Days Update Friday 3/1/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/1/02

By Justin

At the penthouse, Marlena watches John as he stands on the terrace with his robe on. She puts a blanket on and joins him on the terrace. John explains that he never wanted any of this to happen. He is experiencing some sort of loss. He says that he loves her, Belle, Brady, Eric, Sami, and Carrie and they are his family. He tells her how powerful love is and says that he could not love her more than he does right now. He says that he wants to repair his marriage and he wants to make it through all this. They talk about how belle was disappointed him about the sub sex. Marlena reminds him that they are all human and if they weren't they wouldn't have Belle. Marlena tells him that Sami went through pain when she found them on the Titan conference table years ago. She doesn't want Belle to experience the same kind of pain and John says that this is probably payback for what happened to them including Belle's paternity. He then, asks Marlena what she thinks is best for Isaac and JT and she explains that Hope and Bo have bonded with JT and Abe and Lexie have bonded with Isaac and she says that is where they should stay. She is afraid that if Bo and Hope lose JT, then they will go after Isaac and if Hope learns the identity of Isaac's father, the man that is his father might step forward and claim Isaac and then, Hope will lose both her boys. She is perplexed with the Isaac/JT paternity situation, because they are all friends.

Marlena is glad that the situation is not their personal problem anymore and hopes it stays that way. John cries as he tells Marlena that he will never take her for granted again and he will always love her and they kiss. He says that even though they have been with different people before it has always been her. he says that when they thought she was dead, he never gave up on her. Marlena tells him about Sami's reaction about him sleeping with Hope and she was afraid that she would lose John and go back to Roman. John says that the goodness in her has always pulled him to her and that he couldn't bear to lose her again. She tells him that they should forget the past and live in the future. John says that it is all about their future and the future of their children.

At the Brady's, Roman arrives and Bo tells him about what is happening with the DNA results and that John is not the father.

Upstairs, Hope is with JT as she looks at a picture of Lexie, her, Isaac, and JT. She says that she can't believe that she never knew Isaac was hers and looks at the picture, asking who is your father? She looks at the picture and has another whiteout vision. JT wakes up and Hope says that he has two brothers now and wants him to get to know both of them.

Back downstairs, as Bo and Roman are talking, Hope comes down. Roman tells her that the entire family is behind them and if they need him, just call. Hope thanks him and he leaves.

At the Dimansion, Abe arrives to find Lexie. He doesn't tell her that Shawn got Jan pregnant, but he tells her about the DNA results. Abe says that he is sure that Lexie knew Isaac was Hope's son. He says that he is onto her and really yells at her. She denies it, claiming that she is upset that Hope might take Isaac away. Lexie wonders why Bo and Hope would want Isaac as they already have another son. She talks to Abe about the story of Abraham and Isaac and how God wanted Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, but in the end, he got to keep him. Abe claims that they have no choice in the matter. Lexie wants to know what they are going to do if John wants Isaac too, divide him three ways. Abe tells her that John isn't the father and Lexie wants to know who is. He was sure she knew and Stefano isn't either. Lexie asks Abe why her father lied to her and he doesn't have the answer to that. Lexie is relieved that they don't know who the father is. The door bell rings and Abe heads to answer it. He opens the door and it's Roman.

Lexie heads off to find Rolf. Roman and Abe talk about the baby switch and Isaac and JT. Abe tries to justify Lexie's actions, but tells Roman that the unanswered questions they have, Lexie might know the answers. Abe says that Lexie could have known about it the whole time as she had access to the hospital and to the babies. He says that Lexie could have switched the babies and he says that Stefano could have also did it too. He wonders why and tells Roman about how strange and guilty Lexie has been acting lately. Abe talks to Roman about how hard they tried to have a baby and when they adopted Isaac, their prayers were answered. He says that he is afraid that Lexie went to great measures to keep Isaac and he can't live with the knowledge of that. Abe is devastated and notes that Roman knows it first hand about losing loved ones. Roman says that he lost his wife and daughter at one time. Roman says that it took him a long time to get over losing Marlena, but felt it was the right thing to do. Abe claims that he can't lose Isaac or stay in this marriage for the wrong reasons. Roman says that he is his friend and will be there for him if he needs him to.

In the secret room, Rolf is fiddling around with serum samples in little tubes as Bart is reading a book and laughing at it. Lexie walks in and asks him why he is laughing. Lexie demands that Rolf tell her who Isaac's father is. Rolf says that he doesn't know who Isaac's father is. Lexie says that when her mother comes home from Tibet, she is going to have her do a tarriot reading. Rolf says that he has no idea of who the father could be and says that Stefano is his employer, not her. Lexie storms off and Bart asks Rolf who the father is. Rolf has flashbacks of Rolf contaminating the DNA samples and he says that Stefano's DNA test already proved to be negative and he thought that John was the father. Bart demands to know who the father is again, but Rolf still claims that he doesn't know.

In Isaac's room, Lexie has gone upstairs and into Isaac's room. Lexie tells Isaac that she will do anything for him. She says that they have eachother and mommy will always love him.

Back at the Brady's, Roman has left and Hope tells Bo that she loves Isaac and wants him as well as JT. Hope says that she is upset with what Lexie has done lately. Hope says that she has to know who the father is and she has a flashback of her as Princess Gina at a ball dancing with a man. Hope says how many men was I with, Bo, how many? Bo blames Stefano and Hope holds onto Bo, saying she couldn't have it through this without him. She has another flashback, but this one is of when Isaac and JT were born. Bo says that the switch could have been made because JT wasn't a healthy or perfect baby. Hope claims that that wasn't the case. Bo and Hope talk about suing for custody and Hope says that Isaac is her baby and should be with her. She wants to go see Isaac, now! Hope says that she wants to go and get Isaac from Lexie tonight, but Bo ends up telling her that they have to be patient and follow the rules. Hope isn't satisfied and says that she wants to hold Isaac and Bo asks if she does that, can she walk away? Hope says no, once I have him in my arms I will never let him go. Freeze-frame on Hope.


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