that even though she hates Shawn, she doesn't, but she wants nothing to do with him ever again.


At the Wesley's

In her room, Chloe has a flashback of Philip giving her the rose and telling her that it reminded him of her. Chloe then, remembers Belle telling her to throw the video away.

Outside, Philip wonders if Chloe already saw the video and throws pebbles at her window. He keeps throwing them, hoping Chloe opens the window and she does. Chloe wonders why he's so dressed up and he says that if she comes down he'll tell her. She tells him that there is a storm coming and he asks her what storm. He asks her to invite him in, but she says that he isn't exactly on her mother's top ten guest list. He asks if she watched the video and when she says that she left it at Belle, he tries to call her as what's on that video will freak her out. He says that Belle's cell phone must be turned off. Philip says that he can't believe that he almost made love to Cynthia and Chloe walks out, saying she'll never let him live it down. Phil doesn't care as long as Chloe's still speaking to him. Philip puts his jacket on her and explains that him and Cynthia did not have sex. Philip says that he has no feelings for Cynthia and tells her his feelings are for her. Chloe says that she believes him and they kiss,  (got cut off)

At the Deveraux's

Outside the bathroom, Greta still is drunk, wondering what is going on inside with Jack and Jen. She tries to open the door, but it's locked.

In the shower, Jen reminds him that they use to take showers together all the time and Jack says how could he forget. Jen asks him why he doesn't take his shirt off and join her. He takes off his shirt and gets in and leans in to kiss her. She puts the sponge in between them, telling him to scrub up. Jack says later and takes his pants off, saying that he loved her married, divorced, the love is there always. He asks if she is playing games with him, but she says that he is the one playing games. He kisses her and says that he has always loved his Jennifer Rose. He says that he wants to be her husband, friend, and lover again. He kisses her and she kisses back, but Jack stops. Jen tells him not to stop, but he says he can't do this, grabs his clothes and rushes out.

Outside, Jack rushes past Greta, who comments that he is a chicken, but great buns on that chicken.

In Jack's room, he returns saying that Jen definitely wanted him and he's done it. Jennifer is his for the taking.

Back in the bathroom, Jen wonders why Jack stopped, he cannot be gay.

Back outside, Jen exits the bathroom as Greta asks her what happened. Jen says that she had a shower and now she wants to lie down. Jen says that she shouldn't have had the wine. Jen goes to her bedroom as Jack walks out of his room. He asks Greta if she's seen Jen and Greta asks what happened. Jack tells her that it's personal, but he loves Jen, and wants neither one of them to be drunk when they make love. Greta is shocked and he kisses her. She says Jack Deveraux, if you are gay you will regret it.

In the bathroom, Jack returns, remembering what happened between him and Jen. Jack says next time Jennifer Rose he won't stop.

In Jen's bedroom, she also remembers the shower with Jack. She says that she would've known it during their marriage. Jen says that Jack is either lying to her or Greta and she vows that Jack has pulled his last stunt and he is going to tell her the truth.


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