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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/12/01

By Justin

At Sami's apartment, her and Austin are in the afterglow of making love and they talk. He tells her that he did something behind her back and she gets worried. He tells her that he talked to Roman about the police station, work, and her. She thinks it's sweet and kisses him as he admits that he is dead set against going to Hawaii. She says that he is selfish and they argue. He asks her if he's selfish for wanting to keep his job and stay close to his friends. Sami tells him that the only reason he wants to stay in Salem is because of Nicole. He doesn't want to leave her. He says that she is right, he doesn't want to leave Nicole, because she needs his help with the project. He says that he wants to be near Lucas and knows Sami doesn't care, but he agrees to move across town, if she would like that. Sami asks if they could move to Hawaii for six months and if he doesn't like it they can move back to Salem. He says that he'll think about it and suggests that she not talk to Victor anymore. He agrees and after he goes to make hot chocolate with marshmallows, Sami says that once they move to Hawaii, they are staying there.

At the Blue Note, Kate stops Nicole on her way out, saying that she's got a deal for her. The waiter pours them drinks and Kate says that it's on her as they talk about her proposition. Kate talks with Nicole about her not being able to fill her place at Titan, or in Victor's life, but Nicole reassures her that she has filled her place in at work and in Victor's life. Nicole says that she'll never end up wearing pink polyester and sweating over a grill. The waiter comes back with another drink for them and it's on Nicole this time. Nicole gets up ready to leave as she puts money on the table, but Kate stops her, saying that she should marry Austin. Nicole is shocked and Kate says that it is clear that she is in love with Austin. Nicole says that Kate's only interest is keeping Will and Lucas together. The third round is delivered and they talk more about the plan. Nicole says that there is no way that Sami will let her near Austin. Kate says that they have something to lose if Sami walks Austin down the aisle. Kate offers to talk to Austin and leaves. Nicole says poor Austin for having Kate and Sami in his life. She says that a rescue mission sounds good.

At Titan, Victor tells Philip that he loves Nicole and is planning on marrying her. Philip isn't up for the idea, but Victor assures him that he and Kate aren't getting back together as they don't love eachother. Philip says that he will stay out of his love life if he does the same with his. Victor tells him that even though he and Kate don't love eachother, doesn't mean that he doesn't love him. Philip wishes him luck with Nicole and says that he is a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have him. He says that he is going to be with Chloe and leaves. Victor says that Chloe Lane isn't good enough for his son and never will be. He picks up the phone and calls his pilot, telling him to set up a trip for him to Acapulco. He says that he plans on proposing to Nicole on the plane.

Out in the hall, Philip calls the penthouse and Belle answers after Chloe suggests she do it. She gives the phone to Chloe and Philip asks her not to watch the video. She tells him bye and hangs up. Philip calls a jeweler, who is happy to be doing business with Mr. Kiriakis. Philip tells him that he wants a gold charm with the initials PK and CL on it and says that he will pay any price.

Back in Victor's office, he calls the jeweler too and wants him to get an 8 karat ring for him, but he doesn't have one. Victor tells him to get one of Liz's finger or get the Hope diamond if he has to, because this lady deserves it. No price range. Both Kiriakis' seem to not care about the money.

At the penthouse, Belle remembers Shawn telling her the truth as the doorbell rings. She answers it and it is Chloe. Chloe shows her the tape and goes on and on about her problem, not noticing Belle has one too. Belle almost starts crying as she tells Chloe that if it was Shawn with another girl she wouldn't watch it. Belle tells her that if she wants to be with Philip throw the tape away, or be haunted by the image forever. Chloe figures out that Belle has a problem too and asks if it's about J.T. and Belle says that Bo and Hope could lose him. Chloe says that she wants to help Belle, but she claims that she needs to talk to her Mom about this. Chloe asks why she can't talk to her. She tells her that it's over for her and Shawn as Chloe is shocked. The phone rings and Chloe says it could be Shawn. Belle says that it isn't and Chloe says that she'll answer it. Belle answers it finally and it's Philip. She hands the phone to Chloe. He asks her not to watch it, but she says she'll talk to him later and hangs up. Chloe returns to Belle who tells her that Shawn had sex with Jan and she is pregnant as Chloe is shocked.

At the Brady's, Shawn arrives home from the park and remembers telling Belle that he is the father of Jan's baby. Bo comes in and sits down by Shawn, offering some help. Shawn thinks that Bo has enough to worry about, but he assures his son that he doesn't. Shawn asks where his Mom is and Bo tells him that she fell asleep with J.T. He tells him about Belle saying that she hated him. Bo asks once and for all if he's the real father. Bo doesn't believe Shawn when he tells him that that is the truth. Shawn feels responsible for what happened with Paul and Gran's ruby. Shawn picks up a picture of him and Belle and says that without her there's nothing.

The End

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