Days Update Wednesday 3/13/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/13/02

by Justin

At The hospital

In her office, Marlena had to stay late for a phone call. She wants to leave because Belle called her and she was upset.

In the hall, two nurses walk past the office and start talking about Hope and the baby switch. One of them says that Dr. Evans' husband could be the father of Hope's baby as Marlena listens. Colin hears them talking about it and says that will be enough and tells them not to gossip around the hospital. The two nurses walk away, with one saying that she thought he was going to spank them and the other one says you wish.

Back at Marlena's office, she thanks Colin for coming to her defense. Colin offers to wait with her and she offers him tea. He agrees and they talk about JT. He hopes that it's not affecting her marriage. Marlena's marriage is fine, but Stefano is responsible for everything. Colin talks about Lexie and Marlena hopes that Lexie didn't become like Stefano as she wasn't raised by him. Marlena says that Lexie is a good doctor and her father hurt John and everyone else, it's like he has a vendetta against them. Colin says that he thought the vendetta was against the Brady's as Marlena asks him how he knows about Stefano so much, since he's new to Salem. Colin reminds her that he's a Brady and she says she's sorry. He says that he'll handle the call, so she can leave, but she assures him that she can do it. He says that he's going to leave and calls her beautiful. She says that's a typical Brady, full of blarney.

At the penthouse, as Chloe rushes back, she learns about Shawn and Jan sleeping together and Jan is pregnant. Chloe is shocked and cannot believe that Shawn would do that, but believes Jan would. Belle wants to change the subject to the video, but Chloe keeps talking about the Jan/Shawn situation. Belle says that she doesn't love Shawn anywhere and gets stuff that Shawn gave her and throws them. She gets his favorite candy and throws them out as they're making things sticky and grabs a picture of Shawn telling Chloe that she is going to send a picture of Shawn to Jan and starts bursting into tears hysterically until Chloe hugs her. Belle says that it probably happened when Shawn rejected her, he probably ran into Jan. Belle wonders why Shawn chose Jan over her and wonders what's next. Belle's worried about what the kids at school will think, but Chloe tells her that Shawn should be embarrassed, not her. Belle has the pictures in her hands saying that she hates Shawn and Chloe grabs them, saying that she'll be back.

Back at Marlena's office, she calls Belle and she tells her to hurry home. Marlena says she's on her way and hangs up with Belle saying that Chloe's there.

Back at the penthouse, Belle asks Chloe to leave, but she offers to wait there with her. Belle says that she needs time alone and Chloe leaves.

Outside, Chloe realizes that she left the video there, but says that she'll get it later.

Back inside, Belle sees the video and throws it across the room, making it hit the wall. She throws it out of anger.

In Shawn's room, his phone rings and he hopes it's Belle, but it's Jan. She tells him to hurry up and get there and he hangs up and leaves.

At the Spears' house, Shawn arrives saying that he ran all the way. He asks her if her Mom hit her, but she says no, her mom's gone. She tells him that the baby kicked her and laughs as she puts Shawn's hand on her stomach and they both laugh. She explains thta she's been eating better and wants everything to be perfect for their baby. Shawn asks if she's give him or her up for adoption, but she says one step at a time. She says that she wishes she had a gold medal, she'd put it around his neck because he's her hero, she loves him. He explains how much this is tearing Belle up and he asks if he can tell Belle the truth. She says no one can ever learn the truth.

At the pier, Lexie is walking around remembering the day she brought Isaac home from the hospital and says that she cannot lose him. We see feet walk around something and walk up behind her. A hand touches her and she screams. She says get off me, only to find Brandon. He can see that she's cold and offers his jacket, but she refuses to take it. Brandon tells her that he almost didn't come this way, but an instinct told him to. He puts his coat around Lexie and consoles her. She cries as he hugs her and she talks about using her father's money to protect Isaac. She tells him that she called Cameron, but she doesn't answer her calls and figures thta Glen will sue for custody. She talks about how Isaac wouldn't stop crying tonight and she had to get out of that house. Brandon wonders if Isaac was sensing her fear and Lexie thinks he was. She rants on about her friends turning against her and Brandon tells her that she still has him. He kisses her hand and says that she is not a bad person. He suggests that she use her own goodness instead of Stefano's resources. Lexie cries as Brandon continues to console her.

At the Deveraux's

Downstairs, Jack reads the newspaper as Greta and Jen talk. Jen tells Greta that this time Jack Deveraux will have to lose. He asks the girls what they're plotting and they say nothing. Jen pours a drink and Jack says that he shouldn't drink as he has to make Abby breakfast in the morning. Jen reminds him that she is at her friend's house. He goes to drink his wine, but spills it on Jen's top. Jen says that it's new and he tells her to take it off. She goes to take it off downstairs, but Jack tells her to go take a shower. Jen asks Jack to come upstairs with her, but she ends up going up alone. Jack asks Greta if she told Jen his secret and asks her why she opened the wine. She says that it was Jen's idea. Jen comes down in a towel and asks Jack to come fix the thing you turn on in the shower as she drops her towel. He stares at her and drops to the floor. They go upstairs and into the bathroom as Greta follows them.

In the shower, Jen shuts the door on Greta as Jack tries to fix the faucet. It sprays on him as Jen thanks him. Jen hops in the shower and drops the towel as Jack stares at her. She says that it's nothing he hasn't seen before, but he tells her it's been so long. Jen asks if he wants to join her. Outside, Greta hopes that Jack isn't strait or he's in trouble. She slides down the door with the bottle in her hand. Back inside, Jack takes his shirt off and joins her. He takes Jen in his arms, saying that he has this vision every night he goes to sleep. He leans in to kiss her.

The End

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