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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/5/01

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At the Brady's, Bo walks into the room to find Hope holding the picture of Lexie, her, Isaac, and JT. Hope says that she cannot believe that she didn't see herself in Isaac every time she held him. Hope also says that she is afraid that Isaac's biological father will show up in Salem one day to claim Isaac, just like what Glen and Barb did. They also wonder what the white flashes she is having are. Bo tells Hope about Alice's saying "God doesn't give people more than they can handle." Hope thanks him for keeping the family together. They talk about Shawn's problem and Bo is mad that he failed Shawn and down deep inside he was to rip him apart. He says that Shawn must be more scared than he is letting on. Bo decides to handle the situation with compassion. Later, Mickey arrives and they wonder if they have let JT visit Glen again. He shows them examples of other situations like this where the couples seeking custody gave up. Bo and Hope tell him about Shawn getting Jan pregnant and she says that it is totally out of character for Shawn and it doesn't make any sense. Mickey's phone rings and it's the social worker. Mickey tells Bo and Hope that the judge ordered another visit for Glen.

In Sami's car, she is driving on her way to Titan. She has an envelope in her hand with pictures of Kate. Sami has a flashback of finding pictures of Kate at the Dimera Mansion while she lived there along time ago.

At Titan In Nicole's office, Nicole and Austin talk about how Carl Liszt hasn't with them yet. The conversation turns to Austin and Sami. Nicole asks three big questions....why does him and Sami have to get married? Can't they just live together? and Does Sami always get what she wants. Because of all the questions, Austin goes to leave, but Nicole stops him. Austin says that if they are married the pressure would be off. Nicole asks if he every considers his being happy, not just everyone else.

In the hall, Sami walks down the hall and overhears Austin and Nicole talking about their relationship. She eavesdrops, but Marie taps her on the shoulder, asking what she is doing there. Marie tells Sami that she should talk to Austin outside of work unless she wants to get him fired. She says that she is here to see Victor and for Marie to check her appointment list and her name is on there. Sami says that she doesn't need to be announced and walks into Victor's office. Nicole opens the door.

Back in Nicole's office, after she opens the door, she tells Austin that she thought she saw Sami. She thinks she was wrong as Austin states that there would be no reason for her to be there. Nicole shuts the door, but moments later she goes into the hall asking what the h*ll Sami Brady was doing there. Marie says that she doesn't know, but Sami was carrying a manila envelope.

In Victor's office, he is on the phone when Sami walks in. He gets off and reminds her of the stroke she gave him years ago. She tells him about the pictures of Kate as a hooker and he couldn't care less. She says that she is going to put the pictures in the paper for Philip to see. Victor yells at her and states that he feels sorry for Will having to be raised by a wrench like her. Sami demands Austin be transferred to the Hawaii Titan office ASAP.

At Salem High

In the hall, Jason comes on to Cynthia and she resists. She goes up to Mimi and asks if she warned Chloe about the tape. Hawk goes up to Jason and tells him how smooth he was with Cynthia and Jason says no guts, no glory. Philip and Chloe are talking and they see and it infuriates Cynthia. Mimi mentions that she didn't warn Chloe, since she isn't her friend, but Philip is and he has been through enough this year. Cynthia is still determined to get revenge on him.

In class, Jason pretends he is passing a football to Hawk when Mr. Woods comes in. Mr. Woods asks him if he heard the bell ring and Jason says shouldn't you a demerit for being late and he says no, but he gets to give him an oral pop quiz since he is sure by the way he was acting he read all the materials he assigned them to read yesterday and he didn't have nothing to do. Jason apologizes and Mr. Woods says that they can get started when he takes attendance. He says that they all are accounted for except for Miss Spears, Mr. Brady, and Miss Black. He says that they are going to start the oral pop quiz and he asks what the meaning of protectorate is. He spots Philip staring at Chloe, so he directs the question to him. Philip says huh and Mr. Woods repeats the question. Philip says it is a relationship between a strong country and a weak one. Mr. Woods says that is the gist of it, but next time he better answer the first time he asks. Chloe has a flashback of Philip giving her a rose and Mr. Woods tells her t

After class, Jason asks Mimi why Jan wasn't there today. He asks if she is sick or something. Mimi asks how she would know and Jason says he left messages and she didn't call back. Mimi tells him to ask her best friend Shawn, but he's not there either. Jason asks her if she thinks Shawn has something to do with Jan not being there today. Mimi says that he seems to know everything going on in Jan's life these days. Jason says that he noticed them getting cozy lately and if he is trying to hook up with his girl that'll be a huge mistake.

In the hall after class, Chloe sees Philip talking to Mr. Woods and Cynthia walks up to her, telling her not to worry, Philip can handle Woods. Chloe tells her to get a life and she knows about everything that happened between her and Philip. Cynthia shows her the X-rated tape and tells Chloe that she should take a look at it. Cynthia tells Chloe how into security her family is and they have cameras everywhere and she tells her that this Philip's first NC-17 date and it might even get an x-rating. Cynthia thinks it should be called "Philip and Cynthia doing the nasty," not the nastiest, but it could have been. She tells her that she should have a lot of butter on her popcorn. Mimi goes up to Cynthia and tells her that she saw her give Chloe the video. Cynthia says that Chloe's gonna see that and a whole lot more.

Back in the classroom, Mr. Woods asks Philip to stay. He tells him that he had a talk with his father at the last conference and he's got a lot of potential. Mr. Woods tells him that just because his college applications are in doesn't mean he doesn't still have to work hard. Philip asks if they have to get into this now. Mr. Woods tells him to check his priorities and he goes out into the hall. He sees Chloe holding the tape.

In the corridor of the school, Belle laughs and thinks she's misunderstood him as Shawn tells her that Jan's pregnant. Belle starts crying as Shawn does too and he tells her that he's the father of Jan's baby. Shawn tells her that he knows this is a shock to her, but he needs time to explain and asks if they can talk in private. They go outside to talk about it.

Outside the school, Shawn goes to hold Belle, but she tells him not to touch her. He tells her that he is sorry. She has a flashback of them almost having sex on the island and how he didn't want to. He claims that he wanted to, but couldn't. Belle says well he couldn't stop with Jan and maybe he didn't want to. Belle asks where it happened his place, Jan's place, in his dad's truck. Shawn says that is not important. He says that he has to help Jan through this. Belle says that they are supposed to be together and that it can't be happening. She pulls his face toward her and asks him to tell her that this isn't happening. She says that the Shawn Brady she knows wouldn't have unprotected sex and she doen't know him as well as she thought she did. She tells him about how Brady and Marlena warned her not to rush into a relationship and that they would break up sometime. She asks him who else knows and he says no one at school, only Jan's mom and his parents. She is shocked that he told them before her, doesn't

After she leaves, Shawn is mad that he hurt Belle and says that they will be together someday, he knows they will.

The End

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