Days Update Thursday 3/14/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/14/02

By Justin

In Victor's limo, he whips out his cellphone and makes a phone call.

At Sami's apartment, she is lying in bed when the phone rings. It's Victor, who wants to talk to Austin. Sami hands the phone to Austin and Victor tells him that he is sending him to Hawaii and there is nothing he can do about it. Austin tells him that he doesn't want to go and Victor says that he'll give him time to think about it. After he hangs up, Sami gets upset that he doesn't like the idea. Back in the limo, Victor thinks that Austin was a bigger problem than he thought. He pulls out a case that has a diamond ring in it and he stares at it. Back at Sami's apartment, they argue and Sami says that if they stay in Salem, Kate and Lucas will ruin her life. Austin yells at her and does not want to be pushed around. Sami tells him that he looks sexy when he yells, but says that when he yells it makes her feel like he hates her. They kiss and Sami asks if he ever thought of this with -- and he says music, but she says Nicole. Austin calls her jealous and says that he only loves her and asks her out to dinner. Austin goes to get ready as Sami says sorry Austin, but we're moving to Hawaii whether you like it or not.

At the penthouse, Belle is waiting for her mother to get home, when in walks Marlena. Marlena and Belle hug and as Belle goes into detail about the problem with Shawn, Marlena assumes that she's pregnant. Belle tells her no, but Shawn got someone else pregnant. Marlena says that she wishes she had advice for her, but she doesn't. Marlena says that she wishes she could just take Belle away from this world until she understands it. The talk about how Marlena found out about John and Hope and then, about the advice Marlena gave her before Puerto Rico. Belle thanks Marlena for loving her so much and hopes that one day she is as good a Mom as she is. Marlena says that she has never been more proud to be her mother.

At the Spears' house, replay of Shawn asking Jan if he can tell Belle the truth. Jan says no one can ever learn the real truth. Jan realizes that Shawn is sorry that he ever agreed to help her and he wants out, but he says that he doesn't. Jan feels guilty about hurting Belle. Mrs. Spears comes in and says she knew he'd be there. She hands Jan a manual for wayward girls and explains that she's sending her to a school for wayward girls. Shawn says that people already know and Mrs. Spears fumes. She asks who and he tells her his parents and his girlfriend. Mrs. Spears flips again when she finds out that Shawn has a girlfriend. She figures that he's sleeping with that little tramp too. Mrs. Spears demands that Jan pack her things as they are leaving in the morning. After she refuses, her Mom calls her a slut. Shawn defends Jan and says that she can live with him as his parents wouldn't mind. Jan says that she can't, but Shawn is persistent. Mrs. Spears says that once she is out that door she is no longer her daughter. Jan knows she means that. Mrs. Spears tells the horny little creep to get out of her house. Jan leaves to pack as her Mom follows her, yelling. Shawn can't believe what he is seeing.

At Nicole's apartment, she comes home in a jogging jacket and looks in the mirror. Nicole says that she is not in love with Austin and he is not in love with her, it's crazy.

Back in the limo, Victor asks Davis, his chauffeur if he remembers the plan. Davis goes outside and gets something out of the trunk.

Back at Nicole's apartment, there is a knock on the door and Nicole answers it. Nicole asks Davis what he's doing there. He comes in and gives her gifts from Victor. First a dress. Then, a musical doll, which makes Nicole almost burst in to tears. Nicole says it's beautiful, but for him to tell Victor that she's tired. The last gift is a rare egg type thing which makes Nicole say that she'll be down in 15 minutes.

In the hall, Davis calls Victor and says that she agreed to come and he asks if it was the egg and he is correct. Back inside, Nicole can't believe she said she'll be down in 15 minutes.

Back outside the apartment building by the limo, Nicole comes out in a red dress and tells Victor that she won't sleep with him. Victor tells her that he told Philip that he was in love with her. They get in the limo and Victor says to himself, the dinner is only the beginning.


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