Days Update Thursday 2/28/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/28/02

By Justin

At Sami's apartment, Roman tells Sami that they need to work something out, so that Will can see his father. Sami says "over my dead body" but lets Roman and Kate in. Will comes in and says, "Grandma, Grandpa". He asks where his daddy is and she says "closer than you think". Sami brings Will to bed and promises to tell him about Lucas in the morning. In the living room, Austin sticks up for Sami. After turning Will's light off, Sami leaves. Will asks himself where his daddy is. Sami, Austin, Roman, and Kate argue as Will hears and sneaks out. He overhears about Lucas being in Austin's apartment and hears that he is out of the coma. He goes into his room and opens the window. He climbs out and walks along the building walkway on the side. Back inside, Sami argues with the other adults as they tell her she's wrong about not letting Will see Lucas. Sami tells them that Kate wants to keep Will away from her.

On the ledge, Will has made it to Austin's window and sees Lucas inside. He tries to open the window and goes into a hole in the walkway. He slips while trying to open the window and falls.

Back at Sami's apartment, Kate argues with Sami as she asks Austin to marry her now, right away. Kate doesn't like the idea but Sami challenges her to encourage Austin to marry her. As Kate still objects, Austin tells her to name the day. Sami sees Will's door open and rushes in. She goes in and sees the window open and the other three follow. Sami says she told Will never to use the fire escape. She blames Kate as they look for him. Dr. Adams rushes in as he hears them calling Will. He tells them to come with him because Will is all right.

At Austin's apartment, Roman, Kate, Austin, and Sami rush in with Dr. Adams and they see Will sleeping with Lucas on his bed. Sami and Kate start blaming each other for putting Will's life in danger.

In Belle's room at the penthouse, Belle stares at the ring Shawn gave her and is waiting for the phone to ring. She remembers Shawn telling her to wait and he will tell her later. Belle calls Philip.

In Philip's car, his phone rings because Belle called him. He is wearing headsets and asks Belle what is wrong. Belle tells him about Jan and he tells her not to worry as Shawn is probably doing something for her. He says that he is heading to Dotcom and asks her to come along with him. She agrees and tells him to meet her out front because she doesn't want her parents to know she left.

At the Brady's, Hope is worried about Shawn and how he is only in high school and how could he let this happen. Bo explains what Shawn told him last night about how Jan's mom or dad didn't even go to the hearing the last summer. Hope is worried and realizes they should have gone with Shawn. Hope wants to call Mrs. Spears, but Bo says that she might not know as much as they do. Hope calls Belle who ask, "Shawn?", but Hope says "No, it's Hope". Hope asks for Jan's number, so Belle looks it up, and gives it to her. Hope hangs up before Belle can ask what is going on. Bo asks Hope what she will say and she says she'll just ask if Shawn is there and ask if he wants them to come over.  But then Hope decides not to call.

Back at the penthouse, Philip arrives and picks up Belle. He heads to Jan's house as Belle wants to see if Shawn is there. Belle says that she trusts Shawn, but not Jan. She says that she is tired of Jan messing up their senior year. Belle finally agrees to go to Jan's and see if Shawn admits the truth.

At the Spears' house, Mrs. Spears asks Shawn if there are any wedding bells in the future and when he doesn't answer, she figures out that he doesn't know. Jan and Mrs. Spears argue and she asks Shawn to get out now. Jan assures him that she is okay and he opens the door to find Abe. He asks what he is doing here, and Abe says that he heard the dispatch from his radio about the 911 call coming from Jan's house. He asks about Shawn's cut and he replies that it was an accident. Mrs. Spears asks him who the Hell he is and he tells her that he's Commander Abe Carver. She demands Shawn be arrested since he got her 17-year-old daughter pregnant....she wants him arrested for statutory rape. Abe says that he knows Shawn and needs details on her case. Jan pleads with her mom and Mrs. Spears says that she won't press charges if she has an abortion. Abe says that Mrs. Spears will have to file formal charges down at the station. If she doesn't do that, then he'll take Shawn home right now. She says for him to get the rapist off her property and her attorney will deal with the charges. They go outside and Mrs. Spears slams the door. Shawn doesn't want to leave Jan there, and he tells Abe about Mrs. Spears being an abusive mother. Abe asks if he witnessed it and he did..... she slapped her across the face right in front of him. Abe says that is serious and for Jan to call him. Abe says that Bo and Hope are probably worried about him, so they leave.

Outside, as soon as Abe and Shawn leave, Philip and Belle arrive and pull up alongside the road. Belle thinks they should stay in the car, as she doesn't want to deal with Jan or her psycho mother. After five minutes, Philip goes out of the car and heads to the door. Belle has flashbacks about Jan being sick and always wanting to see Shawn all the time. She remembers him telling her to be patient, then she joins Philip at the door.

Back inside, Mrs. Spears tells Jan that she raised her for a better life, not one where she is involved with bartenders and cops.

Back outside, Philip knocks on the door, and he tells Belle to hide and to stay out of sight. Mrs. Spears opens the door and remarks that another sex-crazed hood wants to see her daughter.  She tells him to get lost, slamming the door in his face. Philip and Belle talk and he tells Belle to hide again as he goes to talk to Mrs. Spears once again. He knocks on the door and she answers again, only to learn that he is Victor Kiriakis' son. He says that he is looking for Shawn, and she says that that dirty blue collar scum is gone and the dirty deed is already done. Philip is confused as Jan comes running to the door, secretly telling her Mom that no one else knows about it. She tells Philip to tell Belle that she is sorry and they close the door, leaving Belle and Philip totally and utterly confused.  They realize that it must be serious.

Back inside, Mrs. Spears wonders why Jan's father isn't here when they need him most. Jan reminds her that she threw him out . Mrs. Spears threatens to do the same to her. In her mind, Jan pleads with Shawn for him not to desert her.

Back outside, Philip suggests they check Shawn's house, but Belle claims again that she trusts Shawn.

Back at the Brady's, Hope goes to call Shawn when Abe and Shawn arrive. They get worried about the cut on Shawn's head when they see it. Abe tells them about Mrs. Spears wanting to charge Shawn with statutory rape. Bo says that it's not against the law for kids 18 and over to have sex.  Abe says that Mrs. Spears was so upset that he wanted to get Shawn out of that house. Abe says that Mrs. Spears' attorney will tell her that in the morning. They hug Abe and Shawn says that he is like a second father to him. They talk about Isaac, and Abe says that he knows what John did, but no one got hurt. Lexie doesn't want to file charges. Bo explains about the DNA test that John did and Hope being Isaac's biological mother, but John is not the father. Abe says that he just loves his son.  They tell him that Stefano isn't the father, either. Hope has a white flash.  Shawn notices her strange behavior but she explains that she is fine.  After Abe leaves, Bo wants to talk about Mrs. Spears.  Shawn explains about how she hit him over the head with the magazine, he tripped over the coffee table, fell, and cut his head. He says that everything is fine, but Bo says that it isn't and his life will be changed forever. Shawn has too much on his mind to worry about his future.  Bo says that they will help him and stand by him.

Shawn says that he loves them and they hug. He says that he did the right thing and goes to call Belle. He says that he will tell her what's up tomorrow. Hope wonders why they are being hit with all this and Bo says it proves how strong love is. He says that he will protect them.  She asks about Isaac and he says that he will protect him too. Hope thanks him and tells him how hard it has been and how he never gave up on her.  She is grateful to wake up and find him beside her. She says that their love was written into the stars along time ago. He says that he always loved her, even when they thought she was lost forever.  They kiss.


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