Days Update Monday 3/11/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/11/02

By Amber

At the hospital dining roon, Brandon sits and daydreams about his workout with Jen. Just then Collin walks in and tells Brandon about a little girl who just got out of surgery. The doc mentions that she is doing good and it that Brandon really has a way with the young ladies. Brandon asks him what he meant by that, and Collin just said that he was good at his job. Brandon expresses that if Collin has a problem with him dating Jen then he should just say it. Collin denies it and tells him that he has no problem with their growing relatioship and that it is clearly none of his buisness.Also stating that his(Collin) relationship with Jen is none of Brandon's buisness either. Brandon just leaves, and then Collin meets up with Elizabeth. She starts complaining how it seems they are never going to get married and that the only person he seems to know in the town is Jen. She also wonders if she will be at their wedding.Collin then tells her that isn't it at all. Then Elizabeth starts to wonder why they are even in Salem. She wonders why Bo keeps asking questions that she can't answer.Collin asks if Bo is still bothering her. Elizabeth starts to complain and ends up leaving when she thinks that Collin is making fun.

Jen stands there brushing her hair in the mirror and keeps arguing with herself that Jack can't be gay and has flashes of what Brandon said to her while working out. But, Jen sets out to prove to herself that Jack is lying and she will try to prove it tonight. Just as Jen talks to herself, Jack is in the bathroom talking to himself about how he doesn't want Greta to hate him when she finds out the truth. On her way to find Greta Jen runs into Jack and they start arguing. In another part of the house Greta is thinking to herself about how wonderful Jack is and that he is the man that she has been looking for.Just then Jen finds Greta and tells her that she will prove that Jack is far from gay. As they enter the living room, Jack tells Jen that Abby is doing fine at her sleep over and Jen tells him not to bother her.Jen announces that they should all make a toast and tells Greta to go and get the wine out of the kitchen that Brandon bought for her.Jen opens and pours everyone a drink.They all toast and then Jack realizes Jen is trying to get him drunk, but it happens that Jen and Greta are the ones that end up getting loaded.Jen tries to get the truth out of Jack, and Greta keeps getting closer to making it known that Jack is gay. Then they start playing a drinking game- poker and then Brandon calls for Jen.Greta answers the phone (drunk) she invites him over. Jen gets on the phone and asks her what is going on and Jen says that they are only playing a card game. Brandon tells her that he just wanted to say hello and she tells him thanks and then hangs up to get back to the game. Jack realizes that it is no ordinary card game that it is strip poker and he decides not to play. He leaves... Jen reassures that Jack will lose the game eventually.

Over at Chole's house she wonders if she should watch the movie from Cynthia. Phillip goes over to see Chloe and Nancy is not happy to see him. Phillip tells her that they made up and jsut then Chloe comes down and asks Phillip to her bedroom to talk to her. Chloe asks Phillip if he is there to tell her something- he tells her that he loves her and that he is happy that they are talking again and then he kisses her- he kisses her and pulls her over to the bed and she freaks out and tells him that he can't take her to the bed- Phillip says he just wanted to get comfortable and she exclaims to him is that how he got with cynthia and then shows him the tape from their house. Phillip tries to reassure her and then his phone rings. It is Victor and hw wants to see Phillip RIGHT AWAY!!! He tells Chloe that he has to leave and that he will be back.Nancy comes in to talk to Chloe about Phillip and she tells him that she tries but she can't forget him. Nancy tells her that she won't be able to. They argu as usual and CHloe tells her mother to stop trying to figure it out. She will never know how she feels.

Sammy is at Austins house screaming at Lucas as he is telling her that she is so sorry for everytihng that he has done to her and Will. Sammy won't hear it and she tells him that he will pay. He gets upset and falls back into his sleep just as the nurse walks in and starts demanding from Sammy what she things that she is doing. She tells her that she just slapped him to get him up and asks the nurse if he is going to be ok- the nurse tells her that he will make a full recovery and that he has been saying that he sees the light and that he wants to make ammends with sammy. She doubt is and tells the nurse that she knows that Kate is paying her and that it won't work- that she is wasting her money. Sammy starts to shake him and tells him that he is faking it. The nurse tells her to leave and she says that she doesn't have to because she is Austin's fiancee and she can be there if she wants to. She leaves anyways and tells herself that she will have to plan the wedding becuase Ausin is too busy and calls a chapel in Vegas. Just then Kate calls her and tells her that Austin is out on a romantic dinner with Nicole. Sammy doesn't believe it and hangs up on her.

Nicole tells Victor that she's going to have dinner at the Blue Note with Austin. She tells him that it is a buisness dinner about the trip to vegas. VIctor all of a sudden pulls her in for a kiss and tells her that he loves her. She just looks at him and tells him that she is will see him tommorrow. Austin gets to the Blue Note eary and he orders himself and Nicole a drink.Kate is there in a disguise and she is talking to herself reassuring her son that she is doing this for his own good and that he has 2 evils in his life Nicole being the lower evil.Nicole arrives, and the 2 talk about moving to Hawaii. Austin asks Nicole why Victor has been nice to him lately, and why he might want him on an island so far away? Nicole says that she isn't sure. Nicole tells Austin what a great person he is, and she doesn't know how that happened when he has Kate for a mother. Austin laughes, tells her that he doesn't want to leave Salem, he really likes it here and his job. Sami then calls Austin and wants to know where he is- she said that he was supposed to be at a parent teacher confernce. Austin tells her how sorry he is and tells her he'll be home right away. He tells her that he is having dinner with Nicole and then he will be home.

Austin comes home and Sammy yells at him for being at the Blue Note with Nicole. She says her last fiancee cheated on her, and that maybe she is seeing a repeat and then she tells him that if he doesn't move with her then she and Will will move without him.

Victor tells Phillip that they need to talk about his mother. Victor says he needs to stop treating him like a child,and so he wanted to tell him something before anyone else could. VIctor tells him that he is in love with Nicole and that he is going to ask her to marry him.


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