Days Update Thursday 3/7/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/7/02

By Justin

At the pier, Nancy and Craig sit on the bench to have lunch. Seems it was his lunch break as they came here instead of having lunch at the hospital. Nancy tells him about getting him away from all the nurses that want to carry his lunch tray for him. Nancy gives him his lunch in a brown paper bag and he wants to guess what it is. He thinks it's a ham and swiss sandwich, but he guesses wrong as it's a tuna sandwich. She wants him to guess what she is thinking and this time he guesses right, he guessed that she wanted a kiss. He thinks she is worried about Chloe and she is too. She feels bad that the nosebleed was an isolated incident. Next, he gets a big cookie out of the bag and takes a bite. He chokes and Nancy panics. He swallows the piece and says that he choked because it was so good that she could enter a contest and win a million dollars. She says that she is never giving out her secret recipe and he asks if he'd give it to her. They start kissing.

At Austin's apartment, Kate yells to Lucas from the living room (she moved him into the bedroom) about how well she handled Roman by batting her big brown eyes, then there is a knock at the door. Kate answers it and it's Roman again, telling her about how well her voice travels down the hall and wants to know if she has something to say to his face. She talks about how they were trying to get Lucas to roll over....rolling, Roman they sound the same, she says. Roman says yes they do, but he didn't hear what she said. Kate is relieved that he didn't hear what she said and tells him about the animosity between her and Sami. Roman tells her that he has a plan that they can use against Sami, but first they have to persuade Sami not to move to Hawaii with Austin and Will. Kate is shocked and Roman says that it probably won't happen. She tells him about the Titan division in Hawaii and Sami is probably manipulating Victor as they speak.

At Titan

In Austin's office, Sami asks Austin if he loves her. She then, tells him how she asked Victor to have him transferred to Hawaii. She says that it's the best thing for them, but he says it's not the best thing for him and Will. He says that it wouldn't be good for Will or Lucas. Austin says that this is because of his mother and Sami confirms that. Sami gives him an ultimatum......."either you quit choosing your mother's side or they won't have a life together." Austin goes right back and gives her an ultimatum......"if you keep insulting and putting down my mother and brother and telling me how to run my life our relationship is history." Sami apologizes, but still tries to persuade him. He tells her flat out no, end of discussion. She tells him how life in Hawaii would be, him and Will could go surfing, he could work, come home to find her in a silk dress, she could give him a cold drink, she would do the hula when he came home and they could make slow sensual love on the beach. Austin wants to know how she got Victor to agree and she says that he just wanted to get past everything that happened in the past and move on. As he sits down, she kisses him on the neck and he kisses her back.

In Victor's office, he is remembering his conversations with both Nicole and Sami and he is determined not to lose Nicole.

In Nicole's office, Marie walks into Nicole's office, to find Nicole. Marie talks to her about how cold it's been around there lately. Nicole tells her to put on a sweater, Marie didn't mean that kind of cold. Marie and Nicole talk about her and Victor's relationship and Nicole says that they are getting along fine. Victor walks in demanding to speak with Nicole.

In the hall, as they walk to the office, they yell at each other and Marie tries not to smile because it's funny.

Back in Victor's office, Nicole walks into his office and she yells that she wants to know what he wants. He tells her never to yell at him like that again. She says "sorry boss!" He tells her that he is transferring Austin to Hawaii and she says "No I need him." Nicole says that they are working on lots of projects. Victor says that she just wants Austin there to feed her ego and tells her that she can go. As she heads out the door, she realizes that this is Sami Brady's doing. Nicole figures that Sami is blackmailing him and demands he tell her what she has on him. He asks if she's worried about losing Austin as a top researcher or she wants to take him to bed and Nicole is shocked. She tells him that he is not her type, but Victor can tell that they are getting closer. Nicole reminds him that he kicked her out of his bed and asks if he thinks she would lower herself to sleep with someone beneath her. Victor says that he did when he slept with her and gets a well deserved slap across the face. Nicole says that he's never felt younger before she slept with him and he tells her to get out. She has tears in her eyes and says that she has 5 million in the bank and she could leave now. He asks her to wait as she is about to leave.

At the Brady's, Bo, Hope, and Mickey continue to talk about the situation and what if Glen doesn't see it their way. Hope stands behind her plant to hide her real pregnancy. Mickey tells them that their situation with Shawn might make it more difficult to keep JT. He says that Glen will probably get JT. Mickey says that the younger JT is the easier it would be for them to give him up.

At the park, Shawn has followed Belle and they end up at the park. He wants to talk to her and apologizes. He explains how much he loves her and when he and Jan slept together, he tells her the island. Belle is mad because he refused to sleep with her, yet he slept with Jan.Belle says that she feels really stupid for believing they had a connection. She tells him that he wanted to wait and he says that he can't stop thinking about that night and Belle says she will never forget about that night. That night will always th her, be the night he didn't want her. He wanted to be with Jan, so he could lose himself and he didn't even use protection. Belle thanks God that they didn't make love and she can thank him for that much. He says that it won't make sense, but he didn't betray her. Belle asks him point blank to tell her that he is not the father of Jan's baby. She says that unless he can tell her that this is some big sick joke, then she doesn't want to hear about it anymore. She says that she can see it in his eyes that he is not the father, then realizes it must be true. She calls him a cowrd and a liar, but says she won't stoop to name calling. She says good-bye and starts to walk off. She turns around and says that she hopes that his family gets to keep J.T. and wishes him luck with Jan and the baby. She leaves and Shawn sits on a bench. He says that Belle will know the truth soon and hopes she can trust him again. He asks God for guidance to do the right thing, so he and Belle can be together.


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