Days Update Wednesday 2/27/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/27/02

by Justin

At the Penthouse, Brady leaves to give Belle and Marlena some time alone. Marlena says that she feels blessed to have Brady in her life again and to be close to him like before. They talk about Shawn, again and Belle wants her moms advice for Shawn. Belle knows that Shawn is keeping secrets from her and Marlena wants to help her out. Marlena says that boys and girls handle stress differently. They talk about John and Hope sleeping with eachother and Belle understands why John didn't tell her the truth now. Next, they talk about Shawn again and Marlena is glad that Belle decided to wait with her relationship. Belle calls her on meaning sexual relationship. Belle tells her to avoid using words like she is obsessing on it. Belle says that she is not going to risk getting pregnant now. Marlena is proud of Belle for being mature and she wants her to enjoy her young life.

Brady, now in his car thinks about Chloe. He flashes back to him and Chloe tickling eachother at Basic Black. Then, their snowball fight at the park.

At the Wesley's, Nancy and Craig are downstairs playing monopoly. Nancy says that she is the puppy and he is the race car. While they play Nancy remembers her and Chloe's talk about her foster parents.

Upstairs, Chloe is singing to Sugar and remembering her talk with Nancy....Stay away from Brady and Philip. She agrees that she should do it and thanks Sugar for his help in deciding on what she should do. Chloe wants ice cream and Sugar barks and she wants to surprise her Mom and Craig. She heads down and asks Nancy and Craig if they want some mocha chip ice cream and Craig agrees. Chloe agrees to play monopoly, but only if she can be the puppy. Nancy agrees and now she picks the thimble. The doorbell rings and it's Brady. Nancy says that their family night is ruined as he wants to see Chloe. Nancy says that now is not a good time as they are playing monopoly. Chloe comes to the door and invites him in. She asks if he wants to play and he agrees. She hands him an ice cream bowl and he says that it is his favorite. Nancy asks how she knew he would want a dish as Chloe says that she saw him pull in. Brady asks how she knew he would come in and Chloe says she knows him pretty well. They smile as Nancy and Craig stare at eachother. Later, they are playing and Brady is the top hat. Chloe is winning and wants to trade St. James for Brady's Baltic Avenue. Nancy and Brady ask Chloe to sing, so Chloe says she will, but Nancy tells her not to sing it in French or German as she cannot understand a damn word. Craig suggests a love song and Chloe suggests a don't love me song. She starts to sing People will Say We're in Love (if you want to know the words to this song scroll down to the bottom). Brady joins her and Craig claps bravo and after they stare into eachother's eyes as Craig and Nancy watch. Chloe asks how bad her singing was. Brady says that it was good, but she still needs to practice. Nancy tells her not to listen to him and Chloe says she will go all the way with or without him as Brady stares at her (Brady and Chloe are really good together).

Back at the Penthouse, Marlena admits that she is afraid of Belle doing the same thing Sami did by getting pregnant by Lucas when she asks her. Belle is sure that she and Shawn will be married someday and she hugs her Mom.

At the Spears' house, Mrs. Spears has the phone in her hand ready to call the police for Shawn to be arrested for statutory rape. Jan tries to get the headset off her Mom and explains that it wasn't Shawn's fault. Mrs. Spears says it takes two as she dials the 911 operator asks what's wrong. Jan gets the phone and says everything's all right and the operator says that she is sending the police over and Jan hangs up. Mrs. Spears says that she is going to have him put away and they are gonna drag him by that pretty little earring of his. Jan and Mrs. Spears fight and Jan says that she is not having an abortion. Shawn says that it is to late to have an abortion since he told his parents and they are standing by them. He hugs Jan and Mrs. Spears says that Shawn will leave her to raise this baby on her own. Shawn asks for her not to talk to Jan like that and she asks if he will marry her daughter. He doesn't answer and Mrs. Spears and Jan argue. Shawn tries to break them up, but Mrs. Spears tells him to get out. Jan assures him she is going to be okay. When he opens the door he finds someone standing there and asks what they are doing there.

At Austin's apartment, Lucas wakes up and dozes back off as Roman tells Kate that she might not be able to keep her promises. He says that if this ruins Sami's future she'll have him to deal with.

At Sami's apartment, Austin is sweeping up the glass when Sami comes in, saying she has to make dinner for Will. He suggests they go out to eat and Sami says for him to make Kate and Lucas leave his apartment. Sami and Austin yell at eachother as Austin thinks that Lucas being near Will is a good thing. Austin doesn't like having them live there, but agrees with Kate. Sami says that she has never been more disgusted and appointed in him in her whole life. Sami says that Austin would be Kate's watch dog who would sleep on the floor. Austin thinks that he is doing the right thing, but Sami says that Kate is trying to ruin his life ( this whole sparring match was right before MacDonald Carrey said like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives).

Back at Austin's apartment, Kate says that her bringing Lucas is the best thing possibly. They both agree with eachother and Roman asks Dr. Adams what he thinks. He agrees and Roman agrees to talk to Sami.

Back at Sami's apartment, while arguing with Sami, Austin says that he is putting Will first and he needs his father. Austin really upsets Austin as she says that he didn't have a father growing up. Austin's realizes that she hasn't changed. H etalks about Sami's schemes and Will might hate her if this doesn't stop. He tells her to change or they will have some problems and she asks if that means he won't marry her. Will rushes in as he heard yelling. Sami tells Will that she never would let anything happen to him. Austin sends Will off to get juice. Sami says that the decision is hers not his or his b*tchy mother's.

Out in the hall, Kate and Roman heard yelling, so they came out. They knock and Roman asks Sami to let Will see Lucas, but Sami says over my dead body.

Lyrics from the song (which is from the musical "Oklahoma") People Say We're in Love

Don't throw bouquets at me, don't please my folks too much,Don't laugh at my jokes too much, people will say we're in love.Don't sigh and gaze at me, your sighs are so like mine,Your eyes mustn't glow like mine, people will say we're in love.Don't start collecting things, give me my rose and my glove,Sweetheart, they're suspecting things, people will say we're in love.Don't praise my charm to much, don't look so vain with me,Don't stand in the rain with me, people will say we're in love.Don't take my arm too much, don't keep your hand in mine,You hand feels go grand in mine, people will say we're in love.Don't dance all night with me, till the stars fade out of sight,They'll see it's alright with me, people will say we're in love.

The End

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