Days Update Monday 3/4/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/4/02

By Justin

Outside the Deveraux's, Brandon is there standing beside his motorcycle and he pulls out his cell phone. He calls Nicole and she says hello. Brandon asks her if she was to busy and Nicole says that if she was to busy for her brother, she should get another job. He asks her how she is doing and she figures out that he is checking up on her. Nicole asks where he is and he says he is outside Jennifer's house waiting to pick her up and they have a breakfast date and they are going to the gym. Nicole remarks "another breakfast date." Nicole goes on about how she did some lovin' before she went out for a date and he hangs up on her.

At Sami's apartment, Sami is making breakfast when Austin walks in dressed in a suit. Austin says that his mother should have informed them both before bringing Lucas to Salem. Austin apologizes for his behavior last night and Sami apologizes for hers. Sami says that they are getting married in less than a week and Austin looks shocked. Sami asks if he changed his mind and he says he didn't, he just thought she needed more time and he leaves for work.

At Titan, Nicole is sitting in her office (this is where she was when Brandon called her) and Austin walks in. He tells her that Lucas is back in Salem and that he woke up and is coming out of his coma. Nicole says good for him and Austin looks confused. Nicole asks if he thought she was going to be mad if Lucas came out of his coma. Austin says no and Nicole says even though he is her ex she wouldn't care if he came back to Salem. She asks how he would feel if Carrie came back. Austin has on different socks and she notes him on that. He tells her about being at Sami's last night with Lucas and Kate being in his apartment. Nicole wonders if Sami physically attacked anyone yet. Austin says that he will need a couple days off to get married and she is shocked. Austin tries to make her understand that it is the right thing to do, but she tries to convince him otherwise. She says that if anyone deserves a happy ending it's him and he says that goes the same way for him....she deserves a happy ending. He says that she will get a happy ending someday.

Back at Sami's apartment, Will comes in the kitchen and says that he is ready to see his daddy. He says that he is not going to school and Sami argues with him. He wants to go see his daddy and Sami says that he hasn't even eaten his breakfast yet.

At Austin's apartment, Kate is sleeping on the sofa and Nurse Jane is sitting by Lucas. Kate wakes up and goes over to him. Lucas wakes up and stares at her and she stands by him. Nurse Jane leaves to do something.

Back at Sami's apartment, Sami is by the door when the doorbell rings. She opens the door and it's Nurse Jane. Nurse Jane lays into Sami for her behavior last night and she says that she should bring Will to see Lucas. They argue and Sami thinks that Kate sent her over. Jane says she is there to check on Will. Will who was at a table rushes over and tells Sami that he is done eating his breakfast and he wants to see his daddy.

Back over at Austin's apartment, Lucas wonders where Will is and Kate tells him that he is over at Sami's apartment. Kate asks Lucas if he remembers Will coming over last night and he continues to ask about him. Kate says that Will is the key to Lucas' recovery. Sami and Will arrive and Will goes in Lucas' bed and kisses him on the head. As Sami and Kate watch, Kate makes a remark to Sami. She says that Lucas and Will's love is unbreakable, but Sami's and Austin's is unmakeable.

Back at her apartment, Sami and Kate go over there to keep Will from seeing them fight. Kate says that she cannot believe that Austin is going to marry her and she says that Austin has sunk to the ultimate low. As Sami goes to throw her out, Kate trips her and she falls to the floor. Kate starts laughing and she says that Sami belongs at her feet. Kate says that Sami blames everyone for her problems, but she is her own worst enemy. Kate tells Sami that she will lose everything including Will and Austin. Kate leaves and Sami slams the door.

Back at Austin's apartment, Kate returns and Will is jumping on Lucas' bed and Lucas is smiling. Kate hugs Will and says that he can come over anytime, his mommy would want it that way.

Back at Sami's apartment again, Sami is mad and takes a bag out of her closet. She grabs her phone and dials a number, asking for Victor Kiriakis.

Inside the Deveraux's, Jen and Greta are eating breakfast and arguing about the dress Jen wore and whether or not Jack is gay. Greta says that she is torturing herself and Jack by trying to prove that he is not gay. They stop talking as Jack comes in all dressed up. Jack says that his ears were burning and they must have been talking about him. Brandon comes in, after his phone call with Nicole and Jen goes to the door to greet him. Jack makes smart remarks and he insults Brandon. Jen and Brandon leave. Jack goes on about Brandon and Jennifer and Greta is upset. She is upset because Jack is obsessed with Jen and he's gay, but he is not obsessed with her. She says that she feels he is using her to make Jen jealous, but in turn she is jealous instead. She is crying and rushes off. He follows her to the door and she says that she is in love with him, but he is not in love with her. She says that she cannot stay any longer and is moving out, but Jack tries to stop her, saying she deserves better and she agrees. She rushes out the door as Jack cannot believe he lied to her and says that he will make it up to her someday, somehow.

At the gym, Brandon and Jen arrive and he offers to help her work out. They start doing pushups and Jen gets to her fourth one and she is tired. She starts lifting two dumbells and they are so heavy she almost drops them, so he helps her. Next, they do crunches and Jen says that he will pay for this tomorrow. She takes a break and runs into Debbie, one of Abby's friends' mothers. Debbie offers to help her train, but then sees Brandon and thinks he is her trainer. Jen says that after school she can teach her and Debbie walks off. Brandon asks Jen why she let that woman think that he was her trainer. Jen says that she doesn't want everyone to know her buisness and she will go and tell Debbie that he is her boyfriend. Brandon tells her to back up and asks if she just said boyfriend. She says she did and he asks her if she would like to have a romantic dinner at his house tomorrow night.

At Salem High, Shawn walks up to Chloe, who is at her locker and asks if she's see Belle. She says hello to you too and he apologizes. He asks Chloe what's up and she says that she should be asking him the same. Chloe asks if he's heard bad news about his brither and he says sort of. Chloe says that she is sorry and doesn't know what else to say. Shawn says there's really nothing she can say. Shawn sees Philip and tells her that someone else is looking for her. Chloe says good luck and he says he's gonna need more than luck. Shawn goes out the doors as Mimi and Belle walk through the hall. Mimi says so Shawn wasn't at Jan's house and Belle says from what Jan's mother said to Philip she's afraid to find out. Philip asks how Chloe's feeling and she tells Philip that he doesn't have to ask her that every time he sees her. Philip tells her that her cheeks are kind of rosy this morning and pulls out a red rose. She says Philip I feel....fine (like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives).

Chloe says that she's never seen anything like it and Philip says fire and ice as he hands her a white one. He says that's what it's called. Chloe says that he shouldn't have done this and he asks why not. Belle and Mimi watch as Mimi says that she can't believe Chloe is still talking to Philip after she (Belle) told her about the video, but Belle says she didn't. Belle says she's been so worried about her own problems and she tells Mimi that Chloe and Philip look so happy. Belle says that she hopes this video doesn't ruin everything between them.

In a private spot, Shawn wonders how things could change so fast and hates doing this to Belle. He remembers the conversation he had with Jan about her telling him that her parents could never know.

Back in the hall, Chloe tells Philip that he shouldn't have got her a rose because a rose means and Philip says a red rose means love, respect, unconcious beauty, and courage. He says a white one means purity, silence, secrecy, and spiritual connection. Philip says that it reminded him of her because it was beautiful. Belle heads off to find Shawn as Mimi encourages her to. After she leaves, Shawn goes up to Mimi and asks if she's seen Jan.

Later, Shawn is on the phone saying come on Jan pick up and Belle walks by. Belle says Shawn and he asks what's the matter. Belle says what's the matter, she thought that them finding out that her dad wasn't JT's father was the best news they had in a long time. Belle wonders why his mom wanted Jan's number and why Jan's Mom called him all those names. Belle says she wants to know what's going on right now.

Back in the hall, Philip and Chloe kiss as Mimi watches. He promises never to hurt her again and he asks if she is willing to try again, she says she isn't making any promises. After awhile, she kisses him. Mimi sees and wonders what Cynthia would say.

Shawn tells Belle that he loves her, but if she doesn't forgive him he'll understand. He says that Jan is pregnant. Belle thinks she misunderstood him and starts laughing, but starts crying. Shawn starts crying too and says it hurts me to tell you this, but I am the father of this baby. Belle cries even more as she stares at him.


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