Days Update Wednesday 3/6/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/6/02

by Justin

At the Deveraux's, Jack talks to himself about telling Greta that he is not gay. An image of him appears in his mirror. It tells him to tell Greta he isn't gay and Jack says that if he told her the truth it he could lose everything as Greta walks in asking the truth about what. Jack says he has to tell her something. The mirror talks again, stating that he should tell Greta the truth. Jack tells Greta about his and Jennifer's sex life and the sex was va-va-voom. He says that after Abby was born that had a few quiet moments. Greta is touched, but asks him why he doesn't tell Jen about these things. Jack thinks Jen would make fun of him. Oliver calls and tells Jack about the trip and he is eager to meet this gorgeous woman.

At the gym, Jen and Brandon work out some more and Jen goes to use the pull up bar when a guy says that he was waiting a long time to use it. Jen takes a break and drinks her water. Brandon talks to her about their relationship and he is about to say something when the guy tells them that the bar is free and tells Jen that Brandon wants to sleep with her. Jen is shocked and asks if it's true. The subject changes to Jack and Brandon wonders why they are still living with eachother, there must be something going on between them. Jen tells him about the gay charade and Brandon is convinced it's true, but Jen won't believe it. Brandon tells her about his old roommate who was a football player and he was gay, but no one knew about it. Jen tells him about their marriage, but Brandon says that many gay people have married strait people. Jen is still convinced that it is not true.

At Austin's apartment, Jane is trying to teach Lucas how to drink from a straw as Kate encourages him. He stops until she shows him a picture of Will, then he starts drinking again. There is a knock at the door and Kate answers it. It is Roman and he came to check on Lucas. Kate pulls him out in the hall and tells him about Lucas' progress. He tells her about how good of a Mom she is and she hugs him. Roman notes that that is the second time in a week that she hugged him. She asks if he would rather her not, but he OK's it. Kate says that so much happened this past year and she wants to make peace with Sami. Kate apologizes as she talks to him about him losing Marlena. Roman tells her that you cannot make anyone love you and Marlena loved John and she chose him. He says that he has never told that to anyone and Kate says that she is the kind of woman, men tell their secrets to. Roman wonders if she is hitting on him and Kate asks him if he would want to go out to dinner.

At Titan

In Nicole's office, Nicole tells Austin about Sami being in Victor's office. She tries to make him see what Sami is doing, but he defends her. He talks about how they trust eachother. Nicole says that Sami gets what she wants by her own agenda. She says he is a good guy and deserves someone just like him.

In Victor's office, Sami continues talking about the blackmail to Victor. He applauds her and asks her to get out of his office. As Sami stands there, she pulls out her cellphone and calls Philip. She tells him about the package she just delivered to him and it is going to shock him as Victor stands there shocked. Victor is really mad and when she hangs up he grabs the phone and puts it to his ear. Sami tells him to hit redial and he does. The answering machine at Sami's apartment goes off and she says that it was a rehearsal for the real thing. She tells Victor that she wants Austin transfered to Hawaii ASAP. She wants to get Austin away from Kate. Victor says that Sami is a lousy person and he is on Kate's side and won't transfer Austin. Sami says that he has 24 hours or she'll send Philip a special delivery eye opener. She blows him a kiss and walks out.

In the hall, Victor goes out and opens Nicole's office door a little and sees her touch Austin's head. He goes over to Marie and tells her to inform Nicole to cut her meeting short as he wants her in his office, now!

In Austin's office, Sami walks in and waits for him. He walks in, angry at her for being there. He reminds her of the agreement they made that she would not come to visit him at work. Sami tells Austin that he is going off on her for no reason. He asks her why she was here to see Victor and she tells him about how she asked Victor to transfer him to Hawaii.

Back in Victor's office, Nicole arrives in Victor's office, with him asking her questions about Austin. He says that maybe Austin should have his own division. Nicole teases Victor about her and Austin's working relationship. Victor gets mad and Nicole says that he kicked her out of his home and he says that Philip will leave for college and that he didn't want her out of his life completely. Nicole says that she is no man's whore and she won't settle to be his mistress. She says that since she doesn't share his bed anymore, it is none of his buisness who she sleeps with. She leaves. After she is gone, Victor says what do you know, Sami was right! Maybe sending Austin off to Hawaii is an excellent idea.

The End

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